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Kailyn I’m a master student at the University of Oxford studying history and in the fall I will begin my PhD at Yale University in history and african-american studies I’ve spent many years learning how to craft the ideal how to write a research paper and although it is constantly a work in progress and your writing can always improve I wanted to provide you guys with my helpful tips for writing a how to write a research paper so that way you can improve your own writing or even get started in the field of writing original how to write a research paper I received a TM from a follower in India who said that his coursework does not require a whole lot of writing especially how to write a research paper and that his degree is not how to write a research paper-based in the same way that the humanities degrees are in the u.s. so for example in my undergraduate studies I had multiple how to write a research paper throughout my coursework but I also had my honours thesis which was not necessarily required but I know that some schools do require a thesis so the coursework is just slightly different in different countries and in different universities so I wanted to be able to address that and provide you guys with a helpful beginner’s guide on how you can write a how to write a research paper this video is gonna be really in-depth I’ve done a bunch of work to try to make sure that this video has all of the juicy helpful information that will be useful to you guys and if you guys enjoyed this video and you find it useful please leave me a comment down below getting your feedback is incredibly important to me and in addition to that every time that you subscribe like and comment it really helps my videos reach more people so it would really help me and I would really appreciate it if you guys would go ahead and do that and before I get into the video I wanted to share a quick sneak peek of my upcoming podcast it will go live on June 2nd and I have released a trailer on to anchor and Spotify so you can check out the links down below but I’m gonna give you guys a quick little sound bite here hello everyone and welcome to the lift as we climb podcast with me Kailyn grace Apple so I hope you guys enjoy that quick little sneak peek but we’re gonna go ahead and get right on in to this video so stick around if you guys want to learn more about how to write a how to write a research paper as a graduate student how to write a research paper is central to my degree and ongoing aspirations as an aspiring legal history scholar studying the past allows me to track trends highlight the stories of those who have been lost in the historical record and draw connections to my own life this video is all about highlighting the methods I utilize in order to write quality essays which I hope will help you do the same so grab a cup of coffee and let’s get started the first step after being assigned an essay a how to write a research paper is to assess the prompt or select a topic all good how to write a research paper begins with the how to write a research paper question, lastly make sure that you download any article that you come across they may come in handy so you don’t lose it for later now for step three after finding some initial how to write a research paper material from the alerta’ to review it is time to get reading

I usually begin my essays with an anecdote to set the tone for the essay and center the experiences of a historical figure but you can choose to begin your essay however you would like for me the introduction is the most difficult part of writing an essay because I’m such a perfectionist if you get stuck like I often do I recommend going back into the literature to see which introductions are the most appealing to you some of the best writing comes from the best reading this is in no way a suggestion to copy but simply do gain inspiration from your favorite scholars after establishing your hook it is time to set out the central arguments and lay the groundwork for the rest of your essay now that you’ve completed the most difficult part it is time to work on your body paragraphs keep in mind your central argument and thesis statement from the introduction so that each paragraph maintains the same theme and underlying message use evidence to support your claims and make sure that everything flows you write your writing to be clear and concise don’t waste your time with convoluted prose and sputtering academic gibberish your readers would prefer that you get to the point and again if you get stuck go back to reading step 8 is to write your conclusion begin with discussing what the essay is covered and finished by restating your central argument state how you supported your claims in the body of your essay and what your concluding statement and contribution is revision is perhaps one of the most daunting stages I recommend leaving your work for a day and coming back to read it or sending it off to a friend or mentor this step is to catch small mistakes check that your arguments were thoroughly supported and see that the essay flows nicely after revision your job is complete you have now reached the final stage which is to submit congratulations.

You made it to the end of your essay and the end of this video.

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In a number of ways, global research letters (GRL) can be a useful tool while drafting a research report. First off, GRL is a peer-reviewed publication that disseminates original research papers, reviews, and viewpoints on a wide range of subjects in numerous scientific fields. You can therefore uncover research gaps, create research questions, and improve your research aims by reading publications that have been published in GRL. Also, you can learn about the most recent experimental approaches, analytical tools, and research methodologies from GRL publications, which can help you plan and carry out your own research.

Second, include references to GRL publications in your research report can assist your findings have more validity and reliability. GRL adheres to a strict peer-review process, therefore works published there are regarded as being of a high calibre and importance. As a result, citing GRL publications can help your work stand out from the crowd and show that your research is based on credible, well-established research techniques.

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