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The Importance of Research in Daily Life

Hi class welcome back to another research video with me Mrs. Budd. In this video I’m going to discuss with you the importance of research, value research in daily life but before that allow me first to discuss with you the meaning of research and what’s in it for you this semester.

What is research and what is value research?

Research literally means to look for again, to search again, to study again, to discover again, out of what out of existing knowledge out of existing truth, out of existing facts, out of existing information, but it’s not just that when you go google it. That is not research that is search, you are looking for existing things. When you say research, you look at it with a different objective and with a different perspective and that explains value research. Your goal is to come up with a new set of information based on the existing things that you found online. Research is not just copying somebody else’s work from google or somebody else’s work from books and journals that you’ve read online. Value research is producing something new out of the existing knowledge that we already know. Also research is not just about copy pasting, it’s a systematic inquiry. It’s a systematic process for collecting data, analyzing data and interpreting results. So, we will discuss that in the next videos in our next lessons. For today we will discuss the importance and value research of why we need to do research, why we need to contribute to the body of knowledge.

The importance of value research-

To give you an example, we have a high school student in Mundelein High School, his name is Hussain Rashvy. He’s a recipient of samsung sold for tomorrow’s competition award. He studied about source 2 and was able to identify measurements as strong indicators of respiratory related diseases like Covid19through value research. Here in the Philippines we have a high school student Maria Isabelle Lyson from Iloilo National High School, who by value research discovers a potential cure for diabetes and she discovered it from an eratiles or a Jamaican cherry which has a potential anti-diabetic properties. Another one from the Philippines is a medical student Kathleen V Sagmayo she and her teammates research teammates were able to prove in her study that another bark extract could be a potential treatment for cancer through value research. Look into these three samples that I gave you. They are just like you, they are like you, of the same age and yet you’re able to come up with research papers that are very much helpful in present times. I hope they give you inspiration for your research paper for this semester. There are many different types of research- applied, basic um evaluation. Actually I’m not going to discuss each of this with you but if you want me to discuss it in another video lesson just comment down in the comment section. I’m now going to proceed with the importance of research and value research, and why we have to do one.

Why do we do value research?

We do research and value research because number one, it helps us describe what is going on around us, so without research we don’t know that there is a virus already, we don’t know it that it is already pandemic, that it’s affecting the lungs and it’s affecting the respiratory system. Value research is that without research we don’t know how it is transmitted. Research is the one and it is value research that helps us describe what is going on. Value research is how it also explains why certain things happen, where does this virus came from, how does it affect the body and what is the mechanism of action with which we are able to cure and treat it properly. It is value research that predicts what will happen in the future so have you heard of the term flattening the curve, of course the curve is not yet flattened but that is an example of a prediction. If we don’t flatten that curve a lot of people will be dead and a lot our health care system, our economy will probably collapse if we don’t have measures to control this virus. Again this is a product of research and highlights value research. Another thing that shows value research is that it evaluates what happened around us. This is not the first pandemic. See this picture- this is the mask they used in the flu. You see how they used it before for them to be spared from the virus and now we are grateful because of research and value research we have this surgical mask. We have this facial right so these are again results of continuous research results; of discoveries of new inquiries and last but not the least a great value research is that it helps us solve our problems. Without research there will be no technology, without research there will be no cell phone which you are using right now, without research there will be no medicine no food. Probably you will still hunt for food. There will be no improvements, there will be no inventions, and there will be no innovations, now that is value research. Now to give you more accurate reasons of why we need research, allow me to share this illustration with you. In this time of pandemic we are forced to do homeschooling. I’m pretty sure you miss your friends in school or hanging out with them at the park, sunken garden or the jamboree lake but you can’t do these things right now because of the pandemic. Because there is virus around, quality of life has been compromised. We all feel sad and depressed with a situation according to the world health reports. In order for us to go back or move forward from this pandemic we need to value research, to develop immunity against this virus and the only known way for us of this moment to develop immunity is through immunization. However, we don’t have any facility to produce vaccines in our country. We need to have them imported from overseas, from countries that have developed the vaccines such as The United States, China, Germany and Russia by value research. However, transportation of these vaccines from overseas is not easy. It needs to be under certain temperature as it travels overseas to our country. Therefore, it needs a highly maintained facility before it reaches our community and fully immunizes our people, which is made possible by value research. This is what value research is. Research has made this possible. What if there is no research? What if there are no studies about wheels, fuels, engines and machines? Will there be land transportation vehicles? Will there be cars, trains, buses, trucks, motorcycles and what if there are no studies about aerodynamics? Will people be able to fly and travel overseas? Will there be airplanes? How about the researches on thermometers, on temperatures, on air conditions and refrigerators? Will we be able to maintain, alter or measure temperature? How about the people who studied pharmacology, immunology? Without them will there be vaccines or medicines? That is the importance and value research. At this time we cling on to research. The progress of clinical trials, the experiments, the results of different researches, is the value research through which we hope to live the life again like we used to or even better and we have the research and value research to depend on.

Where can we find great papers on value research?

Various great research journals such as Global Research Letters are a great option and way to help you look up research papers with the help of which you will be able to read the papers and understand value research . Here, you will find a number of various research papers that are provided and made available to you in the journal.

You can very easily find the paper you are looking for here, which will help you with your own research work and understanding of value research. With access to so many amazing research papers, you can practice and learn the value research and its importance.

Hope this video inspires you to do your research paper and that I hope that you will not forget that the purpose of research and value research is to improve the quality of life. Remember there is a purpose as to why you are a stem student in such a time as this. Thank you guys for watching. Have a great week, bye you.

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