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How to Upload Your Book on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

This article will give you a brief idea on how to publish your book on Amazon Kindle. Direct publishing kindle on Amazon is a self publishing platform that any authors can take and start publishing your work within a few days. Direct publishing kindle is a way of the Books. So if you want to do direct publishing kindle, it will apply to paperbacks and it will also apply to hard covers. However, if you wanna know more about publishing hardcovers, then there are detailed articles for that. Hardcovers are new to direct publishing kindle, and it’s an exciting and innovative approach in direct publishing kindle. In this article, we will be going over all the information that you need to have before you startdirect publishing kindle including the uploading process, and then we will be walking youthrough knowing what the uploaded book done by you through direct publishing kindle.

Before direct publishing kindle, do the research beforehand, so that the uploading process is simpler.You need to know the book, title, the book subtitle, and the book’s release date before uploading it todirect publishing kindle. If you want to do a paid ISBN or a free ISBN, you also want to know what the price of your book is going to be. And then finally, you want to know what categories your books will be in the keywords your book will have. And lastly, the age range, of your book will be. So once you know all that, you can jump into the uploading process, there are some basic steps in direct publishing kindle

So when you are in direct publishing kindle,it basically start by, hitting ,the plus sign for theebook, the plus sign for paperback, or the plus sign for hard over. They’re all more or less the same. The only thing that’s different is the file requirements. So when you click that little plus sign for ebook, it will load a new page. So the first step in direct publishing kindle is the language. What language is the book written is to be mentioned in direct publishing kindle.Next thing is about the book title. Where we can assume that we will be uploading the files for the newest book Meet Me at the Summit. Then we have subtitle, which is optional. Now subtitles are a little finicky. So it’s better to do subtitles on nonfiction books because you have the opportunity to put more keywords into your description of your book. For fiction books adding subtitles can be complicated due to some rules. For eg:. A book called Essence on Amazon. As you can see on the direct publishing kindle version, it has a subtitle for young adult fantasy, because we’re going to throw in some of those keywords that we like. However, the paperback edition does not have a subtitle. It’s just Essence. And the reason for this is that you are required to have your subtitle on the cover of your book for the paperback edition. So for the paperback edition, fiction books don’t have a subtitle, but for the Kindle editions, they do have a subtitle.

So right now we are in the Kindle version. So even though the subtitle isn’t on the cover of Meet Me at the Summit, we are going to go ahead and add this here. So we are actually going to put young adult contemporary since we are in the ebook version, since we can get away with that. And then next we have series details. If you’re publishing a book in the series, Meet Me at the Summit, in direct publishingkindle,itis actually  a book one of two in a series, but book two isn’t out yet. So we haven’t added any of the series information yet in direct publishing kindle uploading process. But if you do have a series, for direct publishing kindleyou just hit this add series details, and then it looks at the other books that you’ve published in your account and you can look them up. So you can either start a new series or choose from an existing series in direct publishing kindle uploading process. Then we have addition number nine times out of 10. You’re probably not going to touch this unless you’re like republishing a book, we have the author. So just put in your name and then we have contributors. So if this is a co-written work or if you want to add in all this other details and information, in direct publishing kindle, it is better to do it if you want to give credit to a forward or someone who illustrated the book, if it’s like a children’s book, something like that. And then this here is the description. So you know how it was mentioning all the information you needed earlier? It could have a separate account. It’s better to always keep it in a Google docs account. So this is just one of many documents. So we’ve gotten to the point where we need to put in our description in the direct publishing kindle. We will be just going to go ahead and copy and paste this description because you don’t want to figure out your book description while you’re uploading everything. You want to know that ahead of time and you can mess with the formatting if you want, it’s totally up to you. Then we get down to the publishing rights in direct publishing kindle.

So you just need to state whether you own the copyright or if it’s public domain, odds are it’s your own copyright. And then we have your keywords. So this is just all search engine optimization right here, the, the keywords and the categories. Now we are going to suggest a tool to youthat is Publisher Rocket. You can use it to come up with ideas for keywords, but the favorite one is always going to be the category search. So you kind of just look at the big categories. So we have teens and young adults, you can hit check it out and then we have all of these and you can scroll through, you can search. So if we know the book is a romance, we have, under teen and young adult, all these different, sub genres for romance. And this is set right now for ebook. But if youwant to go back, you can also set it for like a regular print book or an audible book, because categories do vary depending on what format the book is. And then you can also go here to do some keyword research in direct publishing kindle. Like again, if it is just typed in romance, we can come up with a bunch of keywords. So there’s a ton of them. However, you don’t have to use Publisher Rocket to come up with keyword ideas and for category ideas, a comp title and a comp title is just a book thatmight be similar to yours. So one comp title for Meet Me at the Summit is this book called mosquito land by David Arnold. And what we can do is to scroll all the way down, all past this and  go down there to the categories and these are the categories here that this book is ranking in right now. You will be able to see these categories and write them down in this document. You can also look to this for ideas for keywords.

So a lot of the time you may see your book in direct publishing kindle rank in a category that you didn’t even assign it to. And that just happens based off of the keywords that you use during the process in direct publishing kindle. Let us take an example, ‘She’s Not Here’. It’s a book about a woman who’s so paranoid about getting Alzheimer’s that she begins experimenting on someone to find a cure, no matter what the cost. So one of the keywords that we can put in on Amazondirect publishing kindle was Alzheimer’s, but that meant that it was ranking for non-fiction books on Alzheimer’s, which obviously is not a non-fiction book on Alzheimer’s. This is a fictional story. But because of that, we might end up removing the keyword Alzheimer’s because it was affecting the category ranking in a bad way. . We can also look to other people’s book categories for inspiration on what the keywords should be. And then we can also do research through Kindle publisher rocket. So basically once you come up with that, you want to paste all these in. So we are just going to go ahead and copy and paste a few of those. So you can get the idea, ideally you wanna fill out all seven. Next is categories. You can look it up here through publisher rocket, or you can go ahead and look it up through Amazon by just looking at comp titles and seeing what categories they are in. There are plenty of options in direct publishing kindleBut once you know what categories you want, you have to go ahead and click around and find it. So you’re allowed up to two categories. So choose wisely. You can get added to more categories if you email KDP directly,  it just does take some time. And basically what you do is contact them and you copy and paste the exact categories that you want your book added to. So then from there, you’re just gonna choose the age range. So first we have the actual age. For teen books, it’s likely to select 12 or 13 and then the maximum would be 18 plus and then the age range.You got to figure out what the demographic of your book is.

And then you decide on your direct publishing kindle process whether you are ready to release your book. Now, AKA, as soon as you hit the published button or if you wanna make it available for pre-order, if you’re doing a Kindle book to, go ahead and do that. Pre-order this is actually the only pre-order option you have. If you publish a paperback or hardcover through direct publishing kindle, they actually don’t let you do a pre-order. Maybe someday they will. But at this time, the only pre-orders in direct publishing kindlethat you are allowed to have are for eBooks. So go ahead and select whenever you want to publish that in direct publishing kindle. And it tells you, you must submit the final version of your pre-order title before March 21st, if we select March 25th as the publication day. So now we’re on the next page and the next step in the uploading process, this is the thing that people get really confused about. So we have this little thing about digital rights management in direct publishing kindle. Basically if you click, yes, it limits a buyer’s ability to like share the book. If that makes any sense. So as an author, I’m sure your first instinct is to be like. We’re very protective of our work. So basically as it says here, digital rights management is intended to inhibit unauthorize distribution ofdirectpublishing kindlefiles of your book. Some authors want to encourage readers to share their work and choose not to have DRM applied to their book. If you choose DRM, customers will still be able to lend the book to one another for a short period and can also purchase the book as a gift for one another. Kindle store is important. Once you publish your book through direct publishing kindle, you cannot change these settings. It’s better to do your own research. All books don’t have digital rights management enabled just because when we look it up online, people had some pretty strong opinions about how bad it was and it might be difficult to understand why. But basically after you figure that out, you then select upload your ebook manuscript in direct publishing kindle. So we could go ahead and upload the EUB file. If you wanna know how to, format a EUB file. Then we’re going to go ahead and upload your book cover in direct publishing kindle. If you want you can use the launch cover creator in direct publishing kindle. Also, we can upload the cover designed for you. So that’s that now before we can proceed, we have to go ahead and hit launch previewer and it makes sure that everything looks correct. It takes a long time sometimes to preview an ebook. It’s usually a little bit faster, but you’ll notice for paperbacks or especially for hardcovers during this stage, it takes forever for these files to upload. And then we will note at this time that when you’re doing these steps for hardcovers and paperbacks in direct publishing kindle, the interior files have to be formatted for print.

You can also format your book for print for direct publishing kindle, again, then for the cover instead of just uploading the cover itself, you need to upload the entire cover wrap and that needs to be a PDF file. So here we are in the Kindle previewer of direct publishing kindle. So we’ve got a little Kindle reader to help us visualize. We have the cover, which is awesome. Then we turn the page, we have the copyright page and then we turn the page. So if people read your one book and they like it, they might wanna read the rest of your books. Then we have the table of contents. And then we have this little graphic, which is a map of the road trip that Marley the main character goes on and then the book itself, and basically, you just want to click through and make sure that everything looks okay in the process of your direct publishing kindle. Then once you do that, click back to book details in the upper corner. And then scroll down and then we’re left with the next step, which is the ISBN. So ISBNs are actually optional for eBooks. For paperback and hardcovers ISBNs are required and you can either choose to do a free ISBN that direct kindle publishing supplies to you. Or you can do a paid ISBN. When you use your own ISBs, you can fill a little form out and just put in your publishing house. Now let us hit, save and continue. And we’re going to move on to the final stage before publishing in direct publishing kindle, which is pricing. So we have the first up is KDP select in direct publishing kindle. Do you want it to be available just on Kindle and take advantage of the KDP select program in direct publishing kindle? Or do you wanna have your ebook available everywhere? It is always better to take advantage of KDP select, but you have to do that, research, and kind of figureit out on your own. But for them, we can enroll because of the positives ofthe KDP select program in directpublishing kindle, which is known as Kindle limited to customers. Then we have territory. Do you want it available everywhere or just in specific places? Where is your primary marketplace? You can select your choices for the above questions. So it’s and then we have royalties. So if we like to price the eBooks at 3 99. And because we price it at $3.99, we can select 70%. So then you can see here what the royalty rates are. So if it is selected 35%, then we would only make$1.4. But because it is selected 70%, we can actually make $2.74 in direct publishing kindle. And then we have all the other Amazon territories and breakdowns of all of that, which, you know, we can also go by the just go the default prices, but we have heard of recommendations that you should go ahead and price each of these individually to make sure that they fit with other books in their market prices. Now the only time you would say select 35% is when you price your book super low, like at 99 cents in direct publishingkindle. Because if your book is 99 cents in direct publishing kindle, you actually can’t select 70% as your royalty rate, which you see right here. But if we scroll down, there’s a quick note that you should know, that is book lending. So when you select your book to be 70% royalties, and we’re going to go back to the $3.99 price, book lend is required. Like you don’t have the option to click or unclick it. You only have this option if you have a 35% royalty rate. So that might be your only deciding factor when it comes to these two royalty rates, so it’s obviously recommend 70% because you make more per book sale. And then that is basically that you can see this little, message saying that it takes 72 hours for your title to be available on Amazon through direct kindle publishing. So they tell you, it takes 72 hours, but it really takes way less than that. So if you are a writer and want to publish your works then direct publishing kindle is what you are looking for. It can really help a writer to publish their works with simpler methods. You can now be a well established author with direct publishing kindle.

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