Global Research Letters

Volume 2, Issue 11, November 2022

1. The First Astronomers - A New Approach to Astronomy

Authors: August Muench, Marta Entradas & W. Patrick McCray

2. A New Calvinist: Reformation of Rights

Authors: Dr. Mohit Sharma & Sanjiv Singh Bhadauria

3. Marketing and Sales - The Three Whys

Authors: Shweta Mishra & Dr.Kavaldeep Dixit

4. Solar Energy - The Mother of All Energy

Authors: Prashant Kumar Gangwar & Ashit Dutta

5. The Origins of Societal Patriarchy and Its Moral Consequences

Authors: Sidratul Moontaha Mitul & Shakila Akter

6. The Quantum Origins Of Gravity

Authors: K.A. Khan, Md. Anowar Hossain & Md. Robiul Islam