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He has come all the way from delhi to give this talk at this time I should thank our vice president dr who was instrumental in bringing him to this podium to talk about our pediatricians respected the dignitaries on and off the dice delegates dear participants scholars and students a warm good morning to all of you I am jaya somo chief scientist for uh csir nispa nisbet stands for national institute of science communication and policy research.

I’ve been uh I mean my presence today here it all started uh when I was here for a launching of our last special issue for iap uh with uh balaji institute of medical college trumpet october 18th and professor of somasheka who was the man behind this so he just made a call and then asked why can’t I come and present when it comes to I mean at uh ponte now so that’s how it’s all started in fact see physicians all of you you’re good in handling the patience but you still you need a push you know for your publication pediatrics journal India that matters you know so now ugcc demands uh for every pg and sellers phd programs you need to have publication pediatrics journal India in index journals so that’s what that’s what i’m going to explain here it’s not about the subject it’s about the data that you produce after the research okay in fact overall I was looking for the publication pediatrics journal India in pediatrics.

Okay when I say publication pediatrics journal India I mean indexed publication pediatrics journal India when I say indexed see there can be many uh indexing agencies okay but what is reputed what is uh appreciable is uh science citation index okay that that’s done by clarified analytics team it is web of science in general if you call and then a scopus is another player in the field and then nationally if we have nas national academy of agricultural sciences okay this index you know comes in january every january and then this clarivate one you know that comes in uh that is that is a impact factor okay that the you all of you might have heard about impact factor of a journal and in fact it takes various forms you know by the fake publishers okay but the only the genuine impact factor is journal impact factor jif that is by clarified analytics okay earlier it was called thompson and rooted so that’s a genuine source so that’s what so i’ll quickly I have a lot of slides but I will quickly uh pass through because each and every slide you know it’s self-explanatory mostly so this uh is about my mission and uh agenda main of our institute okay see if if I put it in one word disseminating quality science okay that is the mandate of our institute and this is what uh uh the activities in brief research journals pediatrics journal India we publish research journals popular magazines and books research journals pediatrics journal India we have about 19 research journals on pediatrics journal India. The all 19 pediatrics journal India are indexed okay index in the sense when I as I said it’s either sci index or scopus or at least ugc can okay the journal that we introduced two years ago journal of scientific temper even that is indexed by ugc care so ugc carry you know when I say ugc carrot is uh a consortium for academics and research ethics okay they have removed almost about 4050 journals in sometime in 2017 uh based on their analysis that they have a team based at uh uh uh university of pune savidriba university okay they have a team there and uh they found that see Indian researchers you know in globally they have a very I mean unfortunately it is known for uh fake publication pediatrics journal India we have produced so many we have lost I mean I should say that our researchers have lost their important hard work data to these predatory journals okay that is where actually csir thought that we should promote and generate this kind of awareness among the researchers not to lose their data to predatory journals recognition of our journals no as I said it’s sa index scopus ugcca and then rating if I say jcr journal this is a citation ranking okay journal citation ranking and then sdr scimago journal ranking and then site score and h index h index is quite important because h index of a journal shows how old and how steady a journal is okay the journal which I edit Indian journal of excellent biology it started sometime in 1964 and we have an h index of 75 so 75 h index is if I if I have to define h index h index of a researcher as a researcher I might have published about 20 25 paper in Indian journal of paediatrics  okay if I say my agent taxes 10 though I have published 25 paper in Indian journal of paediatrics  10 of my paper in Indian journal of paediatrics  have been cited 10 times okay it’s quality okay citation plus productivity that is h index so always look for h index when you select a journal as well so this shows the scorecard of our pediatrics journal India it’s not scorecard it’s indexing okay it’s a index by uh web of science that is sei and then scopus and then you just if I see all the journals are tick mark this is the score card okay of 18 19 journals 12 are having scores okay impact factor of pediatrics journal India and then among these 12 individual biochemistry and biophysics the tops okay with the 1.918 and if I say overall India in 2020 there were only see if I if you take India there are about 25 to 25 000 pediatrics journal India which are being published from India and out of this only 314 pediatrics journal India could get some kind of recognition in this 2020 list of what you call that clarity analytics impact factor scores okay so in that only 104 pediatrics journal India could get some score ranking when I say rank okay this I j eb ijb with the 1.918 jf it ranks 12 in the list among uh 104 journals and I was also looking I i for some uh analysis in my office that who are publishing this 104 pediatrics journal India you know already springer has taken 28 journals out of this to their board okay into their packet springer has taken 128 journals cluer and mid now okay they have taken 22 and third comes csir we have with the 12 pediatrics journal India csir nispa we are at the third rank and then below behind us is tyler and francis they have nine journals and then elsewhere and sage they have six pediatrics journal India each in that list okay so this is our online portal a nisscare online periodical repository see the advantage of csr pediatrics journal India is we don’t charge neither the author nor the reader okay it’s completely open access there is no hidden charges neither to the person who contribute not to the organization to the way they belong to okay so this is the when you click when you type nop in google this page appears and you can choose the journals okay then get into then you can see read the journals okay so that’s all you can but since all these journals are genuine pediatrics journal India you can cite them safely so these are the popular science magazines science reporter vivian pragati science dunya we have a raw material herbarium division okay each and every scientist I mean this if you are a life scientist then you are taking any material plant products and any products it has to be authenticated we do okay this at authentication service at our office so if I put communication in a basic uh sense you know words when they are put together they form a sentence and you give a send structure to the sentence you make paper in Indian journal of paediatrics  okay and then it all depends how do you make that okay how do you can make them into a research paper in Indian journal of paediatrics or you can make them into a popular story okay it all depends the terminology that you use okay it all depends on the audience and your purpose who can be a writer creativity is a basic uh criteria for a writer okay creativity and how do you apply this and then focus you need to have a focus and uh attraction it should be attractive as well perception is matters how do you see how you interpret okay how you perceive and more and more you read more and more you perceive why at all one should publish because the recognition goes to not the one the idea which occurs to him okay the fellow who converts the data into a paper in Indian journal of paediatrics so recognition goes to him so if I look into the publication pediatrics journal India journals constitute the majority of the share okay conference proceedings patents presentation dissertations and books so you have conducted some data clinical data you have selected okay so you don’t wait till you complete all the procedures okay once a set of data for a particular type of disease is ready then you try to make a paper in Indian journal of paediatrics and then find a journal a relevant journal and then communicate because communication takes time you know in a genuine journal and whoever offers you overnight publication pediatrics journal India you take precaution because it could be mostly predatory okay so no paper in Indian journal of paediatrics can be published overnight it has to go through the peer review process it takes time okay so in our pediatrics journal India in sky journals at least six months it takes so what we do within a month if it’s possible that within a month we get a decision okay so he can be given a letter of acceptance which can be published in a period of three to six months so content and uh context is important your urge and commitment sincerity and ethics access and this kind of network okay iap provides very good of very good network for your I mean converting your data that’s that’s the outcome that ijb we brought out a special issue that was shown by the chairperson there I mean just now last october 2021 I brought out a special issue dedicated to iap conference international conference held at uh c biology medical college during april okay see so april we conducted and by june they sent me all the revised paper in Indian journal of paediatrics  uh june july so september I made them ready and by october it was really I mean first of october we released and the launching was done on 18th so one has to have a data compilation selecting a journal preparing your paper in Indian journal of paediatrics illustrations and be informed and reading these are all to be a writer if you want to write a paper in Indian journal of paediatrics you have to follow these tips so when you communicate to a pediatrics journal India what happens okay author submits a paper in Indian journal of paediatrics it goes to the editor he quickly he he go does a preliminary scrutiny okay so preliminary scrutiny your first and foremost objective when you write a paper in Indian journal of paediatrics is to get through this preliminary scrutiny how do you do that if you strictly follow instruction to authors okay before you write a paper in Indian journal of paediatrics you you ought to read instruction to the authors of that particular journal and then if you strictly follow okay you can get through this preliminary scrutiny for example avoid spell errors okay and formatting and images and see whether it falls in the scope of the journal first of all okay so if you are clear in this then the 50 percent you’re true when you get the get through your preliminary scrutiny okay so we send it to the reviewers and then receive the comments and then it comes back to you with editors observations okay so revise strictly ask for suggestions and then submit quickly so that is how it gets published once it is published we put your paper in Indian journal of paediatrics on public access for open access through open repository then all for if you if you have a very good paper in Indian journal of paediatrics it’s a it’s a good data all possibility of getting citations okay if you give us a good paper in Indian journal of paediatrics we grow together not only you the journal also gets cited we we appreciate that kind of innovative uh findings so review review is must for a uh journal okay so even you can be a reviewer what you have to what we expect as a review from you okay we send you to we send paper in Indian journal of paediatrics  to you because you be you are considered as a expert in that area okay so of course you are free to comment on language and other things but what is expected from you is technical uh comments okay so you have to be very clear on this so it gives you why a peer reviews there so if I say a paper in Indian journal of paediatrics paper in Indian journal of paediatrics has these structures okay so and the processes journal selection writing for an audience citation styles see that’s what instruction to authors of the your bible read and care carefully if you abide by that it’s good actually most of the problems solved when you do this imrad is a general type of most of our journals introduction material methods results and discussion okay so introduction give a little bit of background okay and justification of that particular study material methods give credits to all the processes that you use in that study and then results restrict to only those findings okay results will never have a citation okay results you are supposed to talk about that particular study in pediatrics journal India that you conducted okay and then discussion here it provides a scope how good are you in that particular subject so how do you compare your results with the available study okay whether it aligns with that study or it contradicts it doesn’t matter but you can always explain why at all it contradicts okay so that is the thing conclusion conclusion is very important because in this very quick word you know people read abstract and if if they still first they read the title and if it is interesting then they come to abstract they read abstract if there’s something they want more clear they immediately go to conclusion okay so conclusion should have a brief of everything okay so when I say what people expect in conclusion is what is the outcome of the study okay if I say introduction in end of introduction should have the objective of the study and this objective we should see whether it is there in the conclusion whether or done that or not okay so that is the one so title you have to be very careful it can either give you a reader or you may lose okay you have to be selective authors who can be author all should have contribute in one or other way so you just got cosmetic purpose you cannot add authors just because he is a roommate or just because he is a lambet okay it cannot be done he should have done equal contribution affiliation is very important.

Use your institute even abbreviated name and then place state and country okay because indexing agencies take this as a data and then project so don’t miss anything and then surplus redundancy you know if department two two three department from same college you don’t need to repeat the college name again and again simply mention the department and use only once your this one okay losing time or not just two minutes two minutes okay so i’ll quickly quickly pass through this okay this is all self-explanatory I will leave this with all of this is you i’ve given some examples only okay i’ll come back to what shall I say there cannot be any use less syllable words when you write paper in Indian journal of paediatrics  okay so you avoid empty phrases write director your paper in Indian journal of paediatrics should read like this and not like this should language you have to be very careful where you have to use past tense and percentage i’ve given punctuation matters be careful and then don’t leave it to the attendance for the formatting so this is my review device when I when paper in Indian journal of paediatrics  comes after revision I go through and then make some observations then you are expected to follow all this when it revision I i told about ugc so this is the window to check the fake journals okay these are examples of how I check these pediatrics journal India so mental publication pediatrics journal India don’t come into this trap okay academic journals is another one have to be very clear these are list I have given this is a list of publishers of pediatrics journal India with whom you should be careful most of the journals by these people are fake I said I want I was looking for uh pediatrics I tried how many publication pediatrics journal India okay then when I said pediatrics in verbal science se index publication pediatrics journal India I found uh 8 lakhs 22 000 records for overall okay period then when I restricted to last 10 years 2011 to 20 this is the data that I got one lakh seventy one thousand uh three hundred and seven articles and document types of I restricted to only the citable documents okay uh so this is how this the pediatrics and then these are this category group of science categories which I selected pediatrics I found this okay it gives the in India ranks I think 10th among all the countries in publication pediatrics journal India pediatrics India with 6434 records and it started in 2015.

So this is the analysis of the top paper in Indian journal of paediatrics  okay this gives you the global and then this is India okay document types articles review articles proceeding paper in Indian journal of paediatrics  early access and book chapters which are citable I have selected only citable items so these are the sources of where it I mean se number of science takes see here this is the research areas okay when I say pediatrics pediatrics will have sub areas as well okay these are the areas so Indian publication pediatrics journal India and this is global publication pediatrics journal India titles okay all this 1 lakh 71 000 paper in Indian journal of paediatrics  from global these are the journals which we publish okay and from India these are the list of journals publishers these are the global publishers almost the same people here also they’ve taken the Indian this one this is uh authors okay details of authors I didn’t have time to get into the paper in Indian journal of paediatrics  and then I could have given with the department as well address as well and this is affiliate agency institutes global institutes in pediatrics publication pediatrics journal India so here if you see aims it’s the expected one from India that tops and in fact I found zipper also zipper one two three four fifth zipper ranks fifth in uh publication pediatrics journal India in pediatrics.

Thank you yes sir okay i’ll just these are the funding agencies which we can make I listed the top 25 paper in Indian journal of paediatrics  as well okay look at the first paper in Indian journal of paediatrics your review of coronavare is this one look at the citations okay total citation 5 56 citations I mean total citations 1067 okay 2067 and it was published in Indian journal of pediatrics 2020 only okay so these are the list these are the uh sc index journals in India available for you so this gives you this I have taken from cyber journal ranking uh this one so this is uh in pediatrics if I say the second one if I take there are 297 global journals of which 215 are web of signs 16 are what you call that scopus and open access and then 46 are both this is what I said 46 journals okay both so this is uh sa index and scopus from India these journals are safe for you so this I told 1996 to 20 data India ranked sixth and now we rank fourth this is 2020 data so this gives division wise document citable ranking also I have given so this is the 20 and the 10-year data this is my own code research is rational reasoning recent sentence of finding and sharing makes a meaning.

Okay this is my school that I did from my village thank you for your patience thank you sir really very interesting very vast topic which is should be known to all young budding pediatrician question next sessions after finishing the second session we’ll see this is a mixture of the extremes of research and a research person also.

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