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Technology careers are on the rise. In the spirit of finding the best opportunities in the IT industry, we will talk about the same, i.e. the top 10 highest paying jobs in 2019. Hey guys I'm Shubham from Intellipaat and I welcome you all to this session. So without wasting more time, let's get started. On the top of the list we have data scientists; the most on demand job role from a recent report by Gartner, data scientists are highest paid professionals in the current industry and even indeed says the same because an average salary offer to a data scientist ranges around 180K dollars per annum and the skills required for being at the top of the industry that is the knowledge of mathematics and programming languages such as Python C C++ or R you must have enough logical and analytical competency and the knowledge of automation is must and guys here is a list of few tech giants majorly hiring for data scientists such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon and the list goes on. On the second number we have the big data Hadoop developer. It is said that if you want to succeed in this world you must study trends right and this is what Big Data does, understands the trends today the data is everywhere and making good use of analytics out of the data is need of every organizations to understand customers behavior for certain business patterns to achieve growth and establish a good bond with the customer now let's move forward and discuss about a job role of a Big Data Hadoop developer. So the job role of a Big Data Hadoop developer majorly involves coding and they are basically software programmers only who are adept at coming up with the design concepts used for creating extensive software applications and most importantly they are masters of computer procedural languages and according to indeed the average salary of a Hadoop developer ranges around 139K dollars per annum and there is no secret that a senior Hadoop developer can earn up to 178K dollars per annum. Moving forward at the skill sets you need to have in order to become a Hadoop developer first you must have a proficient in any back-end programming language such as JavaScript node and Java is must along with the basic knowledge and Linux administration you must have analytical and problem-solving skills and the basic knowledge of SQL database structures and people will come in handy for you and the major tech giants like Apple, Google Amazon, Netflix, American Express are always in dire need of Big Data Hadoop developer.

Moving forward to the next role we have the DevOps engineer so due to the cultural shift in the working mechanism between operations and development team in an organization led to the implementation of DevOps methodology hence DevOps is must for any IT organization. Now let us understand who exactly is a DevOps engineer so where's the DevOps engineer understands the entire software development lifecycle along with the thorough understanding of various automation tools to develop digital CI CD pipelines. There is no as such formal career track for becoming a DevOps engineer since they are either developers who get interested in deployment network operations or sysadmin who are the passion for scripting and coding and move into the development site where they can improve the planning of test and deployment either way these are people who have pushed beyond their defined areas of competence and who have a more holistic view of their technical environments so if we talk about salary in DevOps according to indeed an average salary of a DevOps engineer ranges around 115K dollars per annum to 130k dollars per annum and the skills requirement for becoming a DevOps engineer; well you should be an excellent sys admin and you should be able to deploy virtualization you must have a hands-on experience in network and storage knowledge of coding goes a long way understanding of automation tools and knowledge of testing comes in handy and then companies using DevOps are basically Sony Entertainment, Walmart, Adobe, Netflix and Amazon to name a few right and guys based on my personal experience I'm very much fascinated to DevOps.

Now let's move forward now on the fourth number we have data warehouse solution architect so a data warehouse solution architect is responsible for designing data warehouse solutions and working with conventional data warehouse technologies to come up with plans that best supports of business or organization and they are responsible for maintaining systems for keeping raw data, metadata and other data assets secure and accessible within a greater id infrastructure and an average salary earned by them is around 120K dollars per annum. Now let's move forward and discuss about their skill sets so the skills required for this profile would be end-to-end data warehousing architecture from tools to middleware to data quality to orchestration software. You should have better understanding of client or server web-based and server-side computing architectures you must have a firm knowledge of database optimization and you should know the concepts of tuning data access queries and the companies like AWS that is Amazon Web Services, Oracle, Teradata, cloud era, marklogic are always in a dire need of professionals with these skill sets let's sum to the 5th one. The 5th one on our list is the Python developer so most of you tech geeks out there must be aware that the demand for this language is rising at an extensive rate in the current industry right so a Python developer is responsible for developing implementing and debugging a project and shall be able to create an application design the framework for their code, build the tools are necessary to get the job done it also includes the tasks of creating the websites or publish new services and the average salary grap by a Python developer comes around 118K dollar per annum so in order to become a Python developer you must have knowledge of at least one Python web framework like the Django etc you should be good with mathematics and starts you should have knowledge of ORM that is the object relational mapper libraries ok and the Python fundamentals like variables, data, loops, exception handling, modules and file handling etc and the knowledge of database is must and the tech giants like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Netflix Quora are always hiring for the Python developers now let's go ahead so the sixth one is the AWS solutions architect so guys I believe you all must be aware of Amazon Web Services occupation in the current industry as it is the leader of cloud computing market and holds an accelerating amount that as the 40% of share in the global cloud computing market so first let us discuss about the job role of an AWS solutions architect so guys there real time job role include skill sets and expertise in dealing with designing AWS cloud instances that are suitable for hosting a web service or an application along with developing advanced cloud based solutions and to migrate the existing workloads to the cloud and if you talk about the salary according to indeed the average salary grabbed by a Solutions Architect ranges around 106K dollars per annum and an experienced architect can earn up to 205K dollars per annum and the skill sets required for this profile alike proficient in any programming language like Java, Python or C# you must be well versed with networking concepts and storage and database knowledge and of course the basics of security will come in handy for you and if we talk about the employment majority of companies uses the AWS like NASA, Adobe, BMW, Netflix Tata Motors etc to name a few big giants right so now let's move forward and discuss about the seventh role that is the Salesforce architect which requires skills and knowledge across multiple development platforms where one should process enough knowledge and designing and architecting secured and robust cloud-based services or applications according to the customers requirements using Salesforce cloud platform right so according to indeed a Salesforce solution architect earns an amount of 120K dollars per annum and the skills required in order to become a Salesforce architect so you must have minimum three years of system implementation experience in salesforce.

Com preferred with a certification you must be able to design and create underlying data structure and data flows to support the application build you should have strong knowledge of software Quality Assurance best practices and methodologies and as far as employment is concerned demand for Salesforce skills is going to create a 3.3 million jobs in the Salesforce ecosystem by 2020 truly exciting isn't it so the top companies that are with Salesforce are clear trip, Puma Transamerica, KFC, HCl, and the list goes on now moving forward on the number eight we have the RPA developer so the daily tasks for an RPA developer is to automate the repetitive tasks by creating the robots for any RPA platform which is mainly developing a robotic process through coding in a nutshell their main responsibilities to automate the entire business process and according to indeed their average salary ranges around one and 110k dollars per annum and if we talk about the skills required so the skills required to become an RPA developer at least a year of experience in coding or scripting & development manager of relational databases and SQL experience in process analysis, design and implementation, testing or bug fixing strong analytical and problem-solving skills will come in handy for you and dozens of MNC's like cognizant, Accenture, Deloitte, Genpact, Hexaware have abundant of opportunities for RPA developers now on the 9th number we have the blockchain developer basically the job role of a blockchain developer is no different from a normal web developer where they have to develop the decentralized apps or daps for short using the blockchain technology along with developing smart contracts designing blockchain protocols and its entire network architecture and according to indeed an average package grab by a blockchain developer ranges around 120k dollars per annum and if we talk about skills the skills acquired by them are like they should be able to understand the blockchain architecture well-versed with data structures you must have knowledge of cryptography and more importantly you should be able to develop smart contracts using language like solidity, chaain code etc and now let's talk about a few companies using blockchain so starting off with IBM and the largest shipping company MERS, Samsung, SAP and many more and there's let me tell you according to burning glass technologies they were more than 5743 largely full-time job openings posted that required blockchain skills in the last 12 months alone so employment is never an issue here now moving forward to a loss but not the least that is the IOT developer or engineer.

From 15 billion devices today the world will see 50 billion devices connected by the Internet of Things that is IOT by 2020 according to a report by Cisco that is really huge right Internet is a word which gives you a plethora of things to delve into right it has become so much that everything you can think of is on internet and similarly IOT is an emerging technology which certainly has a very bright future nowadays with everything is technologically driven and humans work is being replaced by either robots or coding IOT is all about this you must have heard about the smart houses, smart cities etc and all this is possible with the technology called as Internet of Things it is definitely the need of hour so the main role is to create a communication between the applications and devices since it is a vast field mostly the developer or engineers are designed to work on different domains such as software programming, Hardware programming, security implementation networking and system engineering so in order to become an excellent IOT developer you may need to be flexible in acquiring knowledge in multiple domains and according to indeed they are expected toward between 80k dollars to 110k dollars per annum based on their experience so now let's move forward and discuss about the skills required in order to become an IOT developer or engineer first comes as programming proficient in any programming languages like C++, Python etc will come in handy for you next electronics and circuits so you must have an understanding of hardware requirements in order to connect the devices with the internet like sensors, embedded boards, ordeano, you know etc third one is that you must have a deep understanding of networking and information security, UI UX design so you should be able to create the UI UX design because nothing sells if you can't use it right you should be able to create the user friendly interfaces between devices and the consumers using material design, front-end or JavaScript or bootstrap alright so next comes the mobile development, you should be able to develop Android or iOS based applications because most of the devices are communicated or managed using the mobile phones right that is why mobile development.

Next beta analytics which means that you should be able to examine the data obtained by Internet of Things last but not least Raspberry Pi a hands-on with Raspberry Pi which is basically a low-cost credit card sized multi-purpose computer which helps in various operations like requirement for creating the connections between the devices it's data analytics development etc and if we talk about the industrious incorporating it so IOT devices have been widely adopted across a range of industries including healthcare, manufacturing, automotive, retail and building automation just to name a few right so like Google, Dell, DHL, Hitachi Amazon are a few top companies which have got IOT in place and also let me tell you guys that the global IOT market is expected to grow from 655.

8 billion dollars to 1.7 trillion dollars in 2020 so if the Internet understand excites you that IOT is certainly meant for you so guys we've discussed that what are the top ten highest paying jobs you can make your career right? Think wisely before going ahead with the technology and see your career rise up. Thank you so much for watching this video and giving us a precious time. Have a great day ahead.