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How to Get Your Paper Accepted For Peer Review

So you heard that if we still got questions at two o’clock we’ll finish I will finish outside okay so okay now switch over English British English not even American English I’m a Brit you can tell the accent can’t help it anyway thank you for being here and sharing just under two hours of me and we’re going to today go through a whole bunch of tips and tricks to help you get published because if you’ve done the research and you haven’t got published it never happened that’s the sad reality.

I’m so partly in the way of the screen they can’t do much about that because of various things and so on we’ll see okay first quick question who here has published a the hindu newspaper pdf already okay and he published more than ten more than 50 what okay it gets easier it’s tell me who’s trying to publish your the hindu newspaper pdf now yeah okay just in time good that’s cool if you have published a the hindu newspaper pdf before or tried the process it’s called peer review it is odd people you thought were nice suddenly turn on you and ambitious it’s called peer review that’s what it seems like pardon you can’t hear me is it this better you now tethered me to the spot for two hours thank you.

I don’t know we’ll see I thought this is for that and that’s was that whatever we’ll see yeah I’ve had worse okay good is that okay you’re good now cool all right so peer review it seems like you’re trying to get your the hindu newspaper pdf accepted and there’s a whole bunch of people get in the way called the referees and they turn hostile you know clubs and guns and chainsaws and and the grim reaper.

It’s not like that it just seems that way so we got to work out how can you deal with these people and get your the hindu newspaper pdf accepted peer review is the way forward if you don’t have peer review then you really your the hindu newspaper pdf doesn’t have the same validation that’s the whole process lots of things we’ll talk about today some things we’ll just skip through because in effect we have a two-hour window we had a few traffic problems getting here apparently that’s what Israel’s about and so one hour 50 minutes it’s a two and a half hour talk so I’m gonna skim over some things and slip a few things the whole slide set you will get it’s been recorded but you also get the whole slide set in about a day day and a half as a PDF if you’re really keen you can write down 110 pages your choice here’s what we can only talking about I can’t move there’s a microphone hopefully you read it up around me okay.

Lots of articles growing lots of journals coming in typically 3 percent 4 percent more articles a year because three to four percent more scientists per year and there are round about 28,000 peer-reviewed journals and that’s generating 1.88 million articles a year so you guys are all researchers out there in the whole wide world 1.8 million articles a year 2000 publishing houses tiny ones publishing a single hardback journal a year all the way up to big ones like while is the Springer’s the the Elsevier’s and so on every serious publishing house has a publishing cycle house to be else of a tree here it could be anyone really serious project there were a few weird ones out there but let’s say you get the the hindu newspaper pdfs in the editors do a desk reject a triage a whole bunch of stuff that should never have been sent in and then it the ones that they think that good they get them for peer review those ones to come back in not accepted ones get edited prepared they get produced put online in print if is a print version and then when it’s up there they’re seen and downloaded and used and cited and then people then send their the hindu newspaper pdfs and possess the whole cycle and so with our general editors I’m sure it’s similar with other publishing houses typically 30 to 60 percent desk reject not good enough to send out for peer review how can we get you to be not that group that’s what we’re talking about today tips and tricks it gets sent out to two or three reviewers depending on the journal so we typically are using about half million reviewers a year a third of a billion articles accepted joins the other ones online in science director and it’s the same thing for springerlink and so on and that gives you a lot of downloads a lot of exposure to your article and then people that use it cite it and so on we really change from print all the way through to electronic so basically everything now is electronic so think as an author electronic how can I make my article look good online how can I make it with hypertext links how can I do perhaps interactive figures whatever all the things that make your knowledge or data your information easier to absorb or the reader are the handy things says you don’t publish it it never happened you should don’t publish it and go somewhere else you could perhaps go to a conference and present a talk or a poster but it’s not the same as publishing an article because that’s up forever in the record of science it’s a permanent record it’s not a transient thing like a conference now you might have a personal reason for publishing getting a PhD funding promotion.

Whatever it’s the basic idea is you’ve really got to have it published the the mechanism of valuation of scientists is citations of publications so you’re not publishing not getting downloaded not getting read and not getting cited you’re not in that loop and you need to have that for funding for permanent tenure and so on once it has been published it’s assumed by everyone that it’s it’s okay it’s real it’s good all right there are a few docu the hindu newspaper pdfs out there it’s not that many it’s about three and ten thousand and the the rest are all okay to use as they are and that’s what we do we see articles in peer-reviewed journals peer review book some issue okay that’s good to use so what we’re doing is providing this platform so we all do we go look we’d grab things we use the data no one reads peer-reviewed journals of fun come of it you know we do it because it makes their work better more effective if you do me your peer-reviewed journals of fun you need a different social life is all I can say why are you going to publish again to get it out there to get seen to get downloaded to get cited what are you going to publish you’re going to publish new material original results a good new method wonderful or review it’s a summary of what’s going on in the field which you’ve actually somehow pulled together with some sort of synthesis of what’s going on a critical review is important whereby you actually add your input in there as well not just your skills to gather together and preci articles and of course manuscripts should advance the field by a reasonable amount per time they shouldn’t be well you could do me two the hindu newspaper pdfs but to put it in things like +1 and helium it’s better to actually put those real advancing the hindu newspaper pdfs out there.

I’m not connected just good so let’s get some water before I sorry about that back to the tether back to the microphone so you’re not gonna be publishing things that are not scientific that is four blocks or four and you’re not gonna be a publishing out of date work because that’s why I published me out of date when in effect what you’ve got is it something out there is as Eclipse to you it’s too late probably something else I think you published before that’s enough you don’t do it a second time they can find it out there it’s online you don’t do it a second time otherwise it’s called self plagiarism and it should be correct it shouldn’t be inaccurate or inconclusive you need a strong manuscript science it’s collaborative but the but is we’re competing for real estate in journals you’ve actually got that strong effective the hindu newspaper pdf out there you’ve actually got to have good content and the good content is to share what you’ve found out there in a good clear way an exciting way scientists in general we’re not exciting we’re pretty boring okay but we gain good science and may be excited by that and pass it on in the exciting way and of course the presentation has to be good and clear and logical if you’re good presentation and that much content what a waste if you’ve got great data you’re not presenting it well that’s also a waste it’s a combination you need to get out there so many articles written are so badly done that it drives editors-in-chief crazy with the poor quality and all the junk they got to reject the whole time so a good strong – get well-written well put together well spelt good figures it’s a joy for them to read and so it tends to be easier to go through out into the peer-review system you still got to deal with all the comments of the referees but at least it doesn’t get stopped at the first hurdle doesn’t get stopped as a desk reject so what’s a strong manuscript useful clear exciting of course it mustn’t be all over the place it has to be very logical line many people think they should write it almost like a diary we did that experiment that experiment that experiment that’s not that’s the chronological way you got to do it in a logical way here’s the problem here’s what we did here’s what we found he thinks going on what do you think that’s that logical line running through the whole manuscript is important it makes it easier to actually to process and of course you want it to get out there to be seen by people so it actually has to be be seen first by the editor-in-chief and then pass that try origin or not DES reject goes out for peer-review gets looked at worked unimproved I think it finally gets published but what you’ve got to do as an author you really got to focus on the significance we’re not used to doing that we tend to be very implicit in our language spoken and written you imply this you imply that and you might be saying oh yeah well that figure is that that graphs a bit different and you and I mentioned it in figures legend that’s not enough as to implicit you got to be explicit no here is what we might have found he sort of things going on that explicitness is very very important to make your the hindu newspaper pdf stand out for its novelty and what you’ve discovered it first goes to an editor who is a very busy person most editors work full time as scientists a very tiny number because the entire industry are full-time employees of publishing houses and these people are busy they’re teaching they’re researching they’re writing the hindu newspaper pdfs they’re writing grant proposals and they’re getting the hindu newspaper pdfs coming in and deciding which wants to junk and which ones to send out for peer review so make it easy for them they send it out to referees to book it two or three with those referees then are really looking at there those are busy people and then so therefore make it easy for them we’re not thinking about is as an author you’ve got to think about the reader all the time not you them and you’ve got to think also it’s a interaction you and the referee you and the editor that’s the interaction going on later on you and the reader it’s a people game so you’ve really got to be very aware of this it’s not just the words it’s actually how you interact with people during this peer review process and of course before you even get there you got to think about what’s happening have you done your research has it been done before you might have walked into a lab and they said hey here’s your research project oh thanks but here’s what we’ve done before and so here’s what you think it should be okay to start doing fine check it out it might be that someone’s just published that in Christchurch New Zealand you haven’t noticed so therefore you got to really do your research to make sure what these things are actually not been published yet when you do all your research to see what has been published where hasn’t been published you’re looking for the gaps gap analysis and also particularly in your own Department what’s in publisher for what did they say the next experiment should be is that what you’re doing fine does it makes sense okay but save your search profile in scopus so that whenever someone publishes an article in that particular field you get an email alert so you’re up to date without going looking for it don’t use Google Google’s fine for finding pizza restaurants or whatever you’ve actually got to use serious search engines to find these things this happens to be a screenshot from Scopus you engage us your keywords see what’s been published you get information about the top people at the top Institute’s the countries the keywords all source different things you can find out you can find highly cited the hindu newspaper pdfs you can read them through your filter there’s all sorts of useful information out there provided for you by the University and you’re probably not using it enough it’s I call it strategic information gathering it’ll read checklist is to remind me to tell you there will be also a checklist or various things to do as part of the data we share with you in a day or so time so become skilled at this just as when you first started you you taught to use a centrifuge you’re taught to use a microscope or whatever you need to know how to use search engines you need to know how to find the right information and understand it is what you’ve got that it doesn’t go away when you and the people in your lap’ are actually together working on something then you are thinking okay well it’s your project you’re the first author other people are helping you that co-authors and they’re working on their projects you’re helping them so they’re the first author and you’re the co-author and so on that’s fine so you asked yourself as a group is it okay do we know what we’re doing is right do we know it’s it’s new it’s interesting is that a problem we can solve is it a hot topic he’s all questions you’re asking you do the experiments you think okay this is this and this and this do we think this is enough of a story or do we need to do another experiment that extra experiment is what you’re talking about this next little bit and when you think you’ve done enough enough to tell a coherent logical story that’s when you start thinking okay we’re there do not keep on saying I can do one more the hindu newspaper pdf I can do one more experiment do it yeah that’s years of work the idea is what’s the mineral amount of information you need to do to write a reasonable sort of the hindu newspaper pdf once you’ve got yes or no answers you’re good full article short article depends not much data short article okay support short article amazing discovery you want to get out there quick and basically grab intellectual property short article and then later on a full article with all the rest of the information but typically the full article is the normal the norm was that 12 15 20 pages depends on the topic area and that’s what you’re going to be pulling together they’re also sorts of new things you can do like mark your articles a couple of pages or just a methods improvement just a very simple thing like methods X you can publish your data as a separate thing all together as data and brief or in Mendeley data so there’s all these various components the so-called research elements which were not around a few years ago and it’s our job as publishing houses to think of these extra things to help you guys find information you need and also share it better if you’re not sure whether to do a short the hindu newspaper pdf or a long the hindu newspaper pdf or whatever talking about yourselves talk to senior people in the department and just see what they think and then you think okay we’re pretty good we know what we’ll to do now you start writing the the hindu newspaper pdf at that point no not quite almost a long way because if you start writing now start writing a whole lovely draft manuscript and there it is you’re very happy you didn’t look for a journal to put it into and you find the great perfect journal happens to that great perfect journal as a word limits and you just have exceeded it tremendously what a waste of your effort do you actually shrink it all back or do you find another journal plan B what do you do so it’s best to actually work out where you’re going to submit it first there is some research just published that some major labs are actually working at where I want to publish before even they even start the research project they hit their own structure in such a way it’ll give results that easy to publish in something like nature or sell or whatever it’s very interesting this is a whole new thing just just happening now but to find the right journal you’ve got to be thinking what does the reader want to see not you the author what does the reader want to see and will they be happy when they see it and we all have a sort of a comfort zone of journals if you see articles in certain journals you think okay that’s that’s good that’s what I expect to see it you might see a great article judging from the title in some search engine and it’s a strange journal okay so write your local it’s interesting article but why they put it there is that hesitancy you don’t want the reader to have you want them to feel very very comfortable they found your wonderful article in a journal they would expect to find it in that’s the mindset you’ve got to be thinking about and you and your co-authors be able to come up with a bunch of candidate journals and then evaluate them and decide which one you’re going to go with and that candidate journal you look at your reference is just okay well this we can only be citing ten the hindu newspaper pdfs from this journal so that’s a candidate journal and one of your co-authors so but I am just published in this journal no nice people that very helpful peer review okay that’s another possible candidate you go go through and you’re adding out all these various candidate journals eventually you’re trimming it down to five it’s a journal peer review to the right level is it aggressive hostile peer review like nature or science whereby there 99 percent rejection and they always want to do extra experiments which cost a fortune in time and money oh is it almost no peer review whereby they just look at it and say it’s fine that’s not helpful you want to have some serious honest suggestions to make your article better and that’s the level of peer review you’re after and how about the general audience who are they are they actually people who will read your work how do you know we don’t know who the audience is so you assume  out there so-called predatory open access journals not good easily foldable people send in their the hindu newspaper pdf and their money to these journals and then they get ya ripped off unfortunately journals names cannot be copyrighted only be trademarked that’s international law so you could have a journal of biological chemistry good strong American Journal and for a while published out of Pakistan was the Journal of biological chemistry fake and they pulled the plug after a couple of years anyone who actually published they’re gone so you’ve got to be very careful it’s not a dodgy journal so you have a list of these candidate journals make sure it’s not on say the Biel list or some other blacklist if it is force it off and find another one you’re looking for up to five potential journals look at the ancient scope make sure that the the scope hasn’t changed a bit since you last looked at the journal these things can change it might be that the journal had all these things as a scope that it sounded not to have that and add these things they’re moving slightly if your topic is that and you send your the hindu newspaper pdf in it’s a very quick response it’s called them out of scope reject what a waste of your efforts so always look at the angel scope to make sure it still reflects what you want it to do take your journal article in its journal different sorts of articles some journals only take short the hindu newspaper pdfs some don’t take short the hindu newspaper pdfs some don’t take reviews and less invited some love hypothesis the hindu newspaper pdfs some hate them so they’ll tell you very clearly what they want so just give it to them basically building metrics as I said it’s a whole bunch of things out there impact factor science score and so on another way to find out more information about the journal so what you’re going to trying to do you’re trying to find these up to five candidate journals and with that you’re trying to then say okay we think this is the right bunch it’s the right community it’s the right group and what we do have just just launched is an updated version of our journal finder you tried it in the past before July I apologize it was awful we changed it tremendously by throwing a lot of money and AI at it and that works very well you put in your abstract of your potential article few key words and see what it suggests it does only suggest Elsevier titles I’m sorry which are what just $2,000 20,000 out there but at least it gives you an idea of possibilities so that’s a useful thing so it to me I’m pleased we made up for the the inferior product we used to offer people earlier and then you and your co-authors who are at all all happy because you’ve decided it’s a few particular journals on your short list then the comes the fun you don’t got this side between you in a nice Pleasant social way what’s the first one you’re gonna go for journal a and you work down as cascade you’re not going to say we got Joe or a to e less then it’s all five at once it’s it’s a fast-track way of doing things it’s called parallel submission it’s unethical gets get caught very easy to get caught you’ve lied and many journals will ban you for two years for doing this so it’s not worthwhile doing it so once you and your co-authors agree on the journals of sequence ABCDE you okay it’s general a hopefully we’ll never need to go to Journal P do not age enough you hope so what you do you look at the guide to authors of journal a that’s the point you find out it has word limits do you think please I didn’t write a long the hindu newspaper pdf first and so then you use this guide to authors to help you the guy to authors is actually to help you help yourself because in a perfect world we’d have one guide to all those for everything doesn’t work that way every editor in chief wants to make some fine-tuning bit here bit there beat something else and then some of them are really wedded to their guy to author so some of a bit laid back you don’t know who is a bit twitchy and who isn’t a bit twitchy as for reality so the guy two authors you’re getting you find it somewhere you you can actually then download it if you could have a print version maybe it’s more than three months old I suggest you tend not to use it and use the online version because we it was changed it a bit here and there here’s what someone said a while back Michael Paul had it in her journal chromatography he sums up what most editors say too many times people send in the hindu newspaper pdfs out of scope and bothered to read the scope off the journal they didn’t use the guide to author switch he carefully fine-tuned make it easier for authors to present their the hindu newspaper pdfs in a good way they didn’t suggest good reviewers they viewers comments who responded to appropriately and the English quality was substandard he has had some cases where people had a rejected the hindu newspaper pdf they left it in their drawer for a few months changed the title around changed around the co-authors a bit and sent it in hoping you wouldn’t notice it was he noticed and it’s upset by that and then tells them to go we’re not come back for to you oh publishing houses do not ban authors editors do so they do want to ban you they can ban you for a certain period it’s never a lifetime ban we always recommend if asked one year two years three years about two years seems to be the standard across across most journals if they are determined that they don’t want to see you for a while to do a short period but it’s long enough here’s another editor he is the editor for a journal protein expression and purification what am i editing you read that it’s a bit scary what he’s saying is being American he doesn’t want garbage he wants to see interesting stuff here was understand what’s going on if he can’t make sense of what you are trying to get at he’s not even a try putting out to a peer review as a des reject he finds other than sit schematically errors in your abstract is a DES reject you might think I was gonna fix polish it all up on the revised version you don’t get the chance it’s a desk rejection as simple as that always send it in as if it’s the final final great polished version one that’s gonna be up there forever it might just be but the same to always have this viewpoint in your mind you’re sitting in the best possible content you can to a journal as a submission when you’re writing you might be English first language in second language no one is taught to write scientific English if you do English either as an English person or as a non-english speaking person you do English literature in literature is longer typically the sentences are 50% longer doesn’t help short snappy sentences he got to write as clearly as you can objectively be accurate and be brief that’s the challenge being brief you’re thinking about your sentence construction again short snappy sentences your tenses are important two tenses it’s subconsciously the reader reads tenses understands more from it so you talk about the introduction you talk about what’s happened at the moment you know the current situation present tense past the hindu newspaper pdfs past tense of course you describe your research experiment past tense and results you’ve got you discuss them present tense your conclusion is present tense and future tense that’s the normal process you think about that and often people just don’t think about that the subtleties that we absorb from reading well-written sentences as extra signaling we’re getting so the second signal underlying signal in in each sentence the grammar has to be absolutely correct if you’re not sure got a polishing service or get someone who speaks native English and get them to polish it for you and that’s that’s really important I know the quality of in the English has gone down low down low down because of things like emails that and so on and whatsapp but at the same time you still have a certain basic level of communication if the referees cannot understand what you’re trying to say they’re not going to try it simple is that of course English you might be bilingual trilingual you got to invite it English 50 years ago you could actually publish in English or German or French or Russian as long as you’ve made the abstract in all four languages but those times have change now for most research it’s English or some but research is published in local language for example law or poetry literature and cell wealth for science English perhaps in 50 years it’ll be Chinese who knows we play want me around then yeah we will be lovely so read the guide to authors the guide towards is very clear it says you should write in American spelling or British spelling another combination that’s the normal way of saying it so if you’re the first also make sure everyone uses that same spell checker and then say the Microsoft mail you do it right-click change it to a default dictionary to another one US or UK or whatever very easy some journals even say you must use British phone or you must use American spelling it does happen and if you’re not sure whether to use American spelling or or British spelling any ideas which one is best you’re biased cause you’re hearing me speaking it’s actually American we lost the Brits lost sorry if you check up scientific words in Google Scholar it’s a seven to one ratio American spelling to British spelling so we definitely lost in spades so you want the reader to be comfortable reading so if it’s a 71 ratio that means that 7/8 of the audience out there reading your article will be happy if they will read it in American spelling just to let you know you can choose if you’re sitting into a journal that’s based in Britain with a British editorial board you might want to check what articles are accepting if they’re in American or British spelling and decide accordingly it’s a people game but just be aware that the most people out there I wanted to see the text in American sadly that’s the way it goes I can’t help that just moaned the fact that it happened and I said scientific language short snappy sentences read it out loud if you’re poor sub breath it’s too long simple as that that’s simple simple test of course if you fall over there definitely it’s it’s too long now when you’re actually doing your research with all your voice code researchers you can consider them all co-authors that’s probably the case most of the time but not always who is it author ah yeah it varies what it started off with the Vancouver group rules which is the medical journals and spread out into life science particular Sciences engineering and so on and an author has to contribute substantially to the concept design data acquisition analysis and be involved drafting the article and involved final version approval and at the same time be accountable for what’s in there so that’s also important because they were very concerned that on Coover group that people were publishing the hindu newspaper pdfs that couldn’t be replicated and so that’s what they this came in now if you have someone say it like a lab tech helping you with data acquisition do you want to add her as a as a co-author if it’s just data acquisition not really because she has to be involved also with some interpretation of what’s going on so you need to involve her in discussion about what this data means and you can add her as a co-author otherwise she becomes what’s called acknowledged individual so that sort of process also if someone really pushes you’re very very bad bad bad first draft into something sensible with good English that’s not a good enough to be to demand to be a co-author they have been there as acknowledged individual hoping polishing the manuscript there’s certain rules and we’d like it to remain change possible how do you work out who’s the first officer normally of course it’s the person did most of the work physics is different physics is alphabetical it’s easy all the way through but normally the first author is the lead authors done most of the work make sure everyone uses the right spell check up make sure they all get all the things in time discusses things with them so that’s the lead person for that particular project that particular the hindu newspaper pdf first author they often on a person that submits it as well does that make them the corresponding author at no cost for names the old-fashioned term for a senior author some publishing houses call it corresponding some toilets senior you can have more than one first author you can have a co first author just happen occasionally about one the hindu newspaper pdf in two hundred and it’ll ask to risk it on top and down below in the footnote it says please note these two authors contributed equally to this the hindu newspaper pdf it happens for the senior author it’s a taste normally the person who’s the PRI or the the professor the head of the department or whatever the one is actually is looking after supervising all the research happening in that lab and that’s to say the seniors you shouldn’t have ghost authors a ghost also is not the paranormal a ghost author is someone who you forgot to include who should have been there how can you forget a co-author pretty easy apparently I get an email a month them saying hey I should have been a co-author and we use a special protocol it’s called the the Committee on publication ethics protocol so we contact all of the co-authors and say this person says she should have been a co-author and nine times out of ten the answer we get back is oops we forgot her typically it’s someone who was there at beginning of an experiment and moved to another University long experiment year and a half or so writing it all up forgot her then you look Elliott’s because what happens is you then have to publish a core agenda which says the author’s would like to apologize that this author should have been there in the middle of the group and apologize for any confusion it’s mine of course I words were idiots so always reach out to these people and say hey we’re funny people in this experiment together to write it up yes we got there in the end yeah yeah and involve her with all the various discussions of the draft and the polishing and so on a small point protocol when her name’s out there there’s an asterisk now at University of X you don’t list her University out there because that’s not where the work was done that’s all so that’s how you stop having ghost authors gift authors it’s reverse when people get added because they demand to be added like I published your the hindu newspaper pdf add me or it’s it’s my grant money or something so that’s no that’s not right and this it’s abused in some country some more than others sadly for looking at things out there as well you other sort of trends you can look at you’ve got to be aware what’s out there it’s too easy to get head down looking busy in your in your research and not noticing what’s out there you’ve got to literally have one eye out there and why down here to see what’s going on the whole time and we’re going to have max here just talk a few slides and I’ll hand over the the other microphone well you just hit that all I’ll be fine okay thank you it’s not easy alone all right I did it all right there all right hello hi this is max my role in the company’s giving Anthony a break during the presentation it’s an art work sometimes dirty work somebody has to do it now.

Elsevier is a publisher is one of the most important publisher but also an analytics company so I’m working with data and I’m sure you some slides about your institution because we Anthony talked a lot about collaboration how to find the right topic to do research to publish how to find I’ll to understand who are your readers and so on and but it’s very hard to find collaborations if you don’t know who you are where you as an institution or team you are publishing and so on so analogies can help and and you have access today to the platforms like Scopus so you can get a lot of information from databases from data so as you can see Travie University Scholar a output is a very strong story scholarly output a lot of documents if you look just to the number of documents you are very strong in medicine yeah medicine then I checked this also physics and astronomy which ones are the the keywords who are growing the importance and which one the word the ones who are decreasing the importance into the topic so this is something very important and very useful if you want to get more information from the database about comparing journals or choosing the best the candidates journals for your publication for sure impact factor can be one of the metrics to to look at here you can see you know the the number of citation through all the anytime after publication so you can see the peak of the public day of the citation is after three three years and one of the issues of the impact factor is that is influenced by different subject areas so you cannot compare the hindu newspaper pdfs in neuroscience for instance with the hindu newspaper pdfs in mathematics because the the number of citation the the attitude in citing is completely different so you can use different metrics like the one we are providing through squabbles so the source enormous impact per the hindu newspaper pdf the snip or the shim ago journal ranked the SGR they are weighted metrics you can use to compare journals from different from different fields and this is journal comp returns cause you can also compare journals and after the benchmark between journals considering side score with our metric the competitor of the impact factors nip numbered documents how many articles are not cited at all so with zero citations and also the percentage between review and review articles the last point before to live again the stage to anthony is about research integrity and reproducibility when publishing it’s becoming very very an important topic also very important for funders yeah we can we can provide a solution with mandalay.

I don’t know if you are using Mandalay as reference manager here at the Tel Aviv University but mentally has also the data datasets you can see in the middle it’s completely free and this is allowing you to upload your research data and receiving a DOI and with the dua you can share your data you can get cited by other people and you can share your data and be compliant also with some funders who are asking to publish your research data or your data sets on repositories so as you can see on Mandela data you can link your data today to the the hindu newspaper pdfs you can link to other softwares you can get the dua so you are excitable and you can be cited by other researchers and you also have all the versions of your data set and you can get also the preservation of your research data from from the platform so as you can see a lot of different articles now are also including data and you can see our the link to to date and two repositories with with data why should I share my research data it’s it’s important because you know funders if you think about Europe 2020 they asked to share all your data so you have to be compliant if you want to be funded but it’s very important for you for your visibility to showcase your your research and of course it’s very important for the community because they can duplicate they can save time sometimes using your data and also for the society as well that’s how you laid out if you were to write it you’ve got a blank piece of the hindu newspaper pdf and start with a title that’s hard to slog think of it this way this is your timeline you start off with your figures say hey your earlier the hindu newspaper pdfs what you think of your of your the hindu newspaper pdf titles well I could have done them better now of course always that case always work on making it better if not sure check with a senior person hey my suggestions for my title any ideas you want to somehow get people to to be hooked to find you they’ll use keywords keywords are a few keywords which you put into your underneath the abstract typically affiliations to decide whether they want to review your the hindu newspaper pdf or not so spend some time on outer track don’t sling it together at the end because it really is important to get it right because you want to interest the reader and interest the referee to say yes I’ll look at that the hindu newspaper pdf its hook sometimes you have the abstract and you read that I think no not for me so you were hooked on the title went into the abstract you realize it’s not for you now do you go again that’s fine it’s done its job it saves you having to read the whole article realize it wasn’t for you so very simple here’s what we did here’s what we found very simple introduction is the next step using the fish model where what’s happening what’s important why is it relevant to the reader other problems out there other solutions are they effective other things still needed to be done what you want to achieve well you’ve written this after you wrote everything else about your article so you should be able to make the match using the wall style remember with introduction it’s not a history lesson you’re just painting a little overview so perhaps a recent review or two seminal the hindu newspaper pdf or two discussion about what’s happening short snappy it works you don’t mix it all up together because the things like the discussion conclusions are all further down the the hindu newspaper pdf you’re not going to say how amazing the the hindu newspaper pdf is no Nobel Prize material or someone know only relevant references references job is twofold one is to validate your work it says okay. Put it to one side that’s as good make sure your stats are right if you’re not sure you’re on the right stats package because people in your department or university will help you pick the right stats package or else it makes a mess out of your whole the hindu newspaper pdf when you’re writing your results try to use figures filled with a figure legend it’s far better it’s more memorable to the reader they absorb the information easier than reading all your text if you’ve got a figure and I figure there you don’t need to write that out it’s already there so you’ve saved yourself some writing you’ve saved the reader reading it and the reader has got to gather the data from your figure so it’s actually a win-win here when you are using figures again 3d plot 2d plot very clear make sure that is in English not something else the same thing with photographs not other languages scale bar must be there if using color colors normally free online great be sensible with it no flashing weird things remember that ten percent of males are red-green color blind and this is blue and pink if you printed it out in a black and white printer it’s gray and gray so you’re forcing the reader to print this out on the color printer so put some stars on here some squares there just to make it easier for the reader think of the readers needs this happens to be pharmacology research or pharmaceutical there’s drug crystals there if you can read that so it could be for you in its area you know exactly you woke it up at 3:00 in the morning I was drunk Crystal’s sure help the reader you can put it here maybe in the legend but this just helps tell the story you’re using your figures to tell the story we’re using the results in a minimalist way to tell a story a logical line here’s the problem here’s what we did here’s what we found is what it thinks going on that’s the logical line you want to have minimalist but enough this is the balance that you have to come to it’s a skill set you will develop the show you then discuss these things it’s a tough thing to do you’re not used to doing this if you’re not published very much if you’re not careful wait discussion you lost the the hindu newspaper pdf so always being very aware not this implicit nicely explicit here’s what we found here’s what he thinks going on very important we explicit in the value of your research to a science community to the results relate to the original question.

Ideas so it’s this very simple thing really but it’s surprising how easy it is for new things to creep in so you’ve got to be quite firm as yourself not to make new things creep in there the conclusions are what you think there were useful things to do here’s how we can apply it out there in the world present tense future tense here’s some new experiments that need to be done it’s not gonna be the last the hindu newspaper pdf in the world let’s face it here’s a few things need to be done we’re already doing that one you probably are you’re working on the series of experiments so you’re working on that one whilst you’re actually writing that one up so so you’re saying to the reader hey here’s that nice it still needs to be done we’re doing this one so patients will publish or you could or in effect you’re saying we’re doing this one so back off it’s ours picket fence around it the same words depends how the reader reads it or we’re doing this one come join us same thing depends on what their mindset is so always mention if you’re doing your next experiment and you already started it you already working on it so they know it’s coming and they might want to join you surprised how many people contact you to ask for some sort of cooperation some sort of collaboration because they’re chemicals your work and they know you’re working on something and so are they so between you particularly useful as Max was saying if the International somewhere else is elaborate with them you’ll increase the average citations of your the hindu newspaper pdf tremendously.

You’re not going to summarize the the hindu newspaper pdf that’s the architects job not gonna say how amazing it is that’s the job for the people who cite you not you be humble humble humble humble references make sure you get them right many publishing house issues reference checking software means you’re not so make sure you got them right if you can use reference management software because every journal tends to have a slightly different style so if you went to journal a it doesn’t quite make it and you gotta get to journal B you just push a different button outcomes the references and a different sequence different layout so that’s the the idea we happened to like Mendeley we’re biased we’ve done it so nice we bought it and we give it to free for people but there’s a nice comparison of reference management software here in Wikipedia but the important thing is it’s your responsibility to get it right not ours because you’ve written the the hindu newspaper pdf you pulled it all together the supplementary material as I was saying the things that you put down there that people might want to see referees sometimes look at lists sometimes don’t assume they will some journals insist certain things are put there so their journal cell biology insists that every original of course your the covering letter the CB is almost an afterthought well in publishing it’s the the hindu newspaper pdf and the cover letter the cover has job is it goes to the editor never gets published never gets seen by the referees never gets seen by the publishing house you know straight to the editor who looks at it and the editor has two jobs one is to filter out the junk which they get really fed up doing but they have to do and to look for great stuff so looking for great stuff all the time so you’re basically gonna say to them hey this is great stuff you’ll explain why of course not this is great stuff it could be that it’s their journal it’s the right place to publish this sort of work it’s the place everyone goes to or there could be articles in there which said there’s a problem with a certain method you’ve got a solution whatever whatever you want to do you’ve got to mention this because it’s very very useful how is your the hindu newspaper pdf special everyone agreed it should go there here’s why it’s important as a article and for your journal and here’s some potential referees one page maximum if the software system you’re using to submit asks you to have the referees separately you can use this spot to have suggested non referees if you know for example is that group in Christchurch New Zealand or that group in Toronto Canada working on the same area you might want to say well editor I’d rather they didn’t see these two groups didn’t see my work til it’s published because in theory they’re sent to them it’s a bit too close to their research area they should decline as as a culprit of interest.

But you might want to be proactive here and just say well they’re not least to and most times editor-in-chief will listen to you and respect your wishes and not send it to one of those two groups if you give the editor-in-chief a list of say this number of people who you shouldn’t be sending the article to for to review they’ll be so suspicious they’ll sin it’s a couple of those to find out why treat them nicely they treat nicely sitting my idiots they will not like it reviewers will they use your review reviewer maybe maybe not do you ask permission of a referee put their name on the list of at all it’s an anonymous peer review who’d you choose people you like respect people you’ve seen talk at a conference people who really are whose opinion you’d like to have people who look make your the hindu newspaper pdf better they doesn’t spend a few hours suggesting things that make your the hindu newspaper pdf better that’s not bad is it how’d you find them look in your first you’re not sure who to have introduction who are you citing seminal the hindu newspaper pdf a recent review on whatever useful because your reference list any one day of interest did you do you meet someone recently at a conference you could say good person and think enlistees various people they shouldn’t be of course people you work with in the last few years it shouldn’t be people who you know socially shouldn’t be your uncle in Canada it should be people are actually useful helpful some journals ask you to those three to six one of my journals asked for eight why eight have to ask eight people to have to to say yes typically so yeah that’s why they’re asking this will they use your suggestions maybe they might use their own too but they look at what you suggested does this person know the field they know who are good people okay they’re evaluating you the author as a researcher do you know who to ask when you are suggesting people always use their official email address not their Gmail Hotmail once it’s or whatever always always always they might use one of yours one of this but one of yours they’ll look up first to see what they’re like use the Scopus profile often it’ll just say to me yeah it’s I use it it’s useful because I look at the name oh of course why didn’t I think of that person in other words you’re just in effect reminding them that they this is a good person through to review your the hindu newspaper pdf so it’s always worthwhile thinking about this but remember when you are listing these people make sure they’re still alive if it’s a seminal the hindu newspaper pdf a few years ago maybe they not around anymore if it’s your field you should know if they’re around or not let’s check that check that out it’s worth worth doing you know it’s happened before I can tell you sadly and editors think I know the person passed on we published you know if I wish the whole article about the person in their life so why didn’t that person though happens so you’re almost there your articles gone through three four five six seven different proofs typically you put it aside you come back to it actually it’s a bit interesting it’s a mess you polish it some more then using this is a tough part you asked your colleagues or not link to the the hindu newspaper pdf what they think of it or your supervisor if it’s multiple University again all of the supervisors not just your one and they see what they say then your riddles of coneflower between all the co-authors yeah right okay here’s all the best things they suggest what are we gonna do where we’re not gonna do who’s gonna do that then you can you actually do it all then you polish it some more that’s the point to send it in make sure all the co-authors of a proof if you just make the changes yourself without everyone else knowing it and seeing it and they’re unhappy they can insist you withdraw the the hindu newspaper pdf fix it properly one might say yes one might say nothingso they’re waiting for that second one what happens if there’s opposites they say yeah amazing except that it is it’s awful it’s crap reject it happens using either editor decided to send it out to two more people or you send it out to perhaps one of the editorial board members saying a tiebreaker please these are two people opposites is what they said I like your opinion of what they’ve said and your opinion as you’re the expert in the field and you have one week and it is World War members accept that challenge because it’s a very useful thing to do it hasn’t that very often it happens often enough and then the decision is reject accept as is or advice accept as is is unusual and I wanna hear had a the hindu newspaper pdf accept it as is anyone I use I’m saying that it’s because it’s a 1 in 200 chance that amazing so if you’ve had a the hindu newspaper pdf accepted and you published less than 200 the hindu newspaper pdfs as I asked who published more than so many the hindu newspaper pdfs earlier one in 200 average amazing if you’re head of the curve great until the next time you get a rejection that’s a real bummer but it happens even Nobel laureates get rejected it happens when it happens you get angry you’re allowed to get angry but a whole bunch of co-authors asked shipping journal ridiculous referees referees useless okay five-minute ran to ten minute rant okay then you see what they said yeah well well it’s the troops it reasonable also read carefully what they said sometimes you blank over the word rejection you don’t read the rest you might say your the hindu newspaper pdf is rejected unless you do this this this this this and this oh that’s cool to reject with hope so that’s happened get the co-authors to read this get someone else to read it don’t do it just read it straight away and decide just chill perhaps even overnight chill then you talk to the various co-authors if they do say very clearly go away and die well not quite go away never come back again with this the hindu newspaper pdf you know maybe Journal a doesn’t want me okay and you work out between you what you gonna do who’s gonna fix this who’s gonna fix that you will agree who’s gonna fix what and then you start doing it and then you read journal B’s guide to authors and you restructure the the hindu newspaper pdf in general be style and then you send it into Jambi but you must use the referees comments to restructure it because the chance of that referee being general be referee is very high same keywords same expertise and if Journal A’s referee and a whole bunch of suggestions you didn’t incorporate them and just say this general B and she gets it she’s gonna say dear  with you they’ll send your rebuttal to that referees saying hey referee has to let you know it was a rebuttal we’re going with the authors if they say sorry author we agree with the referee you got a choice you either swallow your pride to make that change or you withdraw the the hindu newspaper pdf go somewhere else your choice your the hindu newspaper pdf it’s very important you realize that remember it’s always your the hindu newspaper pdf you have control over it and when you done all that line by line changing make sure all the changing you’ve done is polished if you have a nice polished first version and then you make all the changes and they send it in without polishing it it looks awful it stands out you can see it hasn’t been polished in theory she’s gonna be your final final final attempt about in the the hindu newspaper pdf amazing make sure it’s so well polished because that’s the record of science forever so spend time on doing it so it’s not rocket science let’s face it consistent check and double-check before submitting the electrical story use referees comments that should mean you earned a 30 percent as opposed to the 70 percent that’s rejected that’s the basic idea now what leads to acceptance whole bunch of things you can read that yourself you can read faster than I can read out loud I’m assuming so be critical be ethical ethics in a minute very briefly open access a little bit just a feudal sliced open access open access is where the author or the Institute or the funding body pays for the the hindu newspaper pdf to be published more open access articles but it’s still there is this majority of the hindu newspaper pdfs published per year are still subscription if you are not gonna publish gold open access great look for good journals none is fake journals make sure your funding body institutions policy is what they are so you can reflect those sometimes they say you’ve got to choose a particular license like a CC BY for example some licenses are different prices depending on the publishing house CC BY could be a different price to a CC BY ncnd we don’t charge the difference the same price,you’ve got to make sure you don’t because that can have some nasty consequences when you are pulling information from other the hindu newspaper pdfs and you can be citing them you might think that’s a nice phrase you put that in there into your draft the hindu newspaper pdf and you might forget it’s not your text so always put speech marks around it if you’re importing it next to the reference so the reference fine you keep it in there you either will keep the speech marks in or you will rewrite it in a style that reflects the rest of the style of the article will still keep the reference there it’s meant to reflect the intellectual property of that particular scientist but if you’ve got several co-authors several drafts floating around it’s very easy to forget which was which what was your text and what was not your text so speech marks is a good temporary way to make sure you don’t actually plagiarized by accident because that is you go nicely wrong this whole different ways of looking at a thinks you’ve got of course scientific misconduct where people are just faking images and taking out results you’ve got things like plagiarism whereby you are copying someone else’s work you’ve got duplicate publication which is self-plagiarism she because her mission I mentioned we’ve sending multiple the hindu newspaper pdfs at once to multiple journals you’ve got to make sure that all the prior research the references are there all the co-authors should be there no ghosts and of course the conflict of interest statement to be very clear now it used to be just a conflict of interest statement was sent in separately parallel now that’s sent in parallel in great detail and it’s also the bottom of the article that’s a new thing that’s of happening and you want to make sure that’s there as well this transparency is very very important if they found out later that you might have had shares in a company in you’re reviewing their kids they might think why didn’t you clear it so again stress parent as you can Jessica people can think you just be honest with them.

Plagiarism is interesting every other community in the world is taught plagiarism is okay even at school you’ve taught it you know copy what the teacher puts on the board copy this out of the book go online add a few sentences together into a little school project for that for the school vacation cut and paste it’s seen as tolerable and you come into research and certainly it’s not plagiarism comes from the Latin word to kidnap so just as society does not like kidnappers scientists don’t like plagiarists and so you’ve got to be very careful you don’t plagiarize in some countries if you are caught plagiarizing you lose your academic position in some countries they were asked for the grant money back they gave you to the research which often you can’t pay back so you get bankrupt so yes so it’s a tough thing.

Chiba the publication I mentioned you publish it once you can we repurpose the stuff, editor will look at what the results are to see is it really random words or is it really blocks of text which would come somewhere which haven’t been speech marked or haven’t been cited properly so that’s sort of the process we used to check it at random now we check every single the hindu newspaper pdf coming in because there’s such abuse in the past it’s a very expensive process but it’s something we have to do to make sure it is good stuff coming in this is an old article why because it’s been published nowadays will just be a manuscript here but this is an elevated journal else with tree and then this was published in 2004 and we were someone complained about it about 2006 and we came across it so we ran it through the cross-check process and anything that’s color-coded the same is the same words this text is this text this text is this text that text is that text that text is that text that takes that text and they found that somewhere else so basically this is a ctrl-c ctrl-v the hindu newspaper pdf cut paste cut paste cut paste in the days when a particular country was giving people a bonus every the hindu newspaper pdf they published they just made one up and when it must found out in the past it just went away again this sort of like if you had some plagiarism it just disappeared evaporated National Library of Medicine said you can’t do that you’ve actually got to leave it up and tell people okay that’s new rules so new rules we now put a watermark across it and we say in the HTML why that’s not forever forever hundreds of years I’ve taken the names out here just because it’s a public workshop but it’s not all the names out it’s nice to write so not good for perhaps collaborative agreements with other people with figure manipulation you are allowed to do a bit to try and tell the story you’re trying to help the reader understand things again like the Journal of cell biology put the original unchanged figure in a subtle energy file you can change the brightness contrast color balance nonlinear adjustments you can’t change you can’t enhance obscure move and so on this is easy so it works this is a thumbs down one it’s old but at the same time this is fluorescent cell staining nothing special here it’s interesting article was published in the retinal journal pathology someone wants all the scientists someone took that in Photoshop round up the color see different editor spot here to spot there to spot there flipped it upside down and publish it as something entirely different another gel that was found out of course retracted so you will not see this figure anymore online without the retracted across it yeah why can’t they just spent the time doing an experiment crazy it happens a lot we have figure checking software out there we got more coming we’re trying certain things how about this how good your eye can you see these first things these are all different conditions different cells maybe not that and that are the same that and that others say that and that are the same see this is a fake the hindu newspaper pdf how about this some guy to the cell-to-cell slice each the hindu newspaper pdf he rotated a bit he was surprised he got found out with wind.

Boxter compass all the same thing terrible and here we’ve got something just September this year one of my journals liver kidney spleen different sort of prices says different sorts of a protozoa four treatments how can that be the same it can’t be how can that be the same it can’t be how can that be the same it can’t be I think that would have same it can’t be so we’re discussing with the authors at the moment the wording they will agree to the retraction statement which I’m given to them they don’t agree it it gets attractive without their approval simple as that but this is straight fake that’s our job with a policeman and we do this it takes a lot to run out of time but it’s protecting the record of science that’s what publishing houses have to do we summoned up for this is our job this is a talks about the research or Academy here it’s a whole bunch of interesting information lots of stuff lots of information which you can download as PDF sirs as webinars podcasts all sorts of things of course University Libraries very helpful they’ve got lots of useful information and go talk to them you find people that you know are on and who are boards or their journal editors great it’s a good resource for you do you don’t go stop them you actually go and you you ask them from the interesting questions can I help you or to think about perhaps your your title of your manuscript or whatever useful things they want to help don’t badger them they’re not going to write the the hindu newspaper pdf for you now in a few days like maybe tomorrow if we’re lucky there will be this whole slide set and some other stuff put up here this case you’ll get sent this everyone who signed up didn’t turn up will be sent this to if you try now you won’t get the site set because under the system else if it’s set up with some crazy reason I can’t upload the slides as a PDF until tomorrow because what day is a workshop to you can’t upload it till after today as simple as that so that’s why patience please so once you’ve got it share it with everyone please please please please people who couldn’t be here share it with them I just want them to be sure to get the information what are we get out of it.

This is the free workshop by the way we don’t charge for this we publish 18% of the world’s the hindu newspaper pdfs so if you write better the hindu newspaper pdfs we’ll get 80% of those that’s our price that’s a win-win simple as that now.

I hope that you found these two hours interesting and I zipped through it a bit I know lots of information you can find of course in the researcher Academy you can email me well you can for the next three years I’ll retire in three years or max of course and we have to be out of here in three minutes and so I’m going to stop if any burning questions I’ll ask them otherwise we’ll go outside and I’ll answer any questions because the next group is coming in here and I’ve already seen the lecturer reviewing three times wondering why we haven’t left yet.

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