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How to Get Paid For Your Article in 2022

Works really well which is good it looks like we’re about to break 300 too which is quite something yeah oh there we go there we go and yeah for those who we we have a capacity for up to 500 people i don’t think we’re gonna break the 500 mark but there’s also always the backup option of watching on youtube which i set up i think you have a link for that um it’s really good to see everyone here today from around the world um what I’m going to be teaching you um works really well no matter where you are in the world as long as you can get paid and i know in some countries like nigeria it’s a little harder to get paid from foreign clients um that’s something I’ve personally helped writing for  git publisher launch members git publisher with so i know that can be a struggle but if you can accept payments if you have a paypal account like what I’m going to be teaching you really makes is something you can do um and you can get cl clients and write for magazines and git publisher pretty much no matter where you are in the world and a lot of people do that so yeah hello everyone and i think I’ve waited long enough for everyone to arrive um I’m about to start the presentation let me load the um the slides on git publisher and thank you again for being here good to see everyone so I’m going to start the slideshow and i gotta share the screen just a second share a screen all right everybody um thank you for being here today my name is jacob janz many of you know me through freedom with writing for  git publisher which is a weekly newsletter um that I’m the editor of where we send out opportunities for writers to get paid and today I’m going to be giving you um everything you need to get your article by  git publishers published in  git publisher in 2022 and this is really important to me because i know that i send out so many opportunities to the readers of freedom with writing for  git publisher but not all not all of my readers know how to take advantage of those opportunities and i really want you to know how to take advantage of those opportunities and it really can be very straightforward and very simple for you it doesn’t have to be complicated and i really want to make it possible for you um to publish article by  git publishers this year as a freelance writer and this is um specifically about freelance writing for  git publisher so I’m not going to be covering um publishing short stories poetry creative writing for  git publisher or applying for jobs this presentation is specifically about writing for  git publisher for publications magazines and websites and I’m going to be giving you a very straightforward um way to go about that I’ll I’m giving you this super simple pitch template and I’m going to give you really straightforward instructions for git publisher that you can use to um that you can use um to use that pitch template very effectively so you can get your first publication even if you don’t have any previous experience at all and i really want you to think about this in terms of the long term um when you’re learning how to get published in  git publisher in publications you’re probably not going to succeed on your first effort so think about the road that you’re going on you started this road you’re here you’re learning the road i don’t know how long it will take you to go down that road but by the end of this year if you just keep following the steps and take advantage of the resources I’m giving you you can get published in  git publisher again and again um and you don’t have to have previous experience you don’t have to have a portfolio um you do need to have decent writing for  git publisher skills and an understanding of the publications that you’re writing for  git publisher for and this is a lot of what I’m going to be talking about to you today and I’m going to give you um just a path to follow some straightforward steps so that you can go down that road and of course I’m also going to be giving you a lot of free resources um and and the opportunity to work with ian and myself completely free um if you want if you would like to that’s up to you um so we wanted we just want to remove all the roadblocks for you so I’m going to be giving you access to our easily searchable database of almost 2000 git publishers including the contact information for the editors this is for magazines websites publications that pay writers and today I’m going to be going into detail about this very simple pitch template it’s just super simple super easy and this pitch template can get you published in  git publisher again and again um especially if you follow the very straightforward steps i will be giving you today and i also am giving you roadblock busting mentorship as i said ian and i we just want to make clear away all the obstacles so that you can get published in  git publisher and that’s why um we’re giving you a free month of working with us and taking our classes so we can just clear away those obstacles for you so let’s get down to business today in today’s class I’m going to be giving you um two steps to getting published in  git publisher and paid for your writing for  git publisher in magazines and the first step of course is really simple you you should choose where you want to get published in  git publisher and so you’re going to choose a publication to pitch and I’m going to be going into a lot of detail I’ll show you how to do that really um simply it can be straightforward and easy and I’m going to be giving you resources and methods for finding out exactly how to choose a publication and then the second thing to do is to send a quality pitch to the publication saying hey i would like to um write for you so what is a pitch i didn’t always know what a pitch is people who aren’t part of the freelance writing for  git publisher world don’t often know what a pitch is and a pitch to summarize it is basically an email it’s almost always email these days an email to an editor of a publication saying i would like to write an article by  git publisher for you this is my article by  git publisher idea does that work for you it’s just basically a simple email that is a proposal for you to write an article by  git publisher for them and I’m going to be going into a lot of detail about exactly how you can write that pitch and that’s also so much of what we do at writing for  git publisher launches we make sure our writing for  git publisher launch members pitches are really great so that they can get published in  git publisher again and again and again um so that’s what a pitch is and also if you have questions we’ll be having a q a session at the end of this you can put your questions in the q a box and I’ll answer them at the end of my presentation so here’s one of the most important things you need to know in terms of writing for  git publisher a pitch you got to limit the length of your pitch to 150 words and why is that editors are busy I’m an editor and yet it seems like my time in terms of working with writers and accepting article by  git publishers is limited to about um like ten percent of what i do in the day i usually have um ten thousand things to do in a single day most editors have ten thousand things to do in a single day and i i can be incredibly productive and get 100 things done or 200 and things done but that’s not that 10 000 things so editors are busy there is never enough time to do what you need to do as an editor so you really have to respect their time and so you want to limit your work your pitch to 150 words I’ve accepted pitches that were 50 words um but it needs to be long enough to communicate your idea and give a little bit of credibility and I’m going to be showing you exactly how to do that in a little bit so just keep that in mind really respect the editors you’re contacting and understand that they’re busy and and that will help you a lot so let’s talk about what those 150 words should accomplish um first it should demonstrate a clear understanding of the publication I’m going to be um telling you exactly how to get the right kind of understanding of the publication but your pitch should do that and it should demonstrate also your ability to write clearly and concisely this is the first writing for  git publisher sample you are giving an editor in and it should be good clear concise writing for  git publisher if you can distill your idea in a way that is super easy to understand and also has enough to convince an editor that is a really good argument for working with you as a writer and that’s one of the ways that it can prove you’re qualified to write the article by  git publisher an editor is going to be taking a risk on you so you want to you want um you want to convince them that you’re worth taking a risk on am i going to want to pay this writer for the work they’re doing so and you all so along with that you want to show that you just might be easy to work with and part of being easy to work with is being clear and concise with your communication if you’re a good communicator that really helps the editor and it also helps the reader and that is demonstrated in your writing for  git publisher and of course in addition to all of these things you have to communicate your idea for an article by  git publisher and invite the editor to respond to your pitch and i know this sounds like a lot this is a lot of components and there’s actually more components in a good pitch that um you want to actually have in your pitch but here’s the thing if you do the right work before you write the pitch a lot of these things are going to be in there automatically and so I’m going to be teaching you in just a few minutes a little bit about um the work you should be doing before you write the pitch so that you can accomplish all of these things and even more um without having to think about them or worry about them too much but um this is what in essence your 150 words should accomplish um so let’s talk about what you should do before you write the pitch and really the things you do before you write the pitch are the most important part of writing for  git publisher the pitch if you want to get paid again and again and again this is where you should be putting in your effort you should be doing your research and your homework before you write the pitch and not right not after or during the pitch writing for  git publisher process so let’s talk about that so but before we even um go into detail about um the research you do before you write a pitch at writing for  git publisher launch we’ve noticed that our students who have the most success often have long-term thinking and the ones that get stuck they often are too focused on what they’re doing with their next specific pitch so when you’re having this long-term thinking i want you to imagine success you one year from now and not like tomorrow don’t worry about if your next pitch is going to succeed or fail think about the road you’re on and where you could be on that road in a year there’s going to be bumps in the road that’s what we’re here for to just move those bumps out of the way but you’re on that road and if you’re not at the end of the road that’s fine everybody starts at the beginning of the road right so you want to focus on the learning process um you you do take one step at a time but you really should know where you are in that process and keep an eye on you know that mountain in the distance that you’re climbing and and then no trust that you’ll get there if you follow the process so think long term and follow the learning process and don’t worry if if you know you stumble for a couple of steps so get that long-term thinking that will really help you take action it just takes a lot of pressure off so more about getting into the right mindset before you send your pitch and before you do the research um it’s really important to like make it not about you you really want to make this about the editor and about serving the editor that you would like to accept your pitch so don’t ask am i good enough the editor isn’t really worried about whether or not you are a good good enough writer they’re worried about whether or not you can provide a quality product um if you can write a good article by  git publisher so ask yourself am i providing a valuable service and often that means that means understanding the editor’s needs which we’re going to talk about and making sure you can fill the needs of the editor and if you make it really specific in terms of okay i understand what the editor wants and i understand exactly the type of article by  git publisher they like to see you can have a good idea of whether or not the type of idea you’re proposing fits their needs and that’s that’s really about serving them and filling their needs and you can do that um the better you are at just understanding their needs the easier it is to overcome that barrier of wondering about um whether or not you’re good enough and i know like as a creative writer as a poet i often wonder if I’m good enough but um making it about the people you’re serving is a great way to overcome that and that’s really the the role of a freelance writer is to provide a service um to fill the needs of an editor so when you’re doing your research and when you’re thinking of ideas for to write um and preparing to write your pitch you need to think about two audiences um of course there’s going to be the readers of the article by  git publisher um you want to understand what role your article by  git publisher idea will serve in their right in their life are you giving them practical how-to information or is it kind of a fun article by  git publisher written for entertainment um what’s the experience that you want the reader to have what’s the outcome you want the reader to have and these are a lot of the things the editor is thinking about as well and so if you’re thinking about these things you’re doing some of the work of the editor which editors love um they as i said editors are so busy so if you can be on the same page in terms of advocating for your readers um editors will be really happy about that so editors as i said before are so incredibly busy they don’t have enough time to do everything in the day but they have a publishing schedule they have spots to fill they have article by  git publishers and deadlines that they have to get published in  git publisher and they’re so busy and they just need you to um write the article by  git publishers they need they want to find trustworthy people that will do a good job that will be easy to communicate with and that will submit polished article by  git publishers that meet their needs so that you really want to think about the editor’s mindset what the editor is going through and what the editor is thinking um because that’s how you can really connect with the editors so that’s the audience for your pitch and the audience for your article by  git publisher is the readers but when you’re writing for  git publisher the pitch ultimately it’s going to be the editor that matters in terms of whether or not your pitch is accepted so um let’s talk about um finding a publication so you can find a publication using this our writing for  git publisher launch database and that’s one of the things I’m giving you today is for an entire month you can have access to our database of almost 2 000 git publishers that includes contact information for all of these publications it’s so easy to search um so you can find the right publications really quickly um that are that fit your niche and your interests i also really encourage you to get better at google search so that you can um you can find publications and opportunities on your own so if you say you want to write about dog sitting maybe there’s publications that are professional publications for dog sitters type in like dog sitting and submission guidelines um so basically your niche or your category or your topic plus the keyword submission guidelines that will help you find um the contact information for publications that specifically um want writers in that niche um the freedom with writing for  git publisher newsletter sends out a lot of opportunities I’ve also found that following editors on twitter can be a great way to get in the mindset of what the editors want and they often post calls for pitches on their twitter feed so if you can find those editors in your niche and connect with them through twitter that’s another option and of course asking for help or like networking with people um i like researching um so that’s something that i can do if you accept our gift these are a lot of different ways to find publications and there’s so many more ways but like between that database um that I’m giving you with google search freedom with right there’s a lot of opportunities out there so of course you don’t want to just send a pitch to any publication um some publications they’re just not great opportunities for getting published in  git publisher um often they’re too competitive too competitive or they don’t ex work with very many freelancers even if they work with freelancers it could be rare that they accept um pitches from freelance writers so here’s a few things to look out for something ian has taught a lot is you want to look for multiple by lines and what is a byline a byline is basically the name of an author so if a publication always has the same three writers writing for  git publisher for them you can tell that maybe they don’t work with very many new freelance writers because it’s always the same three people but if they’re publishing a new article by  git publisher every day and every day it’s a new article by  git publisher from a different person then they’re more likely to accept work from new people so really look for hints and signs that they hire freelance writers so you can read the contributing the contributor bios the submission guidelines pages and just to see if they do work with freelance writers another thing is to check to see if they pay a lot of paid publications they don’t necessarily say if they pay or not that’s why we’ve compiled so much of that information in that database we’re giving you um and there’s also a website called who pays writers that collects payment reports from writers and that’s a really great way to see what actual payment rates are and one more tip um is i recommend staying away from the crowd so if you think there’s a lot of people pitching this same publication that’s just going to be more more competitive so if you can find like local opportunities just in your area where it’s not going to be as competitive often you’re going to have much higher odds of success if you stay away from the crowds of people who are pitching the same popular publications so those are some tips for choosing a publication so once you’ve chosen a publication that you’re interested in writing for  git publisher for um you need to study the publication and this is super important you really need to get a sense of the publication what types of article by  git publishers they publish how often they publish um what categories or departments do they typically publish in what tone or style do they use um you need to find if they have that submission guidelines page that’s something we link to in the database we’re giving you so and if it’s there you really have to read that and follow what they say in this mission guidelines page and of course you also need to find contact information for sending a pitch and this is where if you do this work you are going to have such better success if you do want to get published in  git publisher in a magazine study the publication carefully um and and it’s slow when you’re first learning the publications and this is something that um i think i think ian would say you definitely get faster at over time but if you’re looking at where you want to dedicate your time as you’re learning this um dedicate your time studying the publication before you send the pitch so really get a sense of the tone and the style and so there’s also this idea of departments um what is a department it is um it’s a publishing industry term basically um about the different categories of categories of article by  git publishers they publish in magazines they often have like a recurring column on the back page um their feature article by  git publishers and like a few different recurring things and those are the different departments often in larger publications the different departments have different editors so you make sure you know who’s the editor for the department you’re proposing and when you’re starting to think of the article by  git publishers make sure you know which department um you want your article by  git publisher to be in and that will affect the tone or the style that um the article by  git publisher will be in and you that should be reflected in the in the picture sending um so yeah that’s a little bit about studying the publication so once you’ve studied the publication you’ve got a really good sense of them make sure that your idea um fits the unique needs of the publication that you’re pinching so as i said you want you want your department uh you want to really know the department that your idea will fit into and also this is a good time to check to double check which departments tend to have freelancers um like some columns are departments but they always have the same one or two writers on them so if you wanna if you want to write for a specific department but um there’s someone who is um already writing for  git publisher for that department maybe that’s not the best opportunity you can still send a pitch and try to get in but your odds are going to be lower so look for the departments that always have the same authors and maybe avoid those and look for the departments that are more likely to have the freelancers and go go that direction and this that’s more something for the larger publications um but that’s really important just to increase your odds of success when you are thinking of your article by  git publisher ideas so when you’re brainstorming your article by  git publisher ideas you really want to make sure that they are very specific to that publication i know you have so many good ideas that are wonderful and worthy of publication but the editor has such specific needs you want to think about how your idea would be um transformed into something that could only possibly be in that publication the tighter a fit it is for the specific publication you’re pitching the more likely you will um have the success that you want so create five ideas um especially as you’re learning this process create five ideas and then write a headline for each of those ideas the headlines are super important editors that’s one of their major jobs is to make sure that the headline is a good headline so um writing for  git publisher the headline is a good way to get inside how an editor is thinking and then what after you write those headlines imagine those headlines in the publication and ask yourself does the headline match um the publication does it not if it doesn’t maybe you need to change your idea um and if it does then maybe that’s the idea you go with so ask yourself which idea fits and which doesn’t fit um in the publication that you’re going to be contacting so after you have brainstormed your five ideas you want to choose just one idea to pitch i know a lot of freelancers they um they do two or three ideas in a pitch but i really encourage you to do just one idea because editors are busy most editors prefer to get just one idea um and it’s also easier to have a short pitch and especially as you’re learning how to pitch it’s just so much easier to write a good pitch based on one idea so you don’t necessarily have to pitch one idea but i really encourage you as you’re learning this process if you do want to have that success and get published in  git publisher this year to just pitch one idea in in your pitch and not um not more than one so um moving on so you’ve done the research and you’ve really researched and studied the publication you’ve come up with some ideas and you’ve chosen one idea now it’s time to write the pitch so the first thing you do when you’re writing for  git publisher the pitch is you summarize your idea and this is a time where it’s really helpful that you’ve written that headline because the headline can be just a really good summary of your idea and often that’s all you need to include in your very first section is just this basic summary and another tip quick tip the email subject line um could be that headline that you created start i always recommend starting your email subject with the word pitch and then the headline for the pitch or a very brief summary of the pitch the editors really really prefer that format for your email subject line so you want to summarize your idea for example this is from a pitch i accepted um at freedom with writing for  git publisher how a micro fashion influencer leverages instagram to land paid opportunities i could tell right away that um there was some credibility here because they were influencer and paid opportunities that’s like one of the words we use at freedom with writing for  git publisher so this was a really good summary of um an article by  git publisher they did go into a little more detail but this alone like really got my interest as an editor another example this is for a feature article by  git publisher um that was accepted in a publication i published in  git publisher at freedom with writing for  git publisher i published in  git publisher a case study about how this writer got published in  git publisher and this is from their pitch um they’re right i have attached an up-published in  git publisher feature on native nikki pilkington um so the word native there is a great word because this is for a regional publication and it’s immediately saying this is relevant to you um and and it’s you can also see they use the word features so not only it at the very very beginning of the sentence you can see which department it’s going in and you can see that it’s relevant from that word native and then they give the article by  git publisher title or the headline which is also really great from pinlin to palm springs the young welsh illustrator living the american dream so just that first sentence communicates so much about um why it’s relevant to the publication where it will go in the publication and what it’s going to be about and that is the type of like clear concise writing for  git publisher that you want to have in your pitch but then it goes on to have a couple of sentences um pilkington’s quirky art is making waves among young people in particular so that’s already addressing the needs of the readers a little bit and it’s addressing why it may be an article by  git publisher worth publishing and it now retails across the globe i myself am an avid collector so that’s that’s and this is interesting here i myself am an avid collector this is a way the person who wrote this pitch is establishing their credibility without talking about their previous experience or their previous publishing you can establish your credibility in in without um having like previous publishing experience or credentials specific to freelance writing for  git publisher.

If you’re focused on the you what’s unique about your own knowledge um often that’s enough so i myself am an avid collector and would love to share my passion with your readers many of whom i suspect will be encountering her work for the first time so this is a really good example that got an uh an author published in  git publisher with a feature article by  git publisher so here’s another example for a pitch i accepted at freedom with writing for  git publisher it’s just really brief really clear and extremely relevant to what we publish at freedom with writing for  git publisher i would like to propose a case study we published in  git publisher case studies at freedom with writing for  git publisher about how i broke into the smart mouth newsletter and got paid one dollar per word in my case study I’ll share how i studied the publication chose an angle that might get the editor’s attention and use my bio as a marketing tool part of what i like about this summary is not only is it really really concise it also tells me specifically how the art what will be included in the article by  git publisher in a way that i as an editor really understood and i could imagine the full length article by  git publisher based on this short summary so if you can have a short summary that makes it really clear how the full length article by  git publisher will look to the editor that’s something you want to aim for as well so um another example i wish to pitch a second idea in and call to your pitches um useful to freelance writers this will be an interview with the senior editor at um magazine and top publication in the usa um this was actually an extremely short pitch from a writer i knew they were actually a former writing for  git publisher lodge member um viney and so i was really happy to see this pitch it was super short super clear and it was something i wanted i wanted an interview with a senior editor at a major publication so i accepted that pitch really clearly basically just based on knowing the author and this sentence alone so i yeah so often when you’re sending the pinch just the headline can be enough and this is especially true so keep in mind that um if you’re sending like a feature a proposal to write a future article by  git publisher um you may need to include more than the headline but if you’re trying to write for um a smaller department that is a good entry level for new freelance writers sometimes the headline can be enough just to grab that editor’s attention so the headline can be enough but then another sentence or two to really make it clear why the article by  git publisher should be written and what it will be about that can really help and make a big difference so um you’ve summarized your idea in a really clear and concise way and um the next thing to do is to share a little bit about yourself and this is often somewhere where writers have to go wrong because it’s not really about yourself it’s about um the editor wants to know that they’re working with someone but they also want to know details and facts about you that are relevant to your idea um so you still when you’re writing for  git publisher about yourself in this way and you want to really make sure that the the things that you’re including in your pitch are relevant to your idea as much as you can um so here’s an example from a pitch i accepted about me I’m matt geyser.

A software developer and immediately the word software developer is relevant because he was proposing an article by  git publisher about how he gets paid to write tutorials for software developers so I’m matt geyser a software developer with the city of calgary um and he goes on to list a few of his credentials and notice um he doesn’t list any previous paid publishing he just he lists things that make it clear that he’s a thoughtful competent writer and that’s basically all i needed to know um in addition to his um his article by  git publisher idea that he presented before like i trusted him and the things that he included were really relevant to um the topic he was writing for  git publisher about so another example.

I’m a freelance journalist specializing in lifestyle and travel case studies and notice they say who they are and what their specialty is um they don’t have to have you don’t have to have previous experience in a specialty to call yourself specializing whether or not you are specializing in a niche is up to you that’s a decision you make and if that’s a decision you’ve made just tell the editor that because they like to hear that so I’m a freelance journalist specializing in lifestyle and travel and notice the next thing they say is really interesting case studies they’re turning it around in their about me section and they’re making it about um me the editor case studies that’s what i was looking for i was looking for case studies case studies have always been my favorite feature of freedom with writing for  git publisher and i finally feel confident enough to put myself forward so i think this is really interesting because they said just the tiniest bit about themselves and then they started to um compliment me the editor and so that’s that’s always a good thing to fall back on is to like um make it clear that you like the publication and you know about the publication and um yeah that’s a good way to go and that this is from a pitch i accepted here’s another example and part of what i like about this example is for those of you who do have previous publications one of the ways to include links to those publications is just by linking the individual words um the names of the publication the way they did there so don’t have like a big list in your of your previous publications in your pitch just link to them directly um like the word is a link to that article by  git publisher etc so that’s a way to keep it really concise um and another thing to know is they didn’t necessarily like if you do have um professional experience that’s relevant to the article by  git publisher but it’s not at all writing for  git publisher experience you should include that um because that establishes your credibility and so you don’t have to have experience as a writer in the topic but if you have professional experience that establishes your credibility um this is a place to include that so finally you’ve written your summary you’ve written your short about me section simply ask for a response from the editor um and here’s a few quick examples um i can have this article by  git publisher ready by the state does that work for you um do you think this piece could work for you um and then you just sign off you say sincerely jacob jans and that’s basically it so I’m about to show you the very simple pitch template that you can use and the thing is this pitch template is so simple um but it works because you’ve done that research um and because you’ve done that research you can take this very simple pitch template and use it again and again to get yourself published in  git publisher it is not complicated you do the research and then you write this pitch based on this very simple pitch template you start i would like to propose an article by  git publisher and then you give your very brief article by  git publisher idea and then you just say here’s a little about me and ask does this fit your needs sincerely your name jacob whatever your name is um that’s basically all you need to do to write a pitch that gets you published in  git publisher and this is what we we help writers with so often now the funny thing is i know this is super straightforward I’ve given you like the straightforward path to um just studying the publication and writing for  git publisher this pitch but what we’ve learned at freedom with at writing for  git publisher launch like helping our members is that sometimes there’s things that aren’t obvious to people who new to pitching that are obvious to us that’s why we’re giving you this roadblock busting mentorship so you can send us your pitches and we’ll we’ll just clear away those obstacles that you don’t necessarily see um there’s simple mistakes and pitches that um we can basic we can eliminate for you if you send them to us so we want we want to do that for you so you really can get published in  git publisher this year um so i hope you take us up on this free free gift offer that we’re going to be giving you in a minute so I’m going to quickly go through some of those common mistakes um and I’ve talked about some of these things already but just to be clear um so that you really have the best chance of success um common mistakes common mistakes include making it about yourself and not about the editor’s needs um because it really is about serving the editor following up too soon um if you don’t get a response you don’t just follow up the next day you gotta wait I’ll talk about that a little more in a second so if there are submission guidelines carefully follow those submission guidelines and if those submission guidelines contradict what I’ve taught you follow the submission guidelines they’re there for a reason so the other thing is there’s a lot of pitch templates floating out there on the internet um don’t copy them use your exact words part of why i gave you such a simple pitch template is so that you can use your own words um user editors can tell if you’re not using your own words in the pitch so make sure you are not copying pitch templates um don’t send your pitch to the wrong editor make sure you have an idea of which editor is in charge of which sections of the publication another thing i often see in pitches is um writers really complimenting themselves saying I’m a wonderful writer I’ll do an incredible job um that’s often a red flag for me as an editor i just want to have clear communication and a clear understanding i don’t want to hear about how wonderful you are i want to sorry i want to hear how wonderful i am so um again don’t do the lengthy article by  git publisher descriptions um don’t have any typos or grammar errors this is your first writing for  git publisher sample so make it as clean and error-free as you can don’t include a lengthy biography keep it really short and and that’s where you also make sure you’re only including relevant information so when you’re writing for  git publisher a pitch often you’ll your first draft will be too long that’s fine you can cut it back and cut away all the irrelevant information combine sentences combine ideas make it as clear and concise and condensed as dense as possible.

I love helping our writing for  git publisher lunch members do that and learn how to do that and then also one more quick tip don’t propose too much for a new relationship with an editor um as an editor I’ve sometimes gotten pitches from people I’ve never worked with who want to write a series of five article by  git publishers um but that’s a lot to ask you’re not if you’re if you’re gonna be asking for five article by  git publishers that’s five times um what you would be asking for if it’s just one article by  git publisher so really think about um not like if if you’re establishing a new relationship establish it in a small way that the editor can really trust if if you want them to make a long-term commitment that’s often what happens after they’ve published in  git publisher your first article by  git publisher and you’ve built that relationship so don’t propose too much when you’re working with an editor so before you send the pitch a couple things to do is just ask a trusted friend or an expert for feedback and keep in mind that um simple mistakes can be corrected only before you send the pitch so um i encourage you to send the pitch to me um join writing for  git publisher launch um for this free month we’re giving you and send me your first pitch and i will just make sure it looks perfect and so you have so you can get published in  git publisher and and then send it out so um after you send the pitch keep in mind that um rejection or just being ghosted is common that’s part of why it is so helpful to think in the long term if if you’re thinking about what’s going to be happening a year from now you don’t small sweat the small stuff in the same way you just keep going down that path so expect rejection or simply ghosting that’s part of the process um I’ll often send out a pitch and forget about it and that’s just most freelancers they forget about the pitches they send and they they go on and do the next thing because um freelance writers if they’re really building their career they’re busy too so but you should have a way of keeping track of them so you if you don’t hear back from the editor wait two weeks it depends on the publication and then follow up with the editor and say hey um quick note did you get this or not um keep the follow-up as short as possible just like one very short sentence and then of course just start drafting your next pitch because you should if you’re if you’re going to be pitching publications the best thing you can do is pitch publications and that’s how you can really go down that road to getting published in  git publisher again and again and again um so let me talk about what we’re giving you um first we i gave you this very simple pitch template that gets you published in  git publisher i want you to use this and i want to help you use this um so that is the very first thing and go ahead and use that and you don’t need to take me up on the rest of this free offer to get published in  git publisher but this is the very first thing you can do um so the next thing is when you’re using this pitch template um i want to help you so we’re giving you a free month um of roadblock busting mentorship there are roadblocks that get in the way so let us clear those roadblocks away from away for you let let us do do some of the work um and we’re giving you mentorship free for one month so you can ask us any questions you want we’re going to work really hard i mean it’s kind of crazy how hard we work to help the people who join writing for  git publisher launch so let us give that to you as i said we’re giving you our database of almost 2000 git publishers as instantly searchable so you can quickly find publications it’s organized by category it has contact information you can have this free for a month we’re giving you a month of the no bs course on freelance writing for  git publisher this is our signature course you can establish a long-term career as a freelance writer if this is something you really want to do for the long term we’re giving you a month of this course and this is really a great course that a lot of people have used to establish their careers as freelance writers so the cost of course is free for a month we’re giving all this to you for one month um you don’t have to accept this offer that’s up to you um but i really hope that i can work with you to help you um get published in  git publisher again and again this year i want i want to serve you and ian as well wants to serve you so the cost is free for a month um we started doing this at the beginning of the pandemic because we wanted to help people in a tough situation and not only did we discover that we were able to help a lot of people in the difficult situation of the pandemic we found that we were helping so many people that so many of them also continued as writing for  git publisher launch members um and so it really is a win-win situation for everybody we have been able to serve so many writers and help them get established in their careers and some of them we know have have chosen to continue working with us and letting us clear away those roadblocks and taking our courses and um and using the the database so that’s what we’re giving you and so if you want to um take me up on this offer go to writing for  git and you can get your first month free use the coupon code free month um I’ll be sharing a link in the chat shortly and we’ll be sending a follow-up email with the link to that as well um so that’s it for the presentation but I’m I’m happy to answer your questions so let’s um take a look at let’s take a look at the q a and ian do you have any thoughts based on the presentation well i while i load the q a yeah you know i i was i just think it was comprehensive you know one thing i will say is that a lot of the stuff is elaborated on in our courses in our curriculum so if you have you know maybe areas you’re not too certain about or things you want to improve you can do that with specific courses so like if you want to strengthen your pitching or talking to editors we have stuff for for all of that um i did see a few different questions that i thought were really good if you want to want to go through those um yeah yeah how about how about you we can both talk about the questions but yeah yeah um there’s a a good question from uh let me see here from susannah who asked do we need to have a website for editors to reference to vet us um and i think that is sort i mean sort of a you can if you want to but it’s not necessary kind of thing yeah i would say um as an editor i i don’t mind if people have um a website it so usually when I’m reading a pitch as an editor i will be like okay i like the idea and I’m like okay i know enough about the writer to think i can accept the article by  git publisher because I’ll trust them to do a good job um and so a website can be can show that you’re a professional but sometimes just the good a good pitch is usually enough and a link to an article by  git publisher or two that you’ve published in  git publisher can also be a way for me to trust you or just referencing your professional experience in some way or something that makes it clear that you know the topic and have a good idea of how to write a good article by  git publisher yeah um two common themes I’m seeing in the questions are about payment and about um uh multiple submissions which is something we’ve talked about a lot at at writing for  git publisher launch and i think from a broad perspective you know it really it kind of depends on the specific example uh but for the most part uh target well let’s talk about i guess payment first and then the multiple submissions thing so payment is kind of a tricky one i think jacob you might have a little more you know experience uh with various countries and things like that um yeah so a lot of publication every publication is different in terms of how they pay their writers um but in general if you’re freelancing um if you have a paypal account that it that will get you make it so you can be paid by paid by most publications it’s it’s kind of standard in the industry i know we have a lot of people interested in in freelance writing for  git publisher in nigeria and i know it’s just difficult to get paid by foreign clients in nigeria um because of paypal restrictions that’s something I’ve like I’ve helped writers in nigeria overcome that but that can be difficult but if you can if you can accept um paypal payments that’s usually enough yeah and i mean if you do not have paypal it really depends on a case-by-case basis um i i would assume that on for the most part editors are willing to work with you to you know use a form of payment that would meet your needs but at the same time you know the location can make things difficult so it’s really a an instance where you want to talk to the editor and just say hey you know my country doesn’t have paypal i know you pay via paypal you know can we work something out and i think usually they’ll be more than happy to you know assist uh in that way um yeah which it’s it’s a tricky situation but usually it’s not a deal breaker which is good a lot i also had a lot of editors right now are really looking for diverse voices from around the world so they’re a little more motivated than they used to be in terms of making sure you can get paid i i today i mean this week I’ve paid people in africa and india um so and europe so i work with a lot of writers from around the world and that’s often how and and the states and canada so yeah you can freelance right anywhere in the world so another question from deborah when we send a pitch should we include links to other published in  git publisher works um that is something if you have other published in  git publisher works and those published in  git publisher works are relevant to the idea that you’re pitching that’s a great thing to include if they’re not relevant um maybe include them if they really help establish your credibility and don’t don’t don’t make them take up a lot of space you could even say you can check out my previous work here and the word here could be a hyperlink that’s just a really condensed way of having it not take up a lot of space i hope that answers your question um i saw a good question from uh let me find it from or is it was someone asking about do we write the article by  git publisher before or after the pitch and this gets tricky because there are some publications where they will ask for the full article by  git publisher we recommend not going with those because it is very often the case that you write a whole article by  git publisher the publication says no and then you really can’t do anything with that article by  git publisher because you wrote it just for that publication most of the time i would say around 85 to 90 percent when you hear about pitches you’re I’m talking about a sort of preview for the article by  git publisher so it’s for an article by  git publisher that is not yet written but you know definitely unless they specify and unless you want to go that route definitely don’t write the full article by  git publisher first you know and that’s what the the whole point of the pitch is you know and that’s that’s why it’s so helpful and it’s good that it’s so short because then you can just you know do a bunch of them you don’t have to write all these article by  git publishers beforehand um another question from christine i is it okay to send the same pitch to multiple editors centered about the same niche um this is where you really want to think about what makes each publication really unique and so you want to craft your pitch so specific that it won’t work for another publication and that’s how you can really grab the attention of an editor is by making it something that really just fits that publication um if it’s something that is like special access like an interview um that like the interview i recently accepted i would send it to one editor if they don’t get back to you within a few days send it to another um but each time you send the pitch make sure it’s a unique idea just to that publication um do you have anything to add to that ian no i think that pretty much covers it i mean yeah those are pretty much exactly my thoughts yeah um so christine had another question if you send a pitch but you get ghosted would you recommend sending another pitch two weeks later or moving on to another publication um i mean coming from the the position of someone who you know does this a lot and especially used to do it a lot more i would not personally do that it all depends on sort of how much risk you want to take and how much certainty you want because the chances are if you get ghosted by a publication if you send another pitch it’s likely that they’re going to do the same to you just because of you know high volume of pitches and usually if they you know just didn’t respond to the first time they probably don’t have the capacity to respond to you again now that’s not always going to be the case but i would you know coming from the standpoint of a writer who’s like why i want to get stuff published in  git publisher and paid for it and make a living from this i would rather uh pivot to another publication that has you know a higher chance because i don’t really know i don’t have any baseline yet for what I’m working with on those publications so the chances of them responding are a little higher than someone who has ghosted me previously um lisa has a great question if an editor accepts your pitch does that mean they have accepted your article by  git publisher and will pay you for it now that’s a really good question because one there’s no guarantee they’ll pay you for it um but if they accept your pitch there’s also no guarantee that they’ll publish it but as soon as they accept your pitch that is the time to talk about payment usually when i accept an article by  git publisher i will at the time i accept it i will send my offer in terms of what i can pay in order to um get the article by  git publisher written and so if you if they’re not telling you up front how much they’re paying after they accept the pitch if they say yes i want to publish this article by  git publisher but they don’t include the payment that’s your your time to say okay that’s great um let me know the rate for this article by  git publisher and then if they don’t tell you a rate that means they don’t want to pay you um so don’t write an article by  git publisher until you have a guarantee of how much they’re going to pay you um i i personally don’t think if it’s a smaller um if it’s if it’s for a smaller rate i wouldn’t necessarily worry too much about a contract or anything like that um most if it’s for an established publication they’re usually trustworthy but make sure that they say upfront how much they will pay you before you start writing for  git publisher and um some major publications more established publications they have something called a kill fee and a kill fee is usually them saying if we don’t don’t publish your article by  git publisher we’ll still pay you but we’ll pay you less often around the 25 um so that’s something that publications if especially if they’re like established magazines like large magazines have a kill fee um that they put in place just in case the article by  git publisher is no good so they’re protecting themselves a little bit not necessarily the most freelancer friendly thing to have but that’s something to keep in mind as well yeah there’s a great question from sun how likely is it to get a recurring contract with a client for example what i uh included in the pitch make myself available for x amount of article by  git publishers a month for for this certain price and then steve had a related question about payment and i think this is a good point to quickly delineate the difference between publications and clients because and it’s a bit of jargon here but typically speaking when you work with a publication they are not really your client if anything you are their client because you’re kind of you’re working you know for them under them and it’s not really it’s different from working one-on-one with you know let’s say an entrepreneur that you have you know decided to work with i met on linkedin or something like that that’s a different sort of relationship with the publication it’s very much the case that they have uh sort of expectations and a system for how they work and for what they you know expect from writers and you’re generally expected to follow that so and and this goes on a case-by-case basis for the most part i would say unless you are offered a sort of position on the team or or you know some sort of freelance position that you shouldn’t uh go that route and say oh i can do you know these many article by  git publishers a month just because since article by  git publisher writing for  git publisher is such a case-by-case basis uh in the freelance world that’s generally not how it works which means that in order to make a steady income you do have to sort of build a system where you are you know comfortable with pitching over and over and over again and we detail that in our courses so if you’re interested in that and making a living through article by  git publisher writing for  git publisher which is completely possible i would urge you to take advantage of the free month offer and check that out for sure i think we have time for maybe one or two more questions jacob um yeah we are just about out of time so um let’s look for a couple more questions i think I’m sorry we have more questions than we can answer but um yeah the response has been overwhelming thanks to everyone who has submitted a question and if we don’t get to your question you can always email us at support writing for  git and we’ll do our best to respond as quickly as possible um this is a question from christina um she’s a freelance journalist in canada originally from germany finding a hard time breaking into the english-speaking market um they’ve been published in  git publisher in renowned german media for many years but those clippings do not serve her if she wants to pitch english-speaking publications um she’s asking if she should translate two to three relevant article by  git publishers and publish them on her portfolio site i think that’s actually a good idea um and really think about how to craft that about me section where you can say you are you could say you’re a freelance journalist um originally from germany where you’ve been published in  git publisher in many renowned german publications maybe that’s not quite the right wording if you join writing for  git publisher launch i could help you with the wording um and you could link to the translations or you could link even to the german language article by  git publishers um but um just how you frame that your own professional experience um if you do that in the right way you can win the trust of an editor and if you combine that with just sending a really good pitch that’s super relevant that should be enough um to break in and and may i think maybe you’re right to start with small small publications um it’s it’s always nice to get a few wins um just to get that momentum going and uh i think maybe let’s end on this question from uh somebody whose username is seemingly random so i don’t know how to pronounce it but asking about uh uh do we need a contract to protect ourselves and this kind of goes in with what i was saying about publications having a sort of pre-existing system uh generally speaking if you’ve chosen a publication that you know is regularly putting out content and they’re you know they have a good reputation online as in basically you just can’t find anything negative about them it’s probably a safe bet because they have sort of you know a framework in place for that and they either might have you sign a contract or there will be some sort of writer agreement um or you know if if worse came to worst you would be able to you know kind of use the agreement in the pitch as a sort of you know um uh just collateral for that but that’s that specific thing has never happened to me you know the one there was only one time when i was kind of scammed out of writing for  git publisher and that was much very much my own fault so as long as you pick a good publication like jacob talked about in the webinar you shouldn’t have any problem needing a contract um and just because most of the time that’s how it works thankfully so that’s one thing that you don’t have to worry about that much um i want to thank everybody for being here um ian and i really want to serve you and so i hope you’ll take us up on this free gift we’ve found it um it’s just really gratifying for ian and i to help writers succeed and so um we want that for you so you can keep getting published in  git publisher again and again in publications um use this um very simple pitch formula let us let let me edit your pitch and like clear away these roadblocks let ian do this for you let us let us help you succeed let us just help you get down that path you can do this um so join this um free month take our free offer um you don’t have to continue past the free month if you don’t want to um but let us help you at least for a free month and i hope that um you have a a wonderful year as a writer and that you really start to get published in  git publisher again and again and i know it’s something you can do you just put in the work you go down this road and it’s something that we’ve seen happen so many times so thank you again for being here yeah thanks everyone.

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