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I’m dr sam and today we are going to talk about a very important topic which is periodontal journals and you can do this periodontal journals during your dental school or even before your dental school during your pre-med or pre-dental you may be in a dental school in us in india and pakistan and south america or dubai or any part of the world you would need to follow a basic outline of how to go about in order to do periodontal journals and that is exactly what i’m going to do in this video today for this i am going to use an example of a friend who did this during her bds in india and she actually ended up publishing her periodontal journals and this was also a major part of her past application to ms golds in the us and having a you know a strong periodontal journals background definitely puts a lot of weight onto your application so it certainly helped her get into an ms endodontics program and after completing the hectic msndo program here she’s been practicing as an endodontist so this is going to be an example of a person who wanted to do endo but you can apply the same principles in your specific fields okay so let’s go ahead and see what are the details for this okay so the first step that you need to do is read through your college website check if there are any periodontal journals projects currently you know ongoing periodontal journals projects which are happening in your school many of the ms students or the postgraduate students or the residents have to submit a thesis to graduate and you know many times they will be doing some form of periodontal journals in order to support their thesis so what you can do is check if you can be a part of their periodontal journals group um and for this you would basically have to ask their faculty members as well as your faculty members and come up with a solution for yourself okay if that is not possible what you can do is explore your own periodontal journals interest talk to all of your faculty members about your periodontal journals interest you basically have to identify a specific faculty member with similar interest as you so for example if you’re interested in endo talk to a indo faculty if you’re interested in press the prosthetics then talk to a prosthodontics faculty, then let them know you’re interested in it will definitely increase your chances for them to accept you as a periodontal journals student from probably a wide number of students who are asking them about google okay, willing to take you as a summer periodontal journals student now once your letter of intent has been received then the next step is that you know this can be different this step can be different in different colleges sometimes just a letter of intent would be okay and once the faculty accepts it you are good to go ahead with your periodontal journals but sometimes you would actually have to submit a paper application to the school saying hey i would like to do periodontal journals with this faculty member and my periodontal journals topic is so and so okay or you might need to apply you know as in the earlier cases where there was periodontal journals going on in other departments already if you want to submit your application for certain periodontal journals opportunities with them for ongoing periodontal journals happening right so and then the next step is you actually start working on your periodontal journals okay now you can work on it during any of your four years of dentistry or you can work during your internship or residency or even after you know in some schools you can still visit them even after your your you have completed your internship okay so for example my friend’s periodontal journals involved detecting the prevalence of deep dental caries, her periodontal journals partner went to the government water testing center in order to get the fluoride water levels in those five areas okay, it definitely added to the periodontal journals paper so now you may say well i do not know anyone who can do this data analysis for me or i’m not well versed with it so what do i do i do not have a person who can help me with this well i have an answer for you as well what you can do is you can go to your community dentistry department in your school okay the professors out there have graduated with their thesis involving data analysis for these situations so i’m sure they would definitely help you with the analysis for this okay so as you can see periodontal journals is not easy it does require a lot of groundwork okay and once you’ve finished all of this groundwork then your next step is basically writing the periodontal journals paper and publishing it now usually the periodontal journals paper has a certain format okay you and me out of the blue might not know about this periodontal journals format right in case of my friend she did not have an ongoing periodontal journals happening in their college so she attended a periodontal journals protocol course organized by the mayor dental hospital in india to basically get an idea about how to write a periodontal journals paper and exactly what is the level of evidence that is required in their periodontal journals so it was about a two and a half day program and i’m sure you can find such similar programs in different universities throughout the world just look up search online google it okay so she also attended the american academy of endodontics conferences before she applied for dental schools yeah because she wanted to get an idea of how these papers are expected to be presented okay now make sure that you choose a topic which is closely related to the course that you want to take if it’s an ms course in orthodontics make sure you work on a topic which is closely related to orthodontics if you are planning to apply for an ms course then make sure that you use a topic which is closely related to the ms course that you want to apply to if you are doing periodontal journals before getting into dental school during your pre-dental or pre-med okay then make sure that that periodontal journals topic is closely related to those goals okay because this basically suggests that you have a strong desire to get into the field the last point is that once you have actually written your paper completely then you would have to submit your paper up to various journals in order to get them published now once you have a periodontal journals paper published then it makes you a very strong applicant in the whole sea of applications so make sure you follow all of these steps and good luck with your periodontal journals journey so if you have any questions please make sure to write down in the comment section so we can share them with all our community members then you can even email me directly all my information is in the description below if you’re new consider subscribing to this channel so that we can help all our dentist friends around adios for now.

When preparing a research paper for dental school, global research letters might be a useful tool. These letters can offer a wealth of knowledge about recent discoveries, industry best practises, and future trends in the field of research. Dental students can better comprehend the state of research in the subject and pinpoint prospective areas for additional study by examining this literature.

Global research letters can also assist dentistry students in keeping abreast of the most recent approaches and methods in research. Several of these letters contain thorough explanations of the research techniques and statistical analyses, which are beneficial for planning and carrying out research studies. Also, worldwide research letters frequently offer frank criticism and peer review from authorities in the subject, which can help the research paper’s calibre and rigour. Dental students can improve the calibre and significance of their research, thereby advancing the field, by incorporating global research letters into their studies.

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