Global Research Letters

Article Submission

Article should be submitted online through our Editorial Management System. Regardless of the source of the word-processing tool, Only Word (or PDF in case of the LaTex tool) files can be submitted for consideration. There is no page limit, or the number of authors restriction as long as the article in accordance with publication ethics and section policies. Submissions by anyone else, other than one of the authors will not be considered. The submitting author takes responsibility for the paper during the submission and editorial workflow process.

If you are interested in submitting an article to one of our publications, please find below a quick overview & submission page link for various publications categorized by the allowed submitter. You will be taken to the publication’s submission page for online submission or pre-requirement page to proceed further.

Review Policy for articles– The journal follows double blind peer review policy for all articles. Once the article is received, it is forwarded to our two reviewers after removing names of authors and their affiliations. Authors are also not informed names of reviewers. Reviewers send their comments in due course of time and these comments/ queries are forwarded to authors to make corrections or offer explanations. Once the reviewers are satisfied with corrections in manuscripts or explanations given by authors, authors are conveyed the decision of acceptance of article. If author/s refuses to make corrections as suggested by reviewers, manuscript is rejected for publication.

Plagiarism checking policy– The journal has zero tolerance policy for plagiarism. We regularly use software Dupli checker for detection of plagiarism.