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The Five Elements of a Research Design

What is research design and what is design in research? If a research method in what are design in research is the strategy employed in the collection of data or evidence for analysis to uncover new information or arrive at a better understanding of a particular topic and if a research methodology is the plan that explains why a particular research method is employed what is design in research is the overview or the plan of the actual steps in particular the research design is a plan to answer the research question this plan includes an outline of how the research is going to be structured, what are research design and undertaken as well as describes the general plan for collecting analyzing and evaluating data it is important to note that researchers can only come up with a research design, what are research design once they know exactly what they want to know and what has to be dealt with to obtain the required information hence what is design in research is that it has to consider the following first the problem second the methodology what are research design. Third data collection fourth data analysis and lastly report writing the very first step in conducting a research project is choosing a topic ideally one that the researcher is passionate about once the researcher has chosen a topic the next step is the identification of the research gap or problem in what is design in research, that the researcher wants to see addressed in the proposed research project as we may already know there is no research activity without a research gap or problem this can be done by undertaking a careful study of the existing literature in what are research design a literature review is important so that the researcher will know what others have written about the topic what theories have been advanced the approach taken by other researchers the areas of agreement and disagreement and whether there are gaps that you can fail through the proposed research it is also important that in this process the researcher has clarified the theoretical concepts of framework to be employed in what is design in research.. Now the next thing what is design in research needs to consider is the research methodology once the researcher knows exactly what she wants to do after having identified the research gap or problem it is. Now vital that the researcher identifies the appropriate method of investigation that will yield the desired data necessary for the attainment of the objectives of the study it must be noted that a number of considerations may influence what are research design the choice of a research method first is the fact that the nature of the research problem in what is design in research indicates the type of data that the researcher needs to obtain second is the need for the researcher to take into consideration her available resources of course it is pointless to choose a research method that requires sophisticated tools and equipment beyond the reach of the researcher nor would it be practical to employ those that require huge financial budget that cannot be met and lastly the researcher must take into account the amount of time at her disposal and her personal competence in what is design in research so the researcher must carefully choose the appropriate research method that best serve the purpose of the study third is on data collection data collection is the process of gathering and measuring information and variables of interest in an established systematic fashion in what are design in research that enables the researcher to answer the stated research questions test the hypotheses and evaluate outcomes the data collection component of research is common to all fields of study including physical and social sciences humanities and business. Now regardless of the field of study or preference for defining data what are design in research, accurate data collection is essential to maintaining the integrity of research both the selection of appropriate data collection instruments and clearly delineated instructions for their correct use reduce the likelihood of errors occurring lastly on data analysis and report writing in what are design in research, having collected the data the researcher is left with one of the most important aspects in research that is assembling and analyzing the data as well as the compilation of the report it must be noted that in both social and scientific research researchers normally have collected huge data which have to be analyzed and this requires special skills such as statistical skills and other skills needed to analyze the data with the analysis of data done in what are design in research.

The researcher is. Now in a position to write her report and so as we can see when these five elements of a research design are properly addressed the researcher can carry out the research project smoothly and efficiently it also reduces in accuracies and promotes reliability as well as makes the entire research as effective as possible by providing maximum information with minimum spending of time effort and money.

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