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How to Write a Review Article in a journal

Types of articles and review articles:

Hello friends in this video we are going to discuss about types of articles for publishing in scientific journal of sciences, science journals why types of articles is important first you should understand the fact that the structure and subheadings of the different types of articles are different then the word limit is different number of references will be different number of tables and figures also will be different then there are different number of authors for different types of articles different publication and the original research articles are the publications which we make in journal of sciences, science journals the secondary literature includes monographs that is a book review and the review articles we have different types of reviews in it and we will be dealing about each of this type of original research articles in journal of sciences, science journals monographs review articles and conclusion it will be ranging from three three thousand to six thousand words sometimes even twelve thousand words will be accepted if that increase in word is justified or you have to pay more for including more number of pages in journal of sciences, science journals it is tend to be time intensive also you should not get confused between the study type on the article type here you should confirm what type of study you are doing what this is the algorithm for the study design where you broadly classify into experimental and based on the study design if you want to have the reporting guidelines you can visit this network dot org I keep on telling about this site in every almost every presentation so now we are moving to the other type of primary literature we have short reports or letters where you have brief communications or short communications where you have a small part of the research or if the author considers your research as a smaller research then you can use it use your study as a short communication so this is one such example where it is a small study has been accepted as a short communication in this journal of sciences, science journals you can have case studies also case studies means you you have case series and where it is heading it is often written by the leaders or pioneers in the particular discipline most commonly after invitation from the editors of the journal of sciences, science journals reviews are often widely read and highly cited than the primary research so what you need to understand here is it provides new site and interpretation to the subject at the same time it is done by the leaders or the pioneers in that particular topic usually done after the invitation from the editors of the journal of sciences, science journals it is widely read and highly cited.

How to write review articles for journals?

Now here are some guidelines for writing the review articles for simple narrative review this sandra guidelines that is scaled for assessment of narrative review article drug aliens is there for systematic review and matter analysis the most commonly used galen is the prisma guidelines here is one such simple review article with using the sandra guidelines we have just published this slide represents the differences between a systematic review and the articles based on the constructive criticism that is supported by the evidence commentary articles are the short articles ranging between thousand to thousand finder words it discusses the previously published work explaining how it might be of interest to the readers so this is the commentary articles again the most important section under the secondary literature is the editorials these editorials are the comments on the articles published within the same journal of sciences, science journals itself usually written or commissioned by the journal of sciences, science journals editor it will be either explaining or interpreting that a previously published article or criticizing some part of it are persuading into the topic are pricing the article so usually editorials will be like that and give a review about it in a publicly publishing by publishing it in a journal of sciences, science journals there are four stages to writing a book review first is to introduce the book then you have to give an outline about it contents then highlight the parts of the book by selecting the particular chapters or the themes then give a detailed evaluation about the topic so these are all included in the book review for completion sake we complete this other rarely used secondary literature that is letters or communications which is just the brief description of critical research findings it is not same as the letter to the editor and case series are accepted for promotion purposes then these type of articles should be published in the indexed journal of sciences, science journals with medline pubmed central science sanitation index science citation index expanded em base scopus doaj so this is one important notification so you need to look at the type of articles for publishing here and the indexing here so this is the recent notification this is only for india for promotion purposes in legal colleges then finally to sum up we should remember the fact that not all journal of sciences, science journals publish all type of articles you need to know which type of article need to be sent to a to which type of the journal of sciences, science journals either make an article to the journal of sciences, science journals’s need or prepare an article and identify a suitable journal of sciences, science journals so these two are the only options available you need to understand about the ancient scope of the journal of sciences, science journals types of the articles accepted processing and publication charges then the turnaround time how long they take to accept and publish the impact factor of the journal of sciences, science journals the it is indirectly the measuring the quality and reputation of the journal of sciences, science journals and you have to ensure that the journal of sciences, science journals is not a predatory one here are some of the useful links from which I have prepared this presentation.

You can understand better about the types of articles for publishing.

Where to get your review article published?

For scholars wishing to publish a review article for a scholarly journal, Global Research Letters (GRL) can be a useful resource. GRL is an excellent resource for information for authors wishing to produce review papers in the domains of earth science, atmospheric science, and environmental science because it publishes high-quality research publications in all of these topics. Authors can make sure that their review paper is current and includes the most recent research in their subject by using GRL as a source of information.

GRL can also offer a venue for the review article’s publication after it has been written. GRL guarantees that all articles published in the journal fulfil the highest standards of accuracy and quality in science as a peer-reviewed publication. Authors can make sure that their work is seen by the larger scientific community and received the recognition it merits by having their review article published in GRL. For researchers trying to make a name for themselves in their field or raise their profile in the scientific community, this can be especially helpful.

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