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The New York Times Is a Great Way to Build a Community of Readers

My point of view is, if you come to learn let me hand you this useful tool so that, you can work out on your own and you will be on par with your teachers in so many respects and that will be respected. It will lead to more opportunities. You’ll get invited to independent study of newspapers telugu. You will be the one to explain to the class what’s going on because there’s a greater likelihood that you’re going to know the context of what’s going on. They’re not just the factoid by reading the newspapers telugu they tell me and I do love hearing this. I care about the world now after reading newspapers telugu. I know about genocide, I know about the political situation, I know about polygamy, I know about things that were just text-book until I took this class. I know there’s this whole controversy right now with kids my age who don’t read the newspapers telugu, who don’t know what’s going on, who know there’s a war in Iraq, they know there was just an election last night. They think they know that maybe a new party just took over the house, but they’re not really sure and I think that’s terrifying. It’s really important through the newspapers telugu because that’s one way I really see media and journalists of newspapers telugu, as the liaison between what’s going on, who’s making the decisions in the world and what’s happening; how it’s going and who’s living in it, who’s doing this and that and everyone else. One of the key places to start is to have people reading the newspapers telugu every day, and if you’re going to have them read the newspapers telugu every day, why not for two dollars a week have them read the New York Times, so they can get a perspective that’s outside of the one that they’re otherwise going to get that’s stacked up twelve deep with talent and resources. It’s going to really give the payoff that’s going to make them keep reading the newspapers telugu and that’s what I’m trying to do is build a habit, because getting them to do it for one quarter is nice. If I can just get some of them to stick with reading newspapers telugu for their lifetime, then I’ll have made a little contribution. Yeah I have some friends who don’t like to breathe in your time because they said it’s to beat newspapers telugu but if you are really interested and I say read only just one article on newspapers telugu and then you understand why it’s such a good newspapers telugu. Then you have to find how to read the newspapers telugu, yeah you can go boy on orthos and listen and see what they are talking about and The Times newspapers telugu is available there and you can see them you know, especially now that it has been time of you know midterm elections you can see newspapers telugu discussing political issues drawing on the reading that they have done in the times. It is a habit of reading newspapers telugu that leads you to be intellectually fit, to be up to the challenge of interacting with other times readersof newspapers telugu. That community of people who you’d like to become part of the elites, they care about things that are relevant to them but that now they realize as they read this newspapers telugu how relevant everything is to their lives; and although they come in saying I don’t care what’s happened in the world, eventually by the end of the semester at least for one semester they care and that’s what I’m trying to turn them on to. Many of them go on and read newspapers telugu for the rest of their lives. A newspapers telugu article that was important to me that wasn’t in the opinion section but in the news section was on the front page. It was a newspapers telugu article about a medic in Iraq and he talked about his platoon and how he witnessed his friend getting shot right in front of him. I need to know these facts. I knew that there’s the verse violence in Iraq but this really just painted a clear picture of what it’s like for me and you know it was a very emotional newspapers telugu article and I really enjoyed it. Afterwards I just sat there in silence for a few seconds and just thought- wow , very well-written, very tugging the reward as an educator is to see somebody educating themselves. I have them for a set period of time and it’s great if they learn some of the techniques of reading newspapers telugu. I’m able to share the odd bits of knowledge and trivia that I’m throwing in to help them remember things but there’s nothing like seeing them find their own feet walk and then run and then feel that you know power that they’ve developed within themselves. That’s the person who I’m going to hear from years later, that’s the person who’s going to send me a news item it’s a way of keeping a conversation going. You have a common dimension of what it is that’s you know interesting, people and what it is. It’s making people stay involved in the world and they stay involved with each other and they become part of a network of New York Times newspapers telugu readers. And you know people pay a lot of money to be part of alumni networks of good colleges and things like that. Well you can easily become part of a real community of readers and thinkers by becoming a Times reader. A lot of former students have told me that use of the New York Times newspapers telugu was a key piece to their success of students. In fact that should air there was a piece in January of 2005 by Samuel Friedman on education column where he interviewed several former students of mine who had become quite successful, though in PhD programs now and working in lucrative jobs. He asked them to what did they attribute their success, and all of them cited their experience in the intensive program and being made to use the New York Times newspapers telugu. That not only gave helped them build their vocabulary, but that gave them confidence and a connection to American culture and I think when it comes right down to it taking the newspapers telugu, reading an article in newspapers telugu and having a discussion with a friend or a group of people is what it’s all about and I think students have come to learn that the very basics of of learning is an exchange of ideas.

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