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How to Write a Review paper

How to write a review paper sample review article outline step by step guide with definition of review paper sample steps in writing review paper sample words limits types format and example of review paper sample article.

 What is review article?

It is the evaluation of someone else research or writing and often considered as secondary literature as it does not present new facts or figures from the original document steps for writing review paper sample.

Steps for writing a good review paper:

Number one is search a topic its need and audience number two is conduct literature research number three is start creating draft with citations number four is create tables of previously published research data number five is select the review type you wish to write number six is focus on the objectives of the review paper sample number seven is try to write a critical review if possible number eight is cross check quoted results in previous literature and site number nine is write the abstract and proofread reddit number 10 is send it to co-authors for their contribution number 11 is give journal specific format to your review paper sample number 12 is submit it to the journal for peer review how many words can be written in review paper sample article there are not many journals that publish review articles as it is considered as secondary literature and a review paper sample could range from eight thousand to forty thousand words per article depending upon the original document however some of the journals only publish review articles and solely dedicated to publishing it is it provides a comprehensive summary of research on a particular topic type of review paper sample article number one is narrative review articles number two is systematic review articles number three is tutorial reviews articles number one is narrative review articles it can target a large group of audience that may include non-experts or non-professionals and hence written in a comparatively easy format than systematic review articles number two is systematic review articles it mainly contains a lot of more detail about a particular topic than narrative review articles it is a comprehensive review of the original published research and a for a specific group of people because these articles contain an in-depth analysis of a particular topic and this kind of paper is also known as a critical review paper sample there are two types of systemic review articles namely qualitative and quantitative reviews number three is tutorial reviews articles these articles basically emphasize on how to do stuff tutorial review paper samples explain how to prepare and achieve results with previously cited work and compare the methods in detail format of review paper sample article number one is abstract of your review paper sample number two is introduction of your topic number three is write the main body part number 4 is critical deliberation number 5 is conclusion of your review article number 6 is references in required style example of review paper sample article in example one is the review article which is titled effect of exercise diet and weight loss on high blood pressure written by bacon et al 2004 the total words in this review article are 8 363 and total number of pages are from 307 to 316 which mean total of 11 pages look at table of contents and abstract forgetting idea the table of contents in which first two heading is the introduction of review article while three to six heading comes in body part of review article and not last but least seven heading comes in conclusion of review article the abstract clearly signified that the subject or focus of the literature review is identified in the abstract in first two sentences of paragraph two which is underlined with red color in heading one risk and cost of high blood pressure you can see that second sentences is underlying which is starting from hypertension to medication is the introduction the second heading clinical consequences of hypertension is also introduction.

The effect of exercise on blood pressure is the body part of review article which identify popular or common research topic the body which is the middle of a review article discusses the studies that have been conducted on the reviewers topic it is body part of review article so you can get idea that is how they extend right up on four heading dietary approaches to blood pressure reduction from secondary sources it is also body part of review article the heading 5 which is effects of weight loss on blood pressure and heading 6 which is cardiac and vascular benefits of behavioral intervention is briefly explained based on secondary sources the heading 7 is the conclusion of review article after that authors of article written acknowledgements in two sentences and cited 112 references in vancouver style.

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Sources for viewing good review papers:

While drafting a review paper, global research letters might be a useful resource. These letters can offer a thorough summary of the most recent research in the area, taking into account fresh discoveries, emerging trends, and industry best practises. Researchers can better comprehend the state of the research in the subject and spot any gaps or areas that could use more research by going over this body of work. This can assist guide the review paper’s scope and focus and guarantee that it offers a full and current examination of the literature.

Global research letters can also assist scholars in locating important authors, works, and research teams that are involved in the subject. This might be beneficial for creating a bibliography and making sure the review article contains a variety of viewpoints and techniques. Furthermore, peer evaluation and critical comments from subject-matter specialists are frequently provided in worldwide research letters, which can aid to ensure the accuracy and calibre of the review paper. Authors can improve the rigour and impact of their review paper and eventually help the field grow by incorporating global research letters into their research.

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