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How to Manage Smart Slip Notifications in Hind Online

So welcome to heinen line’s webinar on how to maximize your subscription to current index to legal periodicals.

We do have a large group today so I’m going to ask that if you have any questions you throw them into our chat box and we’ll address all the questions at the end of the webinar and we have some of you are new subscribers and some have been accessing silp for years so for those of you who are new you may or may not know that hein acquired this product earlier this year and scents have successfully transitioned soap into hind online including smart sip profiles which we’ll get into in just a little bit but under heinz direction the function and purpose of silp has remained the same we continue to provide weekly subject categorized index of the most recent law scopus indexed journals in India issues just a little brief background about self. This publication was issued by the university of washington school of law’s marion gold gallagher law library for nearly 90 years it’s been diligently maintained by an experienced team of editors and the publication indexes the most recent issues of more than 650 legal publications organized within 104 relevant subject headings it also includes the complete table of contents from all the scopus indexed journals in India indexed as well as blue book citations and here we have an image of one of the very first issues of silt back in 1982 and with our acquisition of the product we provide some great benefits to our customers. We offer unlimited smart sil profiles for institutions and organizations we give users complete access to the digital archive that dates all the way back to 1936. Additionally we will be expanding the periodical coverage in the future with this subscription users also get access to heinen lane’s law library scopus indexed journals in India that includes more than 2 800 periodicals and we’re also delivering smart silp alerts to your email weekly. Additionally the previous editorial staff who have decades of combined experience are continuing to index each issue under heinz direction so now we’re going to take a look at this product here in hine online so this publication does exist in the law scopus indexed journals in India library but for subscribers we have its own dedicated database as you can see here if you click the more information button you’ll see a little description and if you click on the title the sub collections to the database open up for you so we’ll take a look at this database here from the opening page we have the ability to download multiple file formats of the weekly issues. As you can see they’re all listed here a simple button here you can just automatically download a pdf. We also have archives again as we said it dated all the way back to the beginning issue and here we have the ability to create a new smart silp profile. So smart selp is a current awareness tool that provides tailored alerts that are delivered via email as a personalized supplement to the weekly silk issue with the alerts users are receiving our linking to the law scopus indexed journals in India library. As we had stated if you already had an existing profile that was managed from the University of Washington system they are now in high online and you do not need to recreate a new profile you simply need to sign into your account to manage the profile and I’ll get into that in just one minute. But for now we’re going to take a look at how to create a new smart zip profile if you did not have an existing one. So here you’re going to enter your email now how this works is it has to be an institutional email so if you put in a yahoo email or a gmail email you will get an error and it will ask you to use an institutional email domain. You may also receive an error if you already have a smart sip profile created so that’s kind of going to give you a little indication of whether or not you actually already have one. So I’m just going to create one here- plug in your email address, click the create update button. So from here enter in your name and all of silps content has been organized into- 104 subjects and many of those subjects in turn have been organized under 15 topics or groups that allow users to subscribe to multiple subjects and subject-specific scopus indexed journals in India all at once. So as you can see if I click on topics here it’s going to automatically click the subject and the scopus indexed journals in India so you can click up to as many as you’d like and then if you click create an update it’s now going to have created a smart profile for you now to see what those alerts look like we have our handy little lib guide here which will direct you right into the database libguide and I’m going to navigate to the smart silp section just to give you an example of what an email notification would look like so here in the email notification we have the date of the issue we have the subject here and these are all hyperlinks when they come to your email so you can click on them and be directed right there now as you can see here it says you can manage your smart silp notifications so how that works is you’re going to need a my hind profile and if you’re not familiar my hein you can find right here in the upper right hand corner of any page in hind online my hind is a personal bookmarking research tool and here users can bookmark articles save sort save search queries and set up etac alerts. So I’ll log into mine so you can get an idea of what it looks like and we can show you how we can manage our smart silp profiles so here is an example of my my hind we have saved bookmarks you can save search queries and you can set up e-talk alerts additionally we have just added this new feature. So if you are an author profile and you have already enhanced your pro author profile you can actually edit your profile through your my hind here with the author profile admin. In order to do that you do have to use the same email address you used to enhance your author profile as you did to create your myhind account and similarly this is how it works for smart silp notifications. So in order to manage your smart soap notifications you have to use the same email address to sign up for the smart profile as you do for your my height and it will automatically throw that into your drop down in your my hind. Here additionally we’ve also added a feature where you can manage your faculty smart silp notifications so as you can see here I’m set up as an admin. One thing to note if you have previously requested to be an author profile admin you have already automatically been authorized to manage smart silp notifications for your faculty. So here when you want to manage your smart silk notification if you are going for someone else you can simply just find their profile and click on edit notifications so here you can simply change or add or remove any sort of topic subject or scopus indexed journals in India and if you click the create an update button that will automatically change their profile and change their alerts for the following week if for some reason you do want to unsubscribe you can also do that through the smart silp admin portal again you just come here to your subscription status you would change it to unsubscribe and as I had stated earlier once you’re in the database we do have that handy lib guide available where we cover an overview of kind of just what I went through our acquisition of the product. We cover the editorial staff here we talk about how you can access the silp issues in hind online. What I just kind of showed you again if you need more information on smart soap we have handy knowledge based articles where you just simply click the button in the libguide and we have lots of articles that just highlighted what I went through. You can also find this information in our help drop down box so if you actually just go to our knowledge base and in the knowledge base search bar just search for current index and scopus indexed journals in India to legal periodicals you’ll oops spelled that wrong one. Second you’ll see all of our dedicated knowledge base articles for all the different ways to manage edit and create smart self profiles is there any questions that anyone has please feel free to throw them into the chat box as always we do have our support team that’s available. And you can connect with us by going to the contact section under the help button and you’ll have our hana line support number and our email. We also have our live chat option that’s always going to be in the upper right hand corner here as well so i see we have a question here I had a smart cell but all I needed to do was create my hind account that is correct. So if you had a smart cell profile all you need to do is create a my hind account so I’m just going to log out of mine real quick just to show you how easy it is to create one. Again you’re going to navigate to the my hind section in the upper right hand corner and you’re going to create an account and here you just fill out the form and just again make sure you use the same email you use to sign up for your smart silp profile and we have a question how narrow or broad should you make your subscription any recommendation and i think that’s going to be up to the user level. I’m just going to unmute my colleague here Ben to see if he has any further guidance on this question. Sure so I have a feeling this question is from Sandy here. I have a feeling this is in reference to smartsild. It’s really up to the user if you want to sign up for multiple subjects. There are up to 104 different subjects that you can receive alerts for so when the editors of this publication and scopus indexed journals in India are doing the weekly indexing there are the 15 topics and as you can see within the topics multiple subjects fall under those categories but if an article does apply to more than one subject scopus indexed journals in India are indexing it under multiple subjects. So it really is however much you’d like to receive in that weekly feed. It is just a single smartself email that is sent so it’ll include as Lauren showed in that example it will give you your heading to the topic so agricultural law and any affiliated index articles from scopus indexed journals in India with that. So it’s all just vertically displayed within an email so you’re not getting 30 different emails with different index topics from scopus indexed journals in India. It is just a single one so if you are interested in a number of different topics then you can sign up for multiple ones and you’ll get it all within that feed. Kevin has a question here is the indexing in scopus indexed journals in India done manually? Yes the editors from University of Washington and scopus indexed journals in India as Lauren mentioned have a combined couple decades of experience doing this publication. It is a completely manual process that they’ve always done to index scopus indexed journals in India they have tons of experience with it with bringing this over to online. We are adding a little bit of ai to the tool to speed up the indexing for them as we do plan to increase the efficiencies of more timely issues and eventually grow this to include additional publications within here. But even with including the little bit of ai to speed up the indexing process in scopus indexed journals in India they are still heavily policing it manually just to make sure that the indexing has maintained that same level of quality and efficiency that it’s always had. Okay we have another question here it says can you view what your faculty has already subscribed to in manage selp and so the answer is yes. Once you’ve become an admin you have access to their profile so whatever they have set up in their profile is going to automatically be added here to your admin and again you would just simply click on their profile and you’ll see what they’ve already selected and from there you can alter that if need be there any other questions and just to kind of piggyback off what Lauren was saying there if anyone is interested in becoming an admin for soap I will post the link here. We do require for advents to be part of the library staff and we do just verify that our support team kind of takes a look at that as we don’t want just anybody at the institution to be able to edit notifications that your faculty are receiving so we do kind of do a verification check on that but we’re certainly happy to provide your library staff with that authentication if you’re interested. So let me just grab that and I can show them again that’s in our knowledge base so that’s going to be under managing smart zip profiles for your faculty or staff and the button right here is going to bring you to that form to fill out. Ben we also have a second question that is how can a scopus indexed journals in India petition to be included in? Philip, that’s a great question. I don’t believe we’ve gotten that yet since we have taken over the publication. Our first goal when we took this over in february it was a fairly quick transition immediately we knew that we wanted to keep all of the same tools and features that the product has always offered and then our second goal was how can we go about improving upon that um so since we’ve taken it over we haven’t added any scopus indexed journals in Indias just yet um but that’s something we’re certainly looking to do um if anyone um has a scopus indexed journals in India that they’d like to petition to be included you can certainly send us an email um to our support team hol support and that’ll get funneled through to the appropriate people we also have a question that if someone was previously an admin in silp do they need to reapply for admin status and hein that is a great question so during lauren’s presentation she mentioned that we automatically excuse me we automatically transferred over any existing profile so if a professor had signed up for 27 different subjects within silk to receive alerts all 27 of those came over to hein but regarding the admin status.

I can’t say that I was familiar that University of Washington had the admin status as well I will certainly check on that so it looks like Karen chatted that question. Karen I will follow up with you via email uh following us to confirm that and if it’s not the case then we can certainly go and get you set up as an admin. Okay are there any other questions? Okay well thank you all for coming and if you again if you have any questions you guys can always contact us at heinonlinesupport you can live chat with us and again our contact information is right under the help bar as well as our knowledge base and our libguides. And if there’s anyone that’s attended today that currently does not have access to soap, we’d be happy to provide you with the trial so just shoot us an email and we can go about getting that set up okay everyone have a great day.

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