Global Research Letters

Volume 2, Issue 1, January 2022

1. The Power of Speaking

Authors: Mehala V & Mrs. Caroline

2. The Moral Principle of the Trolley Car

Authors: Md Shahadur Rahaman Chowdhury, Sakila Yesmin & A K M Obaydullah

3. Writing a Paper - The Problem Isn't in the Writing Process

Authors: Montserrat Castelló & M Cerrato Lara

4. The Russians and The Cold War

Authors: Dr. Vikash Kumar, Arvind Dahiya & Mohd Zakariya

5. Is it Really a Good Idea?

Authors: Vivek Gulati & N.K.Thiruveni

6. Power and Politics in Today's World

Authors: Swami Raj, Mr.Anshul Jain & Dr. Satyavrat Singh Rawat