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How to Write a Methodology of Research Paper

What is methodology of a research?

Hey what’s up uh faizan here from methodology of research beast um on this channel I share different tips and tricks for methodology of researchers different motivational talks and I also talked to experts about the methodology of research methods or anything related to methodology of research so if you are interested in content like this please consider subscribing to the channel okay so like I said we’ll be covering basics of methodology of research methodology it’s um quite a few different things not too many things though and not too complicated so i’ll try to keep it as simple as possible okay so let’s go into methodology of research design and methodology okay so first of all we need to understand what is methodology of research like why do we have to do this so um you all know that methodology of research basically is looking for answers for questions so we look around ourselves we are curious about things we need answers and then we indulge into methodology of research right but academic methodology of research and normal methodology of research is a bit different now there are several definitions some people say methodology of research is a systematic means of a problem solving so if you have a problem how do you solve it if you do it systematically we consider it methodology of research there are basically five characteristics so one is it’s it’s systematic you need to follow a system it’s logical uh which would make some logic it should be empirical empirical means it should be based on data there should be some evidence it should be reductive means that if you find out some results then other people should also find similar results so it’s generalizable um if you look at code 19 vaccine this is what they did so trials and then you know that type testing and stuff like this and then now um it’s widely available for everybody else which is generalizable and replicable is other people should also replicate your studies so this is what the five characteristics of methodology of research are now normally how it works so you have a process that you need to follow let’s say you have a problem right a question or something uh so what you need to do is you need to first go and look at the literature what is available on that particular topic that is available so you can look at it so we call it review the available literature from there you find out a question uh so the question if you remember in one of these sessions I talked about apple a day keeps a doctor away how can you convert it into a proper theoretical question so based on the literature you formulate a question from the question you select an appropriate design so this today’s session is going to focus on this stage selecting an appropriate methodology of research design and then once you have the design for your study you collect data you interpret the findings you publish them you don’t publish them that doesn’t matter but if you publish them then your methodology of research become part of the literature for upcoming methodology of researchers who would also study your methodology of research so that’s what the process looks like now there’s basically multiple types of methodology of research okay so the first one is applied methodology of research this is where you use basic methodology of research to find problems to find solutions to practical problems this is something like you know for the sake of knowledge or something this is our everyday problems for example how to increase the number of visitors to a particular city right I mean it’s a very generic question there’s a lot of answers to it you can simply go to google and find it out or whatever but this is basic methodology of research the other one is sorry this is applied methodology of research the other one is basic methodology of research and basic methodology of research what we do is we do this type of methodology of research so we can expand our knowledge but this is not particularly done to create something new right it’s just to make our own knowledge expansion so for this one example would be um are men or women more likely to spend more time in shopping so that type of stuff right okay let’s move on to the next one which is correlational methodology of research so correlational methodology of research is where you conduct the proper methodology of research you collect data and then you want to find out what is the relationship between two variables you are not interested in finding out how one variable impacts another one you are simply interested in understanding what is the relationship between two variables for example here i’ve written what is the relationship between satisfaction and loyalty what it means is many people say if you are satisfied you will be loyal to a business but many people also say if you are loyal the more you are well the more you become satisfied so it’s like vice versa type of thing we call it correlational methodology of research and then the last one is explanatory methodology of research in explanatory methodology of research what we do is we still do correlational methodology of research we look at the relation between two variables but here we focus more on which one is leading to which one so we want to look at the cause and effect so if you look at these two questions they would make it a bit clear what is the relationship between satisfaction and loyalty what is the impact of satisfaction and loyalty so this is normally how we do it now when we do explanatory methodology of research where we want to find the cause and effect we normally have to apply some specific methodology of research methods maybe like experiments or maybe survey or stuff like this which we’ll talk about very soon so when we are writing a thesis right so what do we do in thesis we have a question that we want to solve that question can be solved only by a systematic process of methodology of research and methodology becomes the centerpiece of systematic methodology or systematic process.

So that’s why it goes hand in hand you cannot do a thesis or you know solve a problem unless you have a proper methodology of research design so your methodology of research design is um basically informed by your uh sorry your your problem solving is informed by your proper methodology of research design now let’s go and look at the methodology so basically there are two different things in a methodology number one how are you going to collect data that is the main thing right so which means what type of tools will you use to collect data what time will you use which country will you use um you know which setting will you use what I just talked about in assignments um and what type of data you will collect what type of approach are you going to use so it’s all about gathering data the other one is what type of methods are you going to analyze the data so we are going to exclude this one because you are not going to collect real data for now for this class right and proposal so i’m just going to exclude this and focus more on what type of methods I use to gather data that’s our main focus of this study now when we talk about methodology like the first one right the methods you are going to use gather data there are two different uh approaches we call it qualitative methodology of research or quantitative methodology of research right so two different ways of doing it of you must have heard of it right so qualitative methodology of research quantitative methodology of research now both of them go on different philosophies okay so quantitative methodology of research people believe that things can be generalized means you can find the problem a solution to a problem and that solution can be generalized to other people qualitative people think that everything is unique it’s different you cannot generalize it you need to look at individual cases so it’s different philosophies and because of that reason we call qualitative methodology of research is based on inductive approach whereas quantitative methodology of research is based on detective approach these are very opposite right so if you are following detective approach that means you are counter inductive if you are following inductive approach that means you are counter detective it’s like really extremes of the two versions so here is an explanation of it okay so this explanation says um this is a bit not correct I don’t think this picture is correct so just give me a minute this is the other way around so um this one basically is deductive this one is deductive and this one is inductive okay so just just make sure that you fix it up uh you should know it properly so basically what happens is that in deductive approach okay what we do is we go to theory first so you go to literature review from literature you build some hypothesis like some propositions from there you observe things you collect data and then you confirm it okay so this is normally how it is done um so that’s basically your deductive approach and quantitative and like I said quantitative people think things can be generalized that’s why you go to literature see if somebody has figured it out before and can you apply that findings to yourself and that’s how we go with this process inductive is different so it starts with observation like you observe something it’s a bit unique then you keep observing it to see if there’s a pattern if there’s a pattern in your observations then you make a conclusion that okay because of this I say this so these are very two different approaches now i’ve looked at your topic so most of you you will be using quantitative methodology of research which is detective and it’s not so much of an inductive approach but just letting you know qualitative methodology of research so qualitative methodology of research is where you are dealing with some phenomena that is difficult to quantify you cannot put them into numbers it’s more about believing things meanings attributes symbols and stuff like this so that is your qualitative methodology of research and in qualitative methodology of research we have things like focus groups interviews observations so these are strategies that people can use into their methodology of research right why do we do this we do this to uncover patterns so to look for trends to look for patterns um to understand the reason and motivation for doing things so this is why we do them how was your experience in paris this is a question you asked somebody how’s your experience in paris they may say a lot of things they might may write a whole essay on their experience and paris or they may just tell you great or maybe fine or maybe terrible I don’t know but these are things that you can see um are more where you are trying to find the meanings of things right so that’s why we call it qualitative methodology of research now qualitative methodology of researchers study things in their natural setting so they don’t do it in labs or in you know induced settings they do it in natural settings just so that they can understand not only the phenomena but the environment in which that phenomenon is taking place right so that’s very important then on the other hand quantitative methodology of research is where you use empirical investigation like numbers okay or mathematics or statistics to understand things so that’s why whenever you do quantitative methodology of research there’s a lot of statistics into it right in quantitative methodology of research . To write a methodology section for a research paper using the methodology of research, some steps are to be followed: “Methodology of research”: Begin by defining what “methodology of research” means in the context of your study. This may involve explaining the overall approach to the research process and how the chosen methods align with the research questions or objectives.

We’ll talk about this very quickly in here you basically  more about methodology of research cause and effect your focus is more on about how do you measure the variables and how are you going to analyze the variables and not so much on the environment in which that thing is happening so this is what we have in quantitative methodology of research so i’m just going to leave this so why do we need a methodology of research design this I already said you need it because you need to show that your study was followed properly other people can replicate your study and then other people can also assess the quality of your methodology of research so that’s why you come down the design of your study okay the first thing is sampling so sampling what does it mean let’s say you want to collect data for instance uh um you know uh nancy said that she want to understand how this uh destination uh satisfaction service are they really wealth or not what so for that one where will nancy collect data from she is going to collect data from people who use destination satisfaction service that would be destination marketing organizations there are a lot of them so can you collect data from all of them probably not let’s say if I can collect data from all the people that i’m interested in we call it population if you are collecting data from the entire population you don’t need to talk about sampling because then we say that your data is from census it’s everyone but if you can’t do that let’s say if my study is about um satisfaction of people who eat at mcdonald’s there’s millions and millions of people who eat at my comments so I cannot collect data from all of them in that situation then sample it’s important that this sample is representative of the population okay why because we also believe that once we have the findings those findings will be generalized to the entire population so that’s why in a sample there’s very important stuff now you need to ask yourself two questions are there too many people in the group that you are studying are you limited in time and resources if you answer one yes to either one of these questions then it means that you cannot collect data from the entire population and then you need to go to a sample in the sample it’s important that you should know that your sample should have the same characteristics like your population and before you go into sampling you need to define your population population means what type of people are you interested in so let’s say if somebody is interested in understanding you know the the personality of chefs in kitchen okay what type of chefs am I talking about everybody who is working in a kitchen or am I going to make it specific that I want to study the chefs in restaurants that are operated in five star hotels so this is defining the population then I would know how many chefs am I actually talking about right so what is the entire population so you need to define your population before the sampling you need to also decide the size of the sample like what should be the size of your sample then again whenever you come to the side of a size of the sample there are two ways of doing it one called procedural or methodological way the other one is called statistical way to calculate sample size so some people say 10 percent some people say 15 of that would be enough so if your population is 1000 then a sample size of 100 to 150 should be good enough for you right this is where you know the population but if your population is unknown let’s say like I said um customers who eat burger at mcdonald’s I don’t know what is the population so in that situation I cannot use a formula so for that situation normally what I do is I use a statistical mean of finding out the sample size and that is how complicated is my methodology of research model how many questions do I have in my survey how strong results do I expect to get so there’s a lot of things that go into it and then I can get the sample that I require to run that model or to do the analysis for my model but in this case you don’t need to worry about that one now one question that many people ask is how big should be my sample so remember the bigger the sample the more accuracy you get in your results right so if you want your results to be very accurate you need to have bigger sample size so this is what it is about sampling size sampling design.

Random sampling but it really is convenient sampling but when you don’t know the population so let’s say I go in front of mcdonald’s and i’m only going to approach people who are coming out of mcdonald’s and who are look who look like kids right so i’m collecting data based on a purpose based on my judgment right so we call it purpose of something there’s also stratified sampling cluster sampling quota sampling and judgmental those are not very widely used so i’m just going to skip it for now but if you want to know about it I can tell you more or you can read about it in any of the methodology books right but okay methods of conducting a methodology of research so there are four basic types of conducting methodology of research one we call it as a surveys the other one is experiments third one is observations and then the fourth one is so you collect primary data primary data is new data which doesn’t exist right so if somebody give me a survey to fill that data doesn’t exist I am going to fill that survey and give it back to them so this is about survey now survey can be conducted in different ways right so you can meet people give them the survey questionnaire you can contact them through telephone it’s can be done through email through internet and a lot of things depending on your methodology of research depending on who are your respondents then you will pick up either one of them and then conduct your methodology of research so that is your survey the other one is experiment so in experiments normally we want to  how did we collect data we took these four pictures so you can see that this one is a new lobby with no plants this is a new contemporary design with plants this is a old design with no plants on old design with plants so there are four scenarios then when we were collecting this is sort of you know not the perfect way of doing an experiment but sort of makeshift way data people were randomly shown one of these pictures and then asked questions so um if the real pic if the real name of the menu item uh provides more information to people or create more interest in people for example interview is same like survey the only difference is that survey is quicker interview takes longer in survey you have predefined questions on um related to your methodology of research questions and objectives so again um you can always conduct the same methodology of research with surveys and interviews you know the questions are predefined people cannot go out of those questions so maybe let’s say if I want to do a study on the same study for this hotel lobby design so in this one we collected data from somewhere around 400 people or something 400 people because it was a survey but if i’m doing an interview with people who stay at a hotel and ask them about lobby designs probably 15 20 interviews would be enough so you know because it takes more time the type of data you get in interviews much more quality data for now these are the main things that are very important for you to understand again if you have any questions please make sure drop me an email.

I’ll be very happy to answer your questions.

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