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How to Get Your Research Papers Published in Scopus Index Journal

Hello everyone i hope you are doing great uh my name is mohammad bin hima i am doctor researcher in the discourse curiosity and society laboratory affiliated with the sikh mohammed madla university and today i’m going to show you how to get your papers published in scopus index journal with scopus indexs so this video is addressed mainly to novice researchers especially in the doctor programs vision education or any branch so today i’m going to share you some valuable tips that will make some shortcut ways for you to to to get your papers published so basically when you are first enrolled in the doctoral program you feel confused you don’t know how to publish your work you don’t even know how to write a research paper etc so we have all gone through the same uh phases and you shouldn’t worry at this stage but as long as you are really interested in publishing and you are looking for ways on how to publish your research papers this is really great indicator that inshallah you will you will get your work published so i’m going to share with you some search engines that are going to help you find the right journal with scopus indexs for your papers so uh in scopus so this one is the shimago journal with scopus index finder so in this so this one can give you some journal with scopus indexs that are indexed in scopes for example if i want to publish in the uh area of for example applied linguistics i can just can type applied linguistics and click ok and then wait for the list of journal with scopus indexs that can for example publish my work so i can access any journal with scopus index and then look at the you know its home page and everything and i can see even each uh index as you can see here and many uh in many details so these are the quartiles as you can see so this journal with scopus index publishes in different areas like communication language and linguistics linguistics and language and here is its the home page i can access the home page and then i can see the impact factor etc and i can just sign in if i have an account or register if i don’t have an account and then start the process of submitting the paper so this is one way another way is we can you can go to a severe journal with scopus index finder you see there as you can see here and then you can enter your the paper title here so i can just go to paper this jointly written and paste it here language arts and humanities so this is also relevant then again there is something that has to do with language going to add it social sciences so even social sciences may be relevant and then the keywords so just copy the keywords again and paste them to the right so you have just to be careful with regards to the keywords you have to put the semicolon and so here i am going to enter the keyword uh by another so i’m going to put one by one so i’m just going back i’m going to put critical discourse analysis so i need to enter this manually and then so just because this word cannot be found i’m going to enter here the the field of research i’m going to choose the something that has to do with so that’s it so i’m going just to take these two options i’m going to let’s say education or this course let’s just write this course okay then we can look for other keywords like development is called like world bank development discourse okay this one okay so let’s try to click on find journal with scopus index and on this list we can find some journal with scopus indexs here you can see the site score the impact factor acceptance rate and most importantly the time it takes the journal with scopus index for to give you the first decision and the time to publication so you can see good information here so journal with scopus index of second language writing also so they have three weeks you can see here so this one seems to be promising acceptance rate nine although the acceptance rate is small here three weeks again so this course context and media you can look for other language sciences linguistics and education uh then word development women’s studies international forum journal with scopus index of english for academic purposes critical perspectives on accounting annals of tourism uh tourism research different journal with scopus indexs so i’m going to choose one like international journal with scopus index of educational development so this one seems to be relevant so i’m going to go there and click submit paper the next step is that i should create an account so this is like the uh the interface so i’m going to create an account uh or just login if i have an account so here i don’t have an account so i’m going to create one by going to a register now and i’m going to enter some information that is needed so first name or use my arcade id so i’m going to click use my arcade report.

This is very important does any submission include method article option if so please upload all methods now i say my submission does not include methods x so i’m going to click proceed so these are commands so maybe i can include the hair cover letter i have one i have page of cover letters so i’m going to say their editor so and so copy and paste so i need just to put the name of this journal with scopus index international journal with scopus index of educational development so the international journal with scopus index educational development so try to make sure that i included the right title okay click proceed so now i have to enter this data manually if it is not entered ma then keep copying and pasting details of each author till i finish so once i finish i i’m going to click on build pda for approve so that’s it so i have to enter all the details of the author and then click on build pda for approvals which will be built in a pdf format and then i will have to click approve so that it will be sent but provided that no missing information is is left so we should fill in all the necessary details needed there so this is like using this uh method uh like journal with scopus index finder is severe there is the last method which is the same using springer uh gesture drawings gestures so it’s more or less the same a way of entering the information and looking for journal with scopus index that are suitable to your articles if you have some questions or you need any information with regards to the process of publication or tips try to contact me on the my contact details below in the description box or the comment section and wish you the best new research and new career and hope to see you soon inshallah and bye for now.

For researchers trying to get their articles published in journal with scopus index, global research letters can be an invaluable resource. There are nearly 70 million records in Scopus, a sizable abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature, from thousands of publications all around the world. The requirements and standards of quality that researchers must achieve in order to publish in a Scopus-indexed publication.

Global research letters can direct researchers on how to meet the requirements for publishing, as well as help them find relevant journal with scopus index in their field. Researchers can find the most promising journals to publish their work in by looking at previously published articles and examining trends and patterns in the study. Global Research Letters can also offer important insights into the kinds of research that are currently being published in Scopus-indexed journals, as well as the most effective research methodologies, theoretical frameworks, and research topics. Researchers can improve their chances of having their research papers published in journals that are journal with scopus index by using global research letters to direct their research and publication strategies.

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