51Digital strategies to find the right journal for publishing your research
52Classification of research design (3 types) Exploratory, Descriptive, casual research
53Balanced, broad, responsible: A practical guide for research evaluators
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58An Introduction To Soils and Agronomy
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60Variables in Research: Definition and Types
61Intro to the Publishing Process
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73Digital strategies to find the right journal for publishing your research
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85Classification of research design (3 types) Exploratory, Descriptive, casual research
86Publishing a Scholarly Article
87Predatory Publishers
88Discover Materials Science so Awesome?
89How To Critique A Research Paper, Article, Journal (Critical Appraisal)
90Writing the Results Section for Research Papers
91Why publish with the RSC?
92Educational Research: What, Why, How?
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94Sampling in Quantitative Research
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