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My Heritage – What Is It All About?

Oh, this is Chicago where this, you know, yeah, yeah, I always say I’m from Chicago where many are cold but fewer frozen. But yeah, I know, I think our lowest temperature this winter was 35, -35 Fahrenheit and that’s when I start ordering groceries to be delivered. The newscast will tell women not to wear earrings and jewelry because they will freeze if you’re outside and yeah, I don’t enjoy the winters in Chicago. That’s why I own a place in Palm Springs, California and I go away to the desert in the winter when I can so yeah but, yep, good morning, thank you for being here, everyone. My name is Thomas MacEntee. As I said, I’m from Chicago and I’m glad to be here and we’re gonna talk about newspapers today telugus this morning. Newspapers today telugu research, I know there’s already been one class I believe on newspapers today telugus. Mine is gonna be a little bit different, a little bit different twist on it. I will get you out of here by 10:15 so you can have a decent coffee break and ready for the 10:30, so let’s get started. Before we start if you do have a mobile device, if you put it on silent or vibrate mode, if you’ll just check that please as a courtesy. I ask that you not reproduce especially the handout. There’s a very good syllabus in the online syllabus that’s for your personal use. I just ask that you not put it out there on the Internet. You can take photos of my slides, that’s permissible. So let’s get started, we’re going to talk about newspapers today telugus. Now I am coming from a U.S. perspective and I will tell you that there are more and more foreign language newspapers today telugus out there, European papers, Canadian papers, UK papers that are coming online and we’re talking mostly online.

We all know that not everything can be found online, correct? It is estimated that 10% of records that are of use to genealogists are online. So you may need to go to an archive or a repository and look at bound newspapers today telugus but the strategies are the same. So what is it about old newspapers today telugus? I love finding my ancestors in old newspapers today telugus. My great-grandparents are listed in the Louisville, New York papers, in the New York City newspapers today telugus, in the Bronx, most of my people are from New York dating back to 1645 with the Dutch settlement and it’s great because newspapers today telugus, one way that they really help is it’s a time capsule of someone at a specific location and a specific date which we don’t get always with a census. We get a census maybe in 1900, 1905 and then we’ve got to fill in the gaps on those years. So I want to first go through some of the sections that you need to be aware of newspapers today telugu. Now all of these resources are available on MyHeritage under the newspapers today telugus. They’re amazing, I mean the records there, are just absolutely amazing. I’m looking right here, Australian newspapers today telugus, there’s over, there’s almost 15 million records. I think this is one of the more, more underused areas in MyHeritage to be honest. People think automatically, oh I’m gonna go to newspapers today or I’m gonna go to Fulton history, one of the free resources but don’t, if you have a subscription, even if you don’t, do a search and see what you’re gonna find on MyHeritage newspapers today telugus. So some of the overlooked sections. Advertisements or advertisements as we say in the States. Now why would you look at advertisements? Well perhaps your ancestor was a business owner but also think of the social history. Do you know how much your ancestor paid for a dozen eggs in 1910? I’m curious you know. How much was the costs of a house in 1900? You’ll get an idea of items for sale from the advertisements.

Death notices, let me see if I have links here. I do have some links on these, so let me go ahead here and just so you know I’m gonna pull up and this is just, I’ll zoom in on some of these, so you get an idea. Is that better for you to see? Great, this is from a newspapers today telugu in the 1870s. You know how I can tell the difference? Usually about 1880 is when picture advertising took place. You’ll actually see some drawings. Before that, you’ll mostly see line ads like this and this is very typical for New York papers in terms of advertising. In fact, this is my ancestor right here. Ira Austin Junior, that’s my third great-grandfather, advertising his harness and saddle business in Louisville, New York, and this is from I believe the 1872 newspapers today telugu in Louisville, New York. Death notices. Now when I say death notices, I don’t mean obituaries. Obituaries are a relatively modern thing where there’s more of a narrative, okay and there are some crazy obituaries out there. Read Dick Eastman, he always has some good ones but this is a death notice and let me go ahead and I zoom into all of these so that you get a better idea. I apologize for the quality, do you notice the scan on this is not very good? Do you notice that sometimes the words are gloppy? The OCR it can be very difficult on some of these old newspapers today telugus but this is the type of information you get, O’Connor, January 19th, Annie the wife of Arthur O’Connor jr. aged 24 years. Funeral today from residents at 156 North Green Street to Northwestern railroad depot thence to Calvary by cars which is the cemetery. It was common, this is before funeral homes, bodies were laid out at home and so that is usually where the funeral would start and either go to the church or house of worship and then to the cemetery. So when you have a death notice, its basic, it’s very basic, it’s all factual, what’s the one downside of this? We don’t know Annie O’Connor’s maiden name, her birth name unfortunately, so great.

 I grew up with this. I grew up in my hometown newspapers today telugu. I was born in 1962 but they would publish who was in the hospital every week. There were no HIPPA laws, there were no medical privacy laws. You have to understand, I’m a big proponent and I said this in the DNA, not a proponent but I’ve studied privacy in the U.S.

So this is at Lowville, May 28th around the start of the summer resort time and these people we knew were expected to be in Lowville on may 28th, this is golden. Legal notices, this one I’ll zoom in because it’s a little bit and again it does get gloppy here. This is one for my family, Martin Austin but this is a notice. This is a legal notice and look at all these names in here. Fannie Wheelock, Alonzo S Austin, Mina Loomis, so we’ve got different surnames here. My mother’s maiden name was Austin. The Austin’s go back to Rhode Island in 1628, Robert Austin but the thing is you have to think why are these people being notified of an estate of Martin Austin or others, down here it will give you the estate down here but look at this. Well, Isaiah Burr a deceased half-brother of Alva Austin, they’re doing genealogy right here in the newspapers today telugu column. Okay legal notices, really, go through them and we’ll talk a bit. They’re easier to find I’ll show you the way to find them but they will finally, look at this. This is a long notice, I even had to cut it off but basically they’re looking for anyone related to Alva Austin and that estate. They’re trying to settle that estate, close some of these windows here, great. Local news. These are the gossip columns that I was talking about usually written by a woman.

Some are done in song and it’s really kind of funny but again this is something that was commonplace in the newspapers today telugu.

Memorials, now I want to point out what memorials are versus death notices. A memorial is an anniversary of a death. So look at this first one. In memory of our darling daughter who died August 7th, 1927 and down, it says Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Martin and family, what’s missing, the name of the daughter. I mean you know that’s really not a lot of help but then I’ll go back and maybe look for a death record. Down here, in loving memory of our dear daughter and sister Evelyn Snyder who left us three years ago, August 10th, 1926. So you get things like that. So usually memorials will dedicate a death in the past. Great, obituaries. This is the obituary for my third great-grandmother and she was born in 1837. I still have her wedding silver handmade in 1857 in Upstate, New York and she was, she died in 1937… 1927, so she’s 90 years old, 91 years old but again it will tell you where the funeral was from. It will say where she was born and then the sister, and again a deficiency here is Mrs. Margaret O’Neil of this village, okay, so a sister, so we know Margaret’s maiden name was probably not O’Keefe, it was Sullivan. Up here, we should know right here, Catherine’s maiden name was Sullivan. So exactly and it will tell you where these people are which is great. Down here it closes, it says his sister, Mrs. Elizabeth Conway, 83 died in this village about a month ago, so I’m gonna go back to that issue and look for information on the death of her sister. Personals, it’s not sex ads. Okay personals in the old newspapers today telugus basically were a catch-all and let me see if I’ve got here. Great and it was a catch-all, sometimes you do see psychic ads. You’ll say that you know Mrs. Rosa is over at the La Belle hotel taking clients this week but here, Mrs. Wallis Orndorff is visiting her daughters at Albany in Kingston. So someone would call up and want this inserted into personals because it wasn’t picked up in the local news but a lot of times, there would be some advertisements that people are in town.

You know someone has set up shop, the Fuller Brush Man is in town or something like that. But that’s what personals are, it’s a catch-all. It’s not what we think of as personals today. School news. Yes, I have many of my relatives, in fact my father is listed in the honor list back home and this is from Lake Placid, New York but this will tell you who made the honor roll. My newspapers today telugu when I was in high school published my homeroom. That’s how I knew what my homeroom was going into school in the fall. So different athletic awards, everything you can find in the newspapers today telugus usually. The shipping news. Now I can’t enlarge this,

I would not use exact search. Remember that’s a little bit too narrow, you want to go first broad and then narrow it down and then maybe go with the exact search but I’ll tell you in a minute why you don’t want to do exact search. It’s mostly because of this. I’ve read the statistics, OCR, do you know what OCR stands for? Optical Character Recognition. So when you scan a newspapers today telugu, you’re creating an image. Then you have to scan it to have searchable text. So there’s a process that goes through, and it’s called OCR. Now OCR is only about 80 percent reliable on historical newspapers today telugus. Those are the figures that I’ve located. So you want to take that into account and what do I mean by patterns and mistakes? On a page I can tell that oh, the A always looks like the O, that’s how it reads it. So in fact when you look at an article on MyHeritage, go down below and it will tell you that, it will show you the text that was scanned and it is messy and you can tell what the OCR patterns are, so you get to know the pattern for that page and then you make allowances when you do your searching. Hyphenated words can be oops…. Hyphenated words can be a problem, oops, I’m sorry here. I keep going too far ahead. I apologize, there we go. Hyphenation can be a problem. My name MacEntee, guess what I found? It was listed as MACEN – TEE on the next line. But the problem with OCR, it reads the hyphen as a hard character. So if I’m searching for MacEntee, I would not have been able to find my birth announcement in my hometown newspapers today telugu because my name was hyphenated at the end of the line

I’ll tell you in most papers have a formula. Legal notices will always be on page seven for a certain newspapers today telugu. So if I’m browsing newspapers today telugus online, I know oh, I’m not going to go through pages one through six on this week’s issue, I’m gonna hop to number seven. Sometimes because of the way OCR works with only an 80% success rate, I’m gonna actually flip pages and read through. Yes. Exactly yeah and that’s what the OCR is. When I’m looking at a specific article and and MyHeritage newspapers today telugus is great about this because when you do do a search, it will appear down here when you find it, it’ll say, it’ll say what the TXT file is and the TXT file looks sometimes a lot of gibberish.

The shipping news, passengers. Mostly passengers that are Inland Waterways, Erie Canal, Ohio River for the U.S. so it’s not the Seaport. Seaports passenger lists are better. Now one thing people ask me, how am I going to get this image of this newspapers today telugu? So my best advice is to right-click and save. That’s what I did with these MyHeritage images for newspapers today telugus. I always recommend that you save a copy of the image to your computer’s hard drive. You never know when a license is going to expire on a database. Okay it’s just a safeguard. Okay before, so before, so I’m right-clicking and I’m saying Save Image As and a lot of the images on MyHeritage newspapers today telugus come in JPEG which is fine and I save the JPEG. Sometimes you have to save it as a PDF on other databases but always save an image so that you have a copy, yes ma’am. Train passengers, train passengers, those, I’ve not found listings on train passengers to be honest, yeah. Yeah, unless it was someone of some notoriety, you know. Maybe a performer or a celebrity, yeah.

Print screen is not your friend for newspapers today telugus. Usually print screen, you can’t capture that inner area or that highlight that you need, so I really don’t recommend doing print screen and then pasting into something like Microsoft photo editor. Get creative. If you’re using Evernote or Pinterest, they both have ways of capturing images, okay. Evernote will let you clip and it will clip an area that you want and save it to Evernote. Evernote is a free program, It’s in the resource list on the syllabus. Also Pinterest. Pinterest will take an image capture if you’re not able to do it yourself. This one is really important. Now how many times have you received maybe a clipping on an index card from a family member and what’s the problem? No date, no origination of the newspapers today telugu and I, so I found that when I started doing genealogy, I was doing the same thing electronically or online. I was clipping this local death record and not making a notation of what the date was and what the paper was, so what I do now is I always save the full page of the paper, then I save a second copy that I crop out what I want and then I’ll make a notation in my records or in the metadata for the file and I’ll go ahead and say this is where it’s from. So here are some tips and tricks on newspapers today telugu research and then we’ll close with questions. Don’t rely on OCR indexing. Now this, I’m not dissing the work that MyHeritage does because I don’t think this is MyHeritage’s fault but this is a recent scan, this is something I found on MyHeritage, not the women’s Christian Temperance Union but look at these gaps. That’s the way it was scanned, okay. So and the reason I know this because I went through all 10 pages of this issue and those blotted areas were pretty much consistent, so something could have been on the glass on the scanner which is more likely what happened, okay. So they’re… So this is this is something that’s, that you’re gonna have to deal with and it’s not just MyHeritage, it’s all of the vendors, anywhere that you find online newspapers today telugus, you’ll see this to a degree.

I even saw one scan, not at MyHeritage, I don’t want a lot to get upset here but I did see one skin where the scanner had left his sandwich in the corner and I found that they had scanned their sandwich. For some reason they must have put it right on the plate there, so yeah, okay. So this is one that’s interesting. This is my hometown newspapers today telugu. Every week they did something called down the decades. So they would say it happened 25 years ago or 50 years ago. So this tells me oh, so if someone, they were celebrating a 25th wedding anniversary, I’m gonna go 25 years back and look at that issue in the newspapers today telugu.

 This is something I never thought about. Streets change names. So if I’m looking for one street. I may not find it and also there’s a free webinar that actually Daniel Horowitz did last month on newspapers today telugus from MyHeritage so I have a link in there. So please take a business card on your way out. That’s great, let me just finish this. Not all newspapers today telugus are online, they’re not. You’re gonna have to go… These are bound volumes on newspapers today telugus, so this is where it helps to know the sections. Usually in a newspapers today telugu, death notices will always be in the same page week after week. There was a formula, a template. Instead of how the New York Times says, all the news that’s fit to print, it’s more like all the news that’s fit, no print to fit, fit to print, yeah back and forth, yes. Take name changes into consideration. Understand that layout formula, what section, where. Don’t forget and this is the last one, point of origin newspapers today telugus. For migration in the U.S, we had a big migration out West during the gold rush in the 1850s. What would happen is these people that arrived in California would write back to the Boston and New York newspapers today telugu saying we arrived.

So if I’m doing Minnesota, I might want to go and start to look at Norwegian papers knowing that they came from Norway, and want to use those resources.

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