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How to Write a High Impact Research Topic

So practically as any researcher or a Ph.D student you know an aspiring academic wants to write research papers for these high impact scopus index journals and scopus journals, and you might be wondering to yourself especially if you’re at the beginning of your academic career, what do you need in order to be able to write a high impact research paper for one of these top scopus journals. So in this video I want to talk about the three key things that you really need to get right in order to be able to do that, and to write and publish your papers in high impact scopus journals. So let’s dive right into it. If you’re new here, my name is Marek Kitchkovic and I run academic English. Now where I help researchers write research papers for high impact scopus journals and in this video I want to talk about the three key things that you absolutely must get right if you ever want to get published in one of those top journals. The first really important thing is obviously the topic. Without a high impact topic you can never even you know dream of getting published in high impact scopus journals, because you know your topic is just not that now of course this is easier said than done and what is a high impact research topic for high impact scopus journals and who is to judge that? I have a few other videos on this channel where I dive much deeper into what makes a high impact research topic but you know in essence what you need to have is a very solid research gap. If you don’t know what a research gap is I’ve got a link here to another video but this is academic justification for your study. So basically there’s either a lack of studies or there is insufficient research on something or there is a controversy in your field. As you know lots of previous studies have important limitations and when you have all these three or two of them that really adds to your topic and makes it really solid. Another aspect of having a high impact research topic for high impact scopus journals is also its relevance for the society you know for your field in general, and what you notice about those really like top scopus journals for example- nature or science is that they publish topics that are that have a super wide impact for the world, for the people in general, for the society and so on. Beyond the confines of the narrow scientific discipline, this is the first thing you really need a high impact research topic which usually consists of a research gap and a high relevance and importance to the society or the other world at large. Once you have this, the second thing that you really need to do is to be able to express your research ideas logically and inappropriate academic language. Now you know this is divided into two parts because you need to be able to give structure to your papers and make a coherent story. You know a lot of reviewers of scopus journals or Ph.D supervisors, they always talk about a coherent story but none of them really explain what it actually means. This means that your paper flows from the first to the last part and the easiest way to do this is to use what I call the inverted pyramid principle where you go from general to specific. I’ve got another video where I dive much deeper into the structure but just to give you one example of how introductions to research papers are structured is that they start with the importance of the topic and then we have a brief literature review like in a paragraph or two. Then we have the research gap or the problem and then we have the aim of your study. That’s the pyramid structure and all research papers if you dive deeper and analyze the structure that the high impact scopus journals follow that flow as well and you want to maintain it as well. The second aspect of this is also being able to express your research ideas appropriately, in appropriate academic language. You know the easiest way to implement this very quickly is to imitate how researchers in your discipline who have published in high impact scopus journals, actually write and you know as you’ve been reading probably a ton of research papers from scopus journals so what you can do is highlight key phrases from those papers of scopus journals for the different parts of your paper. So, you can highlight some key phrases, for example- for the research gap or the importance of the topic in the introduction or for the aim and use those key phrases in your own text. So that, would be a very of quick way of implementing that academic language for scopus journals. Another very quick tip is to try and be aware of the mistakes that you’ve been making so keep a list of any recurring problems that happen with your language in your papers. Maybe as you get feedback from reviewers from journals scopus or from your phd supervisor, from your colleagues, use those to help you improve as well. So that’s the second element- being able to express your research ideas logically and in appropriate academic language for journals scopus. Now the third key element that you really need to get right as well is to be able to select the right journals scopus for your publication because what can happen is that you know you’ve got a really high impact topic and you’ve written a brilliant paper but you’ve submitted it in journals scopus that are not even remotely interested in that paper. So what you want to do is really carefully analyze where you want to be submitting that paper because it’s happened to me before as well at the beginning of my career. I had just  submitted a paper and then it didn’t even go under review for journals scopus because I got it back straight away saying that they didn’t consider it. Let’s say qualitative research, journals scopus only publish quantitative research or you know your paper is too short, our papers are minimum 8 000 words or your papers is too long, or your paper is off topic, we don’t publish papers on this specific topic in our journals scopus. We’ve already published five papers on this topic this year, haven’t you read our journals scopus at all. We’re not interested in publishing anything more on this topic right so you’ve got to carefully pick the journal where you want to publish in order to maximize your chances of it actually being accepted. You know a very easy way to do this and I’ve got another video, a full video where I dive deeper into this, to basically analyze the journals scopus where the papers that you’ve been referring to in your article where those papers have been published and start making a list and from that list you’ll start getting a clearer picture in which journals scopus certain papers are being published and which journals are the top journals in your field. Once you’ve got a longer list of journals scopus, then you want to go into the website and look at the scope of these journals scopus in terms of the topics, the audience, the methodology that they prefer and so on. And see if your paper fits right and then start narrowing down that list of journals scopus to really select the journal where your chances of getting published are much higher. So in this video I went over the three main things that you need to get right in order to write high impact research papers for journals scopus. Number one is the topic. You need a high impact research topic. Number two- you need to be able to express your research ideas logically and appropriately and number three- you also need to be able to find the right journals to publish your research.

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