Global Research Letters

Volume 2, Issue 3, March 2022

1. Neuropsychology - The New Psychology

Authors: Jenny Thomas, Dini Davis & Dr. G.Kiruthiga

2. The University of Virginia's Honor Code

Authors: Pierre-Hugues Verdier, Mila Versteeg & Andrew T. Hayashi

3. The Law of Regulation and Justice

Authors: P. Narumugai, J. Lalith Kumar & M. Prakriti

4. Neuroscience - The Brain and the Nervous System

Authors: Cara M. Altimus, Bianca Jones Marlin & Naomi Ekavi Charalambakis

5. The Ryerson Lecture: Behavioral Economics

Authors: Akriti Chandra, Dr. A. Shanker Prakash & Mr. Sanjiv Singh Bhadauria

6. The Russians and the Cold War

Authors: Dr. K. Selvakumar, Dr. D. Aarthi Saravanan & Mr. R. Hariharan