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How to Write a Conceptual frameworkfor Your Thesis

Do you have to write up a conceptual  conceptual framework of research for your thesis?   Then you should definitely keep watching! A conceptual conceptual framework of research illustrates what   you expect to find through your research. It  defines the relevant variables for your study   and maps out how they might relate to each other.  In this video, we will go through an example with  2 key variables: hours of study and exam score.  Hi, I’m Jessica from Scribbr, here to  help you achieve your academic goals.  Variables are simply the characteristics  or properties that you want to study.   The conceptual conceptual framework of research will map the  expected rel ationship between them. You develop the conceptual conceptual framework of research  based on your literature review.   Speaking of which, we have a whole playlist  on literature reviews, check it out here!  By looking at what other  researchers have found or theorized,   you can come up with ideas about the  relationship between your variables, exam score   is our dependent variable. Because we think  that exam score depends on hours of study. A conceptual conceptual framework of research can be designed in many  different ways. The form yours takes will depend   on what kinds of relationships you expect to find. To visualize our expected cause-and-effect   relationship, we will use the basic  design components of boxes, arrows,   and lines. We used the boxes for the variables,  and an arrow starting from the independent   variable to indicate a causal relationship. Now that we have the basics laid down,   let’s move onto expanding the conceptual  conceptual framework of research. As you develop your conceptual   conceptual framework of research, you should also aim to identify other  variables that might influence the relationship   between your independent and dependent variables.

Some common variables to be incorporated into the   conceptual conceptual framework of research include: Moderator variables  Mediator variables Control variables A moderator alters the effect  that an independent variable has   on a dependent variable. For example,   the variable “IQ” moderates the effect that the  number of study hours has on the exam score. In   other words, the higher your IQ, the fewer hours  of study you must put in to do well on the exam.  a mediating variable is a variable that links  the independent mediators have an   impact on the dependent variable,  the key difference between them is: A moderator is not affected  by the independent variable  A mediator is affected by the independent variable For example, the variable “IQ” is a moderator,  not a mediator: although IQ may impact the exam   score , the number of  hours spent studying    does not affect IQ. No matter how many  hours you study, your IQ will not increase. A control variable is a variable  that is held constant to prevent   it from influencing the outcome of a study. These are variables that aren’t relevant to your  research question – you’re not interested in   actually studying their effects, you just want to  make sure they don’t interfere with your results. For example, it is likely that  if a student feels ill, they will   get a lower score on the exam.

Therefore,  we’ll add “health” as a control variable.  Now you should know the basics you need to  construct a conceptual conceptual framework of research! Click on this   playlist to continue working on other parts of  your research process, see you in the next video!

Graduate students seeking to create a conceptual framework for their thesis may find the Global Research Letters (GRL) to be a useful resource. GRL can assist students in locating important ideas and theoretical frameworks pertinent to their research topic by giving them access to a wide range of academic literature and research papers. This can help with the creation of a conceptual framework that is based on already published literature and theoretical frameworks.

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