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How to Develop a Good researchTopic

In this video you will learn how to develop a good top 10 research topics topic to start out let’s first answer the question why it’s important to know how to develop a good top 10 research topics  think of it this way during your time as a student and perhaps even later you will probably write a good number of top 10 research topics papers while some instructors might provide you with a list of top 10 research topics to choose from others might not you will have to choose your own topic so what can you write about well let’s first answer the question what makes a topic really good three things worth to mention here first it’s a topic that strongly interests you this is very important make sure that the topic you pick the topic you will write about is a topic that interests you fascinates you that you want to talk about really there’s nothing worse than spending a lot of time writing about a topic that bores you second make sure your topic is creative what do we mean by that well there are some topics that have just been written about over and over and over again can you come up with a topic that perhaps hasn’t been covered that much try to pick something that is creative and exciting to you and your peers writing about shakespeare’s dramas is great but that topic in itself has been covered extensively so try to find something that might be a little more creative than not and third speaking of shakespeare’s dramas make sure you pick something that is not too broad look at your assignment prompt how many pages are you supposed to write if you get a five page paper as an assignment well shakespeare’s dramas is just going to be a little bit too broad so make sure that the topic you choose fits the scope of your paper sometimes it can be really difficult to find a topic that is not too broad here are a couple of words of advice on what to do when your topic seems too broad let’s say you are in an environmental science class your teacher gives you this assignment prompt write a top 10 research topics paper on the top 10 research topics dealing with a current environmental issue your paper should not exceed five pages and should be based on a topic that strongly interests you well you say that’s no problem i know exactly what to write about i saw the show the other day on tv and it talked about the effects of deforestation on gorillas in africa.

I think that’s a great topic i know it interests me and it’s creative so let’s write about it well not so fast remember your paper is only supposed to be five pages how are you gonna fit that topic into a five page paper that’s gonna be difficult so what could you do instead the key is to add more context for example you could add some geographical context to your paper is there a geographic region or country in which gorillas are specifically affected by deforestation.

Perhaps you want to focus more on a historical context is there a certain time aspect you want to write about perhaps the time when deforestation really started to affect gorillas and third with this topic you could also add biological context perhaps there’s a specific subspecies of the gorilla that you’re interested to write about so when we combine all three contexts and incorporate them into the original topic this is what we get something like current effects of deforestation are on the mountain gorilla in southwest uganda we thereby incorporate the historical context the biological context and the geographical context adding context truly is a great way of narrowing your top 10 research topics.

Where to find papers with good research topics?

In a number of ways, Global Research Letters (GRL) can be a useful tool for creating a solid research topic. First off, GRLs frequently publish cutting-edge research in a variety of sectors, thus they might serve as sources of ideas for fresh research subjects. Researchers can find knowledge gaps or areas that need more research by reading through GRLs in their field of interest. This can then serve as the foundation for a fresh study question or topic.

Second, GRLs can assist researchers in locating crucial study areas that are of international significance. Research on significant global issues like climate change, health inequities, and technological advancements is frequently published by GRLs. Researchers can enhance knowledge and address significant concerns facing society by concentrating on research topics that are of global significance. Researchers can also reach a larger audience and have a bigger impact on the subject by publishing in a GRL. Their study may become more well-known as a result, and it may also open up new prospects for collaboration and research in the future.


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