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The Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University in Prague

Prague Vltava viescha at Charles Bridge these are not only the symbols of Czech State history. These symbols also inherently create the history of Prague that is connected with many resounding names Charles the fourth John Amos Comenius beds ixnay on a portico Debray in Johannes Kepler personalities. I mean the most important scientists and thinkers of journals in computer science in history their work was followed by Bernard Balsamo Ernst Mach and Nobel Prize winners physicist Albert Einstein and chemists Yaroslav Pyro’s the work of these people was based on the foundations of natural sciences including mathematics it’s home at Charles University in Prague is the Faculty of mathematics and physics the Faculty of mathematics and physics separated from the Faculty of science in 1952. Despite its youth journals in computer science the Faculty of mathematics and physics belongs to the most prestigious scientific institutions in the Czech Republic. Currently it offers studies in mathematics, physics, journals in computer science and as the youngest computer science the computer science study program at the Faculty of mathematics and physics has been developing since the 1970s in spite of its short history it is among the most dynamically developing programs with a high number of students the computer science departments reside in a former Jesuit campus on malice transkei square which was founded by emperor ferdinand ii in 1625 the so called profession house served as an accommodation facility for the highest members of the order the foundation act on the jesuit order seat was signed by Albrecht von Steiner himself the pioneers of programming at the faculty were Ladislav Quebec usually and I call em gen kindlin and Yaroslav Corral at the heart of the school of computer science are the department’s of software engineering Applied Mathematics theoretical computer science and mathematical logic distributed and dependable systems and the Institute of formal and applied linguistics we also must not forget the department of software and computer science education in the center of computer networks and laboratories the graduates of the computer science Master program  journals in computer science possess knowledge not only of the theory of algorithms but also the methodology of programming operating systems and other areas and they are capable team players the education takes the form of lectures seminars and labs specially equipped laboratories are designed for some of the courses the Faculty of mathematics, journals in computer science and physics offers study programs of three levels bachelors where the graduates obtained the BC degree then masters where the graduates obtained the MGR degree and doctoral or the graduates obtain the PhD degree three specializations are offered for the bachelors study program in general computer science programming and journals in computer science and the administration of computer systems the master study program provides further professional specialization in a wide variety of topics the faculty sets great store by the doctoral study program which represents the top of the educational pyramid and provides a starting point for a scientific career many students published during their masters studies this provides justification and underscores the importance of the research faculty status of the Faculty of mathematics, journals in computer science and physics the exceptional status of the Faculty of mathematics and physics in the area of computer science and journals in computer science is based on its unique facilities and its specialized Institute’s which focus on various activity domains the research takes place not only in the computer science departments but also in research sectors in one of these centers is the Institute of theoretical computer science which is active in the entire field from scientific research to industrial applications. The background for international cooperation and conference activities of the Institute home as well as abroad is provided by the de Matteis Center another example is the centre of Applied linguistics which cooperates on the development of the Czech national corpus for language analysis.

Deborah typically poker buddy linguistics is tightly connected to the Maalik visual history center and access point to the visual history archive at the University of Southern California Shoah foundation artificial intelligence and robotics laboratories the Catalina laboratory also marries attention it is equipped with specialized technologies to support visually impaired students graduates can apply their knowledge in practice when designing and writing software of all types including internet and intranet applications databases large information systems or computer networks our former students are employed by many national and international companies many also start their own businesses for example in the domain of mobile and web application development where innovations are transferred into real applications used by the broad public many graduates work in international organizations or at foreign universities and prestigious research institutions during its relatively short existence the Faculty of mathematics and physics has gained a solid reputation not only as a center of quality education but also as a successful research institution through the range and quality of its research it represents a unique university environment with international prestige open to cooperation in a wide range of fields journals in computer science.

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